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Chelsea take Premier League title


10 May 2010

London football club Chelsea have won this year's English Premier League title.

They won their last game 8-0 which prevented their rivals Manchester United from overtaking them.

Alex Capstick

Chelsea celebrating

Chelsea celebrate their victory


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So no dramatic late twist in the closest finish to an English Premier League season in recent years. Instead Chelsea completed their first League title since 2006 in some style.

The London club began the day with a one point lead over their nearest rivals Manchester United. It could have been a jittery afternoon, but the London club simply overpowered their opponents.

It rendered United's comfortable victory over Stoke City as meaningless. The result ends Manchester United's three-year monopoly of the trophy. A fine accomplishment for Carlo Ancelotti in his first season as Chelsea's manager.

And there could be more silverware for the Italian and his Chelsea team. They face Portsmouth in next week's FA Cup final.

All this in a season which has at times been difficult. Two of the club's biggest names grabbed the headlines for non-footballing issues. There were allegations over the private lives of the club captain John Terry, and his fellow England defender Ashley Cole. And Chelsea's form did suffer in the wake of those scandals. But they picked themselves up and for most neutral observers have finished the campaign as worthy champions.

Alex Capstick, BBC Sport


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dramatic late twist

an exciting and unexpected change to what people thought would happen




complete control over


a large silver cup given as the prize for winning a sporting competition

grabbed the headlines

became a popular story in the news


statements that someone has done something wrong although it hasn't been proved

in the wake of

after, following

picked themselves up

recovered and started playing well again

neutral observers

people who don't support the teams involved

worthy champions

the team that deserved to win

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