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Armstrong's signature for sale


14 April 2010

A piece of paper from the flight plan of the Apollo 11 moon landing has been sold in New York. The document was signed by Neil Armstrong, the first astronaut to walk on the moon in July 1969.

Emilio San Pedro

An astronaut on the moon

A man on the moon


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It was bound to be among the most popular items in the sale of space memorabilia at the Bonham's auction house in New York.

And, in the end, the document bearing Neil Armstrong's signature didn't disappoint. It was sold for $152,000.

Not a bad price for what some might describe as a simple piece of paper - except that besides the famous astronaut's signature, the document also has, in Mr Armstrong's handwriting, that famous phrase he coined:

"One small step for a man - one giant leap for mankind."


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person whose job it is to travel to outer space and explore the area outside the Earth's atmosphere

it was bound to be

it was expected that


objects that are collected because they are connected with a person or event which is thought to be very interesting

auction house

place where objects are sold publicly and people make higher and higher offers of money until the object is sold to the person who is willing to pay most


having or containing


the way someone writes their name when they put it on official documents (for example, cheques, passports, etc.)

not a bad price

a very good amount of money for which something is sold


text written with a pen or pencil (not written on a typewriter or computer)

phrase he coined

expression or saying that he used for the first time which then became famous

one giant leap

a very big step, almost a jump

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