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Earthquake in Haiti


13 January 2010

The United Nations says that its headquarters in Haiti has been seriously damaged and many staff are missing after a powerful earthquake hit the country. There is no word yet on the number of casualties.

Reporter: Barbara Plett

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a cathedral in Port-au-Prince Haiti after the January 2010 earthquake

A cathedral in Port-au-Prince after the earthquake


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UN officials said some 250 people worked in the headquarters of the peacekeeping mission which has collapsed. They said the head of the mission was inside the building and remains unaccounted for, but the earthquake struck around 5 o'clock in the afternoon, so it's not clear how many others were still present.

UN troops have surrounded the ruins and are trying to rescue those trapped in the rubble; other United Nations buildings have also been damaged, but details are scarce because of disrupted communications. The peacekeeping force numbers around 11,000 people, including civilian personnel; it's located in different parts of the country, and was deployed in 2004 to bring order following an armed insurrection against then president Jean Bertrand Aristide.

The blow to the UN's services on the ground may slow relief and rescue efforts for the Haitian people, but its humanitarian department is sending emergency response teams and releasing emergency funds. The Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has said he's shocked at the scale of the devastation and has made initial contacts to encourage a coordinated international response.

Barbara Plett, BBC News, New York


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main offices of an organisation


fallen down suddenly

remains unaccounted for

is still missing and no one has any news of him


bits of broken stones, bricks that are left when a building falls down

details are scarce

there is not much information and it is hard to obtain

civilian personnel

people who are employed by the UN to work in offices


started to do a job or some work (in the army or armed forces)

an armed insurrection

a violent attempt by a group of people to defeat their government and take control of their country


unexpected event that causes serious damage

releasing emergency funds

using money that has been put aside for serious situations