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Jackson's birthday burial


19 August 2009

Michael Jackson is to be buried on August 29th, his 51st birthday, in a cemetery in Los Angeles where other celebrities are laid. Well wishers have planned parties on the same date.

Rajesh Mirchandani

Michael Jackson


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Michael Jackson will be laid to rest at the Forest Lawn Glendale Cemetery, north of downtown Los Angeles. It's a place that guards closely the identities of other celebrity residents but it's reported Humphrey Bogart, Errol Flynn and Clark Gable are buried there, some in private locked gardens. The event will take place on August 29th, the day Jackson would have turned 51.

Some fans are planning parties on the same day to celebrate his life and music, among them film director Spike Lee who worked on the video for the Jackson hit They Don't Care About Us.

By the time he is buried it will be more than two months since Michael Jackson died. The whereabouts of his body have been kept secret.

Meanwhile police are still investigating his death and have focussed on doctors who treated him to find out what drugs were in his system.

By contrast to the spectacle of his life and death, Michael Jackson's funeral is planned as a private ceremony for family and close friends but it's bound to attract a huge amount of interest.

Rajesh Mirchandani, BBC News, Los Angeles


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laid to rest

buried, his dead body will be put in the ground and covered with earth


place where dead bodies are buried

guards closely

keeps secret

identities of other celebrity residents

names of other famous people who are buried in the cemetery

turned 51

become 51 years old


something (for example, a film, a play or here, a song) that is very popular and successful

focussed on

concentrated on, gave a lot of attention to


here, blood stream or body

spectacle of his life

his life was very unusual and attracted a lot of interest from other people

bound to

certain to

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