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German economy recovering


7 August 2009

German exports rose seven percent in June compared with the previous month - the biggest rise in nearly three years - fuelling hopes that Europe's largest economy may be reviving.

Mark Gregory

Cars are a major German export

Cars are a major German export


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The German economy is highly dependent on exports. It's been badly hit by the slump in world trade. But recent data suggests Europe's largest economy is bouncing back, and that - given Germany's importance as a trading nation - is a sign of recovery in the global economy.

It's not just German exports that have revived. Manufacturing output has risen sharply for two consecutive months, and surveys of business and consumer confidence point to brighter times, although in June exports were still a fifth below the previous year's level.

Mark Gregory, BBC News


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is highly dependent on

is very much linked to, relies a lot on

badly hit

seriously damaged


here, deep economic recession, economic collapse

bouncing back

recovering, reviving, improving

manufacturing output

production of goods in large quantities


coming/happening one after the other


quick studies of a particular event, phenomenon or characteristic, usually based on questionnaires that people are asked to give their responses to

point to brighter times

here, indicate that the economic situation will improve