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Turkish plane crashes in Holland


25 February 2009

At least 25 people were injured when a Turkish Airlines plane crashed while trying to land at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport.

It's thought 135 passengers were on board.

Ben Shore

The crash at Schiphol (afp)


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Turkish Airlines flight 1951 left Istanbul this morning but crashed as it came in to land at Schiphol Airport on the outskirts of Amsterdam with 20 injured. Separate reports have claimed fifty passengers escaped injury.

Pictures from the scene show the wreckage of the Boeing 737-800 in three pieces in a field close to one of Schiphol's runways. Dutch television is reporting that rescuers have been hampered in getting to the scene because the field has recently been ploughed.

All flights to and from Schiphol have been suspended.

Ben Shore, BBC News, Brussels


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landed suddenly because of an emergency
came in to land
landed and came to a stop (of an airplane)
on the outskirts of
not far from, in a suburb of
said without having enough factual evidence
escaped injury
were not hurt
the scene
where something happens or has happened
the broken pieces left after something - here, the aircraft - has been extremely badly damaged
have been hampered in
have had difficulties
temporarily cancelled/stopped

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