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Transport idioms: Road

The Teacher


In this episode The Teacher introduces you to three idioms connected with roads:

1. Let's hit the road.

2. Middle-of-the-road.

3. A long way down the road.


Teacher's Homework

What kind of music do you like: middle-of-the-road or something more extreme? And how fluent are you in English? Do you think it's a long way down the road before you're like a native speaker?

This topic has now closed. Thanks for all your homework.


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    • 1. At 2:34pm on 16 Aug 2011, ALFONSO wrote:

      Hi Teacher,
      Thanks for your teachings on transport idioms.
      I like the middle of the road music and I´m working hard in my English skills so I hope soon ;indeed, no longer walk that long way down the road.

      All the best,

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    • 2. At 2:38pm on 16 Aug 2011, Aligalip wrote:

      It is time to hit the road to stop riots.May God guide us in the middle of the road.There is along way down the road to bring peace to the world.

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    • 3. At 2:55pm on 16 Aug 2011, Elkagirl wrote:

      Being good in English as a native speaker is a long way down the road indeed. For I know BBC Learning English website, now my optimism in middle-of-the-road. Let's hit the road. Yes We Can !

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    • 4. At 3:04pm on 16 Aug 2011, Mozart wrote:

      Teacher, thank you for your wonderful classes. They help me decrease my looooong way down the road before I get speak in english. Sometimes, when I´m very calm, I like listening to music middle of the road. Other times, when the problems turn around me, I listen to rock and others hard things.

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    • 5. At 3:55pm on 16 Aug 2011, Hassan Sarki wrote:

      I am living in Nigeria with many difficulties in my activities such as education, electricity and so on, i think so it's a long way down the road for my country to be developt.

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    • 6. At 6:14pm on 16 Aug 2011, Andrew wrote:

      Well, I like the classical musics as BGMs in day-to-day lives, so I guess I'm a middle-of-the-road listener!
      Also, I've studied English for quite long time, but still there are somethings to learn yet, so it's a kind of long way down the road before I become a fluent English speaker as the natives! However, I'll take it slowly and firmly :)

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    • 7. At 7:05pm on 16 Aug 2011, Pietro Ferrario wrote:

      Europe is teetering on the brink of collapse: riots in the streets, high unemployment, low growth, high debt,.... Sadly, solutions to those problems are a long way down the road. The different countries should take concerted and middle-of-the-road actions, rather than going their own ways. If we don't turn over a new leaf, I think I'll have to hit the road for another continent!!

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    • 8. At 7:19pm on 16 Aug 2011, Vera_Kuzub wrote:

      І really like middle-of-the-road music. I don't speak English fluently. I think it is a long way down the road in learning English for me. It is very difficult and so slowly for me. I try to spend more time in learning English.

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    • 9. At 03:56am on 17 Aug 2011, Joanne wrote:

      Let’s hit the road and relieve from the heavy workload! Completing all the tasks is a long way down the road and we had better get some relaxation through traveling. I’d say my view is middle-of-the-road and not demanding.

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    • 10. At 09:20am on 17 Aug 2011, winniczkowa wrote:

      Hi Teacher!
      I'm a calm and taciturn person, I supose, but I don't wan't to be a middle-of-the-road person, definitely. Someday I will make a radical decision about moving out from my little home-village to a new fascinating place. However, I should finish uni at first and find a good job. It's a long way down the road, but i belive I can do it:)

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    • 11. At 11:59am on 17 Aug 2011, FRANZ wrote:

      I love The Teacher program. He is very funny. I like extreme music like Metallica or musics from another extreme like Pink Floyd or Frank Zappa. I think music from the-middle-of-road is like Michael Jackson and all pop music that I don't like. I'd like to suggest a index about all The Teacher's program to new people could see everything because like I told: he is very good.

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    • 12. At 5:31pm on 17 Aug 2011, StudentKate wrote:

      My name is Kate. I live in Russia in a small town. Nowadays it is very difficult to get good education in my country, especially in small towns.I`ve been learning English since the 1st grade, but it`s still the long way before I`m like a native speaker. I have been taught by a very good teacher for 2 years already, he is really as good as gold. But I have never been taught by some fruit, vegetables, balls, legs, etc. before! Your lessons are really the bee`s knees. I`m glad to have met you and I hope to learn much with the help of this website.
      Now about music. As for me, I like to listen to classical music and I love Vivaldi. He is not just genius, he is Genius, Genius, Genius! And I don`t understand people who like rock or pop music.How can they listen to all this stuff?
      Oh, my letter turned out to be too long. I think I`ve got my head in the clouds now. But I`ll be glad if you read and publish my letter. I hope, I haven`t made a dog`s dinner out of it, have I?
      Best wishes,

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    • 13. At 9:47pm on 17 Aug 2011, Yess wrote:

      Hit the road Jack!
      It's sad but It's a really long way down the road before I'm fluent in english. However, thanks for helping us to be better in this language.

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    • 14. At 10:03am on 18 Aug 2011, pseira wrote:

      How gifted you are! The most imaginative and talented teacher I have ever had Keep teaching us!! We want more!!
      Maria,38 years old, Greece

      p.s. And very handsome to boot!

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    • 15. At 4:24pm on 18 Aug 2011, tee wrote:

      Thank teacher for make my English class is more funny. I have just started to improve my English seriously for a while however it seem a long way to the road but I intend to keep going.....

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    • 16. At 8:21pm on 18 Aug 2011, pseira wrote:

      How gifted you are! The most imaginative, talented and amusing teacher I have ever had!

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    • 17. At 9:54pm on 19 Aug 2011, Wilson wrote:

      Hi, congratulations for such a good work, I would wish that english teachers I have had would have been like you.

      About the homework I guess the music I hear depends on my activity or my mood, so I'm going from extreme (Opera) to extreme (Heavy Metal) passing through middle of the road (salsa, ska).

      I hope not being in a long way down the road about having a fluenty english level.

      Well, I'm going to visit my let's hit the road!

      PD: What's the name of the metal song of the video? It sound familiar but I can't remember.Could someone post it please?

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    • 18. At 03:13am on 20 Aug 2011, sangtae wrote:

      I'm a Doctor practicing medcine in Far east Asia. To Keep in shape or lose one's weight is a long way down the road.
      I'm confident that it's important to have a meal of middle of the road. Right now! Let's hit the road.

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    • 19. At 5:15pm on 20 Aug 2011, Yulia wrote:

      1. I used to love the hard music, but now I prefer the middle-of-the-road.
      2. I think It's a long way down the road before I will be fluent in English. But with your help It will be more sooner. I love your site.

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    • 20. At 7:54pm on 20 Aug 2011, Rajesh wrote:

      Hello Teacher! It is stringent listening to your an eventful journey to Belgium. Mostly, It seems to be a long way down the road when it comes to getting a lift to somewhere, although in terms of time and patience you had waiting for a lift was more middle-of-the-road though. But yet the "creep" hit the road getting you beside. Nevertheless your way of teaching phrases is unbeatable...forever!

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    • 21. At 01:40am on 21 Aug 2011, Remi wrote:

      I like Lily Allen. Her music is very good.
      But, as I just hit the road to be a listener of her songs, I am looking forward to listening more to her song. As her song sings things around daily lives, they don't have any political things.
      So, I don't know whether her song can be said to be the middle of the road or not. But, her songs contain a lot of humor.
      She is young, so surely has a long way down the road as a singer. I will enjoy her growth and her future as a singer.

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    • 22. At 4:09pm on 21 Aug 2011, Nga Dang Mai wrote:

      Hi Teacher,
      Thanks a lot for giving us this pretty useful lesson. I think I'l love to listen to middle of the road music rather than extreme one. My English these days is getting better but i do hope i would shorten a long way down the road. Tks and c you

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    • 23. At 1:09pm on 22 Aug 2011, Serhiy Donin wrote:

      Yo Teacher!

      Well I used to listen to lots of alternative rock music, hard-core, grunge, metal-core rock music in my youth. I just wanted to let my eternal energy out. I always liked to energize and release my eternal amount of it. However I've become older and I realized that almost everything of it doesn't suits my eternal mood and health (I've started becoming more and more tired when I listen to some of it). Admittedly I finished listening all of them except of Hoobastank and very few of some alternative rock bands. Since September 2009 I've started listening to some of Japanese soundtracks of some anime which I've watched, so I've become as a middle-of-the road music-lover.

      Obviously I'm as fluent as it need to be in English. Although I've finished studying Odessa Malinowski department Chkalowsky-bell English school in the end of June 2009 and got the Upper-intermediate diploma level, still I've been trying to be in fit in English. You can't exactly predict whenever you'll be able to leave your country and to get a chance to work and to live abroad. Admittedly I haven't got a chance to continue studying in order to get FCI level or Advanced level at least, but I utterly determined to continue studying on my own because I adore doing that. All in all I'm not so scared to walk along this long way down the road, because I won't be so genuine as a native speaker in English.

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    • 24. At 9:56pm on 22 Aug 2011, lubna wrote:

      hi teacher;
      I'm studing english in jordan and I want to improve my English as much as I can so I want to thank you because your lessons is very interesting and helpful

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    • 25. At 03:46am on 23 Aug 2011, lubna wrote:

      hey teacher.. thank you a lot for those amazing lessons you are as good as gold,
      we will travel to London soon so,we will hit the road ,it's too long way down the road but what can we do it's happens once in the blue moon -_-,sometimes i like listening to music Middle-of-the-road when i was upset,but i prefer the crazy music like the rock and others.

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    • 26. At 1:06pm on 23 Aug 2011, Lincoln Josh wrote:

      Good afternoon!

      I prefer more exciting music, not regarding the genre (do I properly use the term?).
      As for my English level, I may suppose that the more you obtain - the more it seems to be a long way down.


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    • 27. At 6:26pm on 23 Aug 2011, Adriansas86 wrote:

      Hi teacher.

      I hope everything is ok for you! I'm happy because you taught me nice things/tips... I will come back to NY in 2 months (from Colombia) so I'm seizing each one of your teachings there.... I know that to learn English is hard for us with the ESL... it seems a long way down the road nevertheless, with constancy, dedication and love it will be much easier. Thanks for everything... i wish to say "let's hit the road" as soon as possible.

      Kisses and hugs.

      Adrian your Colombian student.

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    • 28. At 07:59am on 25 Aug 2011, Emma wrote:

      Hi Teacher,

      Thank you so much for teaching english in such a way. Its a easy way. Actually i am from Pakistan, here speaking english is a necessary deed. So i just want to learn english. I am not too bad in it so its not a long way down the road for me. And yep one more thing i like middle of the road music. Thank you once again.

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    • 29. At 11:54am on 25 Aug 2011, oanh wrote:

      Hi Teacher,
      Thanks for your lession and I think I enjoy your fashion and the way you teach. I love it. If I study hard, It's not a long way down the road for me to speak as a native speaker.
      Thank you very much.

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    • 30. At 00:51am on 26 Aug 2011, Randy Aparicio wrote:

      Hi teacher.
      THANKS for the way as you teach english, im try to improve my english and your class are very important, so thank so much. your program is very funny i like it so now i going to hit the road.

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    • 31. At 10:55pm on 26 Aug 2011, csepelside wrote:

      I don't think I'll speak English as well as native speakers but let's hit the road. Nevertheless it's a long way down the road. The task is to practise as often as possible.

      The best

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    • 32. At 02:21am on 27 Aug 2011, michelle wrote:

      Is it a new program?It's very interesting and funny.I haven't come here for a long time.I was busy in working and studying.It's about time I took a break.Anyway,thanks for sharing idioms and the teacher's gorgeous performance.

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    • 33. At 10:22am on 28 Aug 2011, Goal wrote:

      hi teacher,
      i'm beginer, first, thanks alot for your lesson. it's very salutary and fun ^^.
      Then, my example: when i sad, i often listen midle-of-the-road music. In other time, i listen funny music.
      And, y'know, i love traveling , i'm very excited when let's hit the road with my friend. All of the sudden, i think i will travel in UK and i will meet you. But it's long way down the road. ^^
      Take care,

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    • 34. At 4:02pm on 28 Aug 2011, Po-Ming Lin wrote:

      I used to prefer spicy food as I was a young, but due to the poor health, I'm used to choosing middle-of-the road now.

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    • 35. At 09:59am on 29 Aug 2011, _Aidar_ wrote:

      Hellow teacher! You method of teaching not only cognitive, but also extremely intersring. Thank you!

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