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Transport idioms: Boats

The Teacher


In this video the Teacher sails the seas with these idioms:

  1. I missed the boat
  2. It's plain sailing
  3. We're in the same boat


Teacher's Homework

Tell me about a time you missed the boat. Do you find learning English 'plain sailing'?

This topic has now closed. Thanks for all your homework.


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    • 1. At 3:33pm on 21 Jun 2011, Junko san wrote:

      Good programme to learn idioms! Memorizing new words are so hard, I recently feel that I already missed the boat. But I will keep studying until I feel it's plain sailing.

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    • 2. At 3:40pm on 21 Jun 2011, kyntire wrote:

      Hello Teacher ! Nice to see you again.
      I have been studying English for some years but never had the courage to sit an exam ... you know, cold feet maybe. So, I would say, I missed the boat. But now everything has changed. Thanks to Bbc and to you Teacher, learning English is really plain sailing and now I am confident that I can finally succeed. Actually, younger students and myself will be sitting for Cpe soon, as to say we will be in the same boat.
      Thank you very much indeed, bye !

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    • 3. At 6:27pm on 21 Jun 2011, Arancina wrote:

      When I was at university I won the Erasmus in Prague for a 6 months period, but unluckily I had to renounce. Obviously I had a reason to refuse this opportunity, but certainly I missed the boat! :)
      Always talking about university, in this month I've had my exams to enter the medical specialization school of Psychiatry. I was very worried, but the other candidates were worried too: We all were in the same boat! Today I found out that I passed my exams. Then I hope It'll be plain sailing from now on!

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    • 4. At 7:03pm on 21 Jun 2011, Espanolito wrote:

      I wonder if I can say "we're on the same boat" just to reinforce team cohesion or other purposes, not only in a bad situation but for instance with the aim of relaxing a too competitive situation.

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    • 5. At 7:39pm on 21 Jun 2011, gyorgyi4 wrote:

      At last, i was waiting for you and new video for a while. When i found this site i saw you were just stopped the teaching and i thought ahhh i missed the boat but now i hope we are in the same boat and you teach me many idioms and maybe it will be plain sailing.

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    • 6. At 8:25pm on 21 Jun 2011, mai nguyen wrote:

      I live abroad .This summer one of my friend come back home .I wanted to send her a present to my family but I missed the boat.She went ealier than i though. I was very upset.So is another my friend .She could not send her present to her friend.We are in the same boat.
      Learning English is not "plain sailing" but very interesting.

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    • 7. At 00:24am on 22 Jun 2011, mirtucha wrote:

      I really think that i missed the boat when I realised I were old enough to learn some activities like dancing tango or salsa, but I now find It is relaxing to enjoy my retirament with practising others like playing with my grandchildren or staying at home reading or listening to music. All my friends are in the same boat as I am.

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    • 8. At 01:58am on 22 Jun 2011, TrangBam wrote:

      Oh, I missed the boat to get a good job. But today it is so funny to learn new idioms about "boat".

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    • 9. At 02:23am on 22 Jun 2011, Minh wrote:

      - I haven't learnt English earlier, i've missed the boat.
      I think learning English is not very plain sailing because i have a lot things to do in my job and i think many people are the same as me. We're in the same boat.

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    • 10. At 03:43am on 22 Jun 2011, Alexclever wrote:

      Initially I thought buying IPO shares in the stock exchange was just plain sailing, but the procedures were so complex! In the end, I missed the boat and failed to ride the waves of the bullish stock market. :(

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    • 11. At 04:42am on 22 Jun 2011, tat_cay wrote:

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    • 12. At 09:21am on 22 Jun 2011, kirsti wrote:

      When some thirty years ago I almost missed the boat, I was about to go aboard the ferry and saw the gangplank was already taken away, but people from the boat made signs to me that there was another gangplank still in place at a lower level, and they pointed at the up moving escalator to which I rushed with two heavy suitcases and started an awkward descent, whereas it seemed plain sailing to my kids, and I noticed, as they were young and nimble without any charge, we were definitely not in the same boat.

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    • 13. At 10:44am on 22 Jun 2011, Les wrote:

      Hello Teacher and everybody!

      Some time ago, I didn’t watch your videos for some reason and didn’t know so many idioms - I just missed the boat :(. But you kept all the videos on the site, and learning English idioms became plain sailing for me. Now, other students and I are in the same boat, listening to you and learning more and more idioms! I"m sure this boat is safe :). Thank you!

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    • 14. At 12:14pm on 22 Jun 2011, Salo wrote:

      When I saw this woman last weekend, I understood that I missed the boat, and never again she will give me a chance to encounter her again in order to expose my faithful sentiments.
      The old days of plain sailing left behind to the distant past.

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    • 15. At 12:16pm on 22 Jun 2011, hind wrote:

      six months ago ,i wanted to learn english in one of the best private school but imissed the boat because i was too late for registering ,however i still learning english from this site and i find it plain sailling .

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    • 16. At 2:41pm on 22 Jun 2011, Le Thuy wrote:

      Firstly, thank you for your teaching us those lessons. It's very very useful.

      When i were in the last year of the university. There was a company offer me a job, i have to say it's a good job for new graduate students like us. But i did refused because i wanted to wait for the last day in university to get my certification. But you know i missed the boat. I did not get a good after that for a long time even when i've got higher degree. With my bad English i am try to make it to be plain sailing.

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    • 17. At 4:58pm on 22 Jun 2011, Linda wrote:

      I belive that I missed the boat a lot of times searching for love, but if I found a perfect match, it would be plain sailing.

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    • 18. At 5:23pm on 22 Jun 2011, Mariona wrote:

      Hi Teacher, thanks a lot because when I’m serious I see your programme and I laugh a lot. I think this is plain sailing to learn English. Now I am in crisis with my English because during two years I did not practise and I missed the boat.

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    • 19. At 9:27pm on 22 Jun 2011, Tereza wrote:

      When I was younger, I was lazy to learn foreign languages. But now I feel that I missed the boat - I need English and German at school and in my job and I have to learn it now again. I hope it will be plain sailing with your help.

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    • 20. At 10:06pm on 22 Jun 2011, beatriz wrote:

      Hi teacher and the rest of the group:

      I´m very happy to be in the same boat with you. Because of your absence I was worried and missed you. Fortunately, you hadn´t leave the boat and came to rescue us. Now, we are in the same boat and BBCle is plain sailing for learners. Thanks. Beatriz.

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    • 21. At 07:25am on 23 Jun 2011, Tobby wrote:

      I loved a girl eight years ago, but I didnt have the courage to chase her.Now has her boy friend.I think I had miss my boat.

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    • 22. At 01:45am on 24 Jun 2011, WYLin wrote:

      Learning English has not been a plain sailing for me. After reading most posts , I realised that most of us are in the same boat. We are all trying hard to learn English well. However, I am glad to find this website that I didn't miss the boat to improve my English well.

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    • 23. At 04:26am on 24 Jun 2011, tat_cay wrote:

      What happen with my first comment? If I remerber I wrote: If I don't learn english I'm going to miss the boat with a good job. Instead, who says that learn English is plain sailing, you must work hard, and If you see some mistakes here, remerber we are in the same boat; we're learning!!!! Bye....

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    • 24. At 09:07am on 24 Jun 2011, GOVINDAY wrote:

      Now a days getting a job is a plain sailing but in interview i missed the boat and now myself and my friend in the same boat.

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    • 25. At 10:06am on 24 Jun 2011, Gustavo wrote:

      Hi Teacher,

      First of all, I'd like to say that you and your team have been very crucial for me and for my students whom have learnt from you. I particularly have missed you a lot once I truly believe your programme is one of the best ones that have been broadcasted around the Earth. Now I'm so glad you have came back! And I hope all of you never ever take the boat and sail again.

      By the way, I have missed the boat a lot in my life. Especially because I have confused some dates. For instance, once there was a lecture with an English woman here in Brazil and I thought it was on Wednesday and it took place on Tuesday before. I really missed the bus.

      Then, I can also say that listening to your programme it's a plain sailing once I enjoy it and I can learn much more than in traditional sources!

      Finally, I do not know what exactly occured tou you - instead of I am so curious to know what had happened to you because you stopped for a while to recording the programme - but I'd like you know that we are in the same boat. I do not want you have a problem. But believe me! If you have any kind of problem, I'll be there, stand by you, in the same boat!

      So, thank you again Teacher and your team for this brilliant programme. You cannot imagine the fantastic "master piece" you have done for us who want to learn or improve our L2.

      Take care!

      Cheers from Brazil!


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    • 26. At 10:09am on 24 Jun 2011, miklos wrote:

      When I was speaking with my friend several years ago, she didn't know English at all. And I thought: "Oh, we're in the same boat!". It was so unpleasant because I wanted to understand English. But then I found this web site and took courage. After a while learning was easier for me. More and more it becomes plain sailing :)

      I didn't follow this section of site before. Then I found it is amazing way of learning idioms and I don't want to miss the boat with the new series!

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    • 27. At 4:45pm on 24 Jun 2011, Victoria_West wrote:

      What a wonderful program! It's really plain sailing to learn English in this way. I enjoy it! Thank you, Teacher!

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    • 28. At 5:26pm on 24 Jun 2011, Mahbub Hasan wrote:

      Most of the people in the non-English speaking country face up to speak English. Speaking English is not a plain sailing to them. But in my country (Bangladesh) it's becoming a plain sailing event as everybody is eager for it to improve. So, people here are in the same boat.
      This site really opens a new magic door to improve English. if you continued posting new events here, I believe, nobody would miss the boat.

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    • 29. At 7:42pm on 26 Jun 2011, qahnda wrote:

      hi,many times I missed the boat in my life,one of them I did not work hard to get to university it was my ambition when I was eighteen year old,sometimes I have heard lots of people have had their ambitions to so they did not get them.therefore I have lots friends which have the same boat.

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    • 30. At 9:45pm on 26 Jun 2011, Badr wrote:

      Hi teach and everybody!
      Some years ago I fail to pursue my study abroad; I believe I have missed the boat.
      At first learning English was a little difficult (grammar, rules, vocabulary…) but after learning became easier and interesting especially when I started reading novels for learners of English, and listening to BBCLE podcasts, it becomes more and more plain sailing.
      I worked hard these last years to learn English, even if I have a lot of things to do in my job as many people’s here in the forum (we are in the same boat).

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    • 31. At 03:27am on 27 Jun 2011, CuteCactus wrote:

      There's an annual scholarship to study abroad at my school. But last year, I missed the boat. Last month, I took the scholarship exam again, and it was plain sailing. I started feeling worried because there's nothing that so easy. My best friend, who also passed, shared the feeling. Now, I'm feeling OK about that, at least, I have someone in the same boat!

      Your lesson is so lively. Thanks!

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    • 32. At 2:38pm on 27 Jun 2011, Wendy wrote:

      Learning English Idioms is difficult for me. I can remember meaning of phrases in a short period. This programe is really awesome. Now I feel learning English Idioms is plain sailing. My english will improve soon. I hope I'll never miss the boat again.

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    • 33. At 7:11pm on 27 Jun 2011, Helen wrote:

      I think learning English is not plain sailing. Importantly not to miss the boat at a young age.

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    • 34. At 7:34pm on 27 Jun 2011, Helen wrote:

      I think learning English is not plain sailing. Importantly not to miss the boat at a young age.

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    • 35. At 9:40pm on 27 Jun 2011, kualtsin wrote:

      Hello Teacher! You are so funny and your videos are the best!

      When I started learn English years ago, I did not know that it was not plain sailing. My friends and I were in the same boat! because in the beginning was very difficult for us the pronunciation and talk fluently.

      Many many times, I felt frustrated about not learning English very well and I thought, I could not never do it and that I was missed the opportunity, I was missed the boat!

      But now, I feel confident because I can communicate as you can see.

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    • 36. At 10:57pm on 27 Jun 2011, Whelkingham wrote:

      I am wanting to go to England but I am missed the boat. The water is easy. It is plain sailing and I want to be in the same boat as my friends!

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    • 37. At 10:30am on 28 Jun 2011, Serhiy Donin wrote:

      1) It was a month ago when I was in the Lykomorie's cd\dvd market which is in the city center of Odessa and trying to look for an anime serial "Monster". Actually I hadn't planned to find out it that day, so this desire has become accidentally. Although I've found the man who was ready to order it for me because it still wasn't in stock, I couldn't buy it because of no having enough money to buy it. I hadn't thought that it would be so expensive. So I decided to order or to buy it later. But when I came there again after a month with the enough amount of money, the seller told me that the haven't had this anime neither in stock nor in the order list at all! Oh man! Now I've got to wait it again! Obviously I won't miss this boat in the end!!!!
      2) Definitely not. For me it's like a navy sailing! You've got to be ready to defend your "pieces of English language fleet" from the "absent-minded pirates", i.e. when you don't use your English for a some long period of time, what makes you speak and think worse in English. Moreover you've got to use your "English fleet" to attack them while your sailing in order to get to the bay destination in safe!

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    • 38. At 12:13pm on 29 Jun 2011, atsilac wrote:

      I have a question, why isn't it 'on' the same boat?

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    • 39. At 2:53pm on 29 Jun 2011, mabé wrote:

      Prunella meets Joseph at her friends'wedding party. She confides to him her sentimental misfortune.
      'I was madly in love with the groom but I introduced him to my best friend and I guess I missed the boat somewhere because she has just become his wife today!
      -Well, we're on the same boat, said Joseph.
      -Do you mean you too were in love with the groom?
      -Not with the groom, with the bride!
      Ah! life isnt' always a plain sailing!
      Then they started drinking a lot of champagne and seven months later, they were married!

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    • 40. At 09:03am on 30 Jun 2011, engfan wrote:

      Hans waited much too long to propose to Maria. She thought a marriage offer from Hans would never come and so got married to Tom. Well, Hans has missed the boat. But for Maria, married life is not all plain sailing either, since Tom has a bit of a problem with alcohol. Maria tries to console herself with the thought that many other wives are sitting in the same boat as she.

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    • 41. At 06:20am on 01 Jul 2011, Putri Diana wrote:

      I really love to learn about Idiom in English because I can compare it with my language and Its fun. absoulutly with The Teacher, it becomes more fun.
      because I and The Teacher. we're in the same boat :)

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    • 42. At 08:15am on 02 Jul 2011, narinehh wrote:

      1)when i do my homeworks easily can i say it's plain sailing?

      2) i missed my class yesterday.

      3)the airplain near to falling down but it work's again i and my friend are in the same boat.

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    • 43. At 11:16am on 02 Jul 2011, wetterb wrote:

      Hello everybody,

      Let us go to the point and begin with the facts: I've missed the boat many times because I am a little bit shy. I always say to myself that I should wait until I can accomplish a task to the perfection: e.g. a translation for a firm. But nowadays people are pragmatic, so they hurry up...instead thinking of the perfection!
      At a beginning I thought that translation could be plain sailing so, I was very enthusiastic, but afterwards I realized that's very difficult. I met many people like me. We were in the same boat. They gave up translation, me too. Unfortunately...

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    • 44. At 2:47pm on 02 Jul 2011, Irina Mladova wrote:

      Hello! I am Irina from Russia. I didn’t like idioms early because I didn’t understand them. Some days before I saw BBC sight and these lessons. The Teacher is best and idioms are very interesting! I’ll learn English idioms with you. It’s plain sailing. Thank you very much!

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    • 45. At 12:21pm on 03 Jul 2011, Steven wrote:

      I missed a boat when i have time to study. Now, I am going face a decisive public examination which will have a great influence on my future. Although the way in front won't be plain sailing, i have to move on. I know, I'm not moving alone, there're my friends in the same boat!
      Thank you for your lessons that greatly improve my english.That's an easy and interesting way to remember idioms!

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    • 46. At 00:05am on 04 Jul 2011, ejenan1004 wrote:

      In my school, there are some bad situations bothering me. Thus, students like me are sure that we are in the same boat and we hope to get through this well. It had been plain sailing until the bad situations happened. I should have gone abroad to get away with this. I missed the boat.

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    • 47. At 2:15pm on 04 Jul 2011, JanuDe wrote:

      i played side drum in our school western band.but i want to practice to play the trumpet. but i missed the boat.after the school age i got a chance to be a trainer in school band. in there i trained to play now I'm plain sailing.but finally all the players want to practice to play the trumpet. so we all are in the same boat

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    • 48. At 6:57pm on 04 Jul 2011, Antonella wrote:

      My listening skills were very poor before coming across the BBC Learning English website. Things have dramatically improved since then, though. Now I feel much more at ease and listening to a conversation, a film or a BBC programme has turned into plain sailing. I can count my blessing knowing I have not missed this boat! By the way, thank you Teacher very much indeed.

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