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Sport idioms: Horse racing

The Teacher


In this video the Teacher becomes a jockey and goes horse racing:

  1. It’s neck and neck
  2. On the home straight or stretch
  3. Down to the wire


Teacher's homework

Have you ever been neck and neck with someone? Has something you've been working on gone down to the wire? How did it feel when you finally got onto the home straight?

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Vincenzo, Italy
After several jobs interview in an important factory, probably in january i will work there. Fortunately i'm on the home stretch. This will be a change for better for me, and i'm so happy!!!

Yu Wen Chang,Taiwan
The swimming competition I participated in during junior high was really unforgettable.I was neck and neck with other competitors.I tried my best to get ahead.When I was on the home straight,I felt exhausted.This contest would go down to the wire and we waited for awarding prizes nervously.As the judge show the chronograph on the big screen,I jumped up and cheered pleasantly.I won a gold medal!

Kristers, Latvia
It was 6 years ago. I challenged my best friend Paulis to a skiing competition. It was a 5 km long distance. The prize-honour. Actually, we both were neck and neck. At the begining of our race he was skiing very fast. I was far away from him. I thought that I am down the wire. But then in the last kilometer, on the home straight, I combined all my last strenghts, successfully catched him and went straight ahead from him. It was a fantastic win for me! My feelings after that were amazing, great!

Gracja, Poland
In next semester I will end my BA degree so I have to write my thesis. I have been working on it all year and fortunately I am on the home straight.

Polina, Russia
We're neck and neck Running down the deckOur task is to jump In the waterAnd I want to be firstAnd my friend has a thirstTo be first in whatever we playIt's down to the wireMy soles are on fireOn the home stretchI fell over the edgeSo my friend was the one who made it.

Anamaria, Romania
Recently we had presidential elections in my country. "Potential president No.1" considered himself on the home straight, but after a neck and neck situation the winner was "Potential president No.2".The winner got only 50,33 % of the votes! The candidates realy went down the wire.

Minh, Vietnam
when I was in high school, I was very good at Chemistry and a friend was, too.He and I were both try to win some chemical prizes. So, I was neck and neck with him. I learnt hard and was on the home straight. who won the prize?I would go down to the wire at that time :))Eventually, both he and I won the prizes

Irina, Romania

Luze, Latvia
I am one of the best students in my class, but not strongest. Actually, I don't like sport and competition. Then I always become very nervous.But... Yeas ago our new sport teacher wanted to know who is the the strongest girl in the class. Competition... Sounded terrible for me. We should have hold our body on the elbows or something like that, I can't remember exactly. I saw how hard it was for my classmates. I was neck and neck with one of my friends. I went onto the home straight, because we both were so tired. It was going down to the wire, and then I saw that she fell. I won! It was suprise, but also funny? How can I be the winner?

Anete, Latvia
I want to say that this is the best program. I havn`t found any program which is neck and neck with this. Thank you for that.

Toni , Spain
In the last Valencia America's Cup the two faster boats were Neck and Neck until te last few seconds. Only one could go down to the wire.I was so tired studing te last univertisy exams, by fortunate I was on the home straight in my degree.

Kadar, Somalia
two years ago my group were fighting with against another group, compiting to the presidential palace it was neck and neck that thought,ti's going down to the wire.being on the home straight my group won

Jose Daniel Gamez, Venezuela
The last week i finished a interesting work, i painted all my house. I used diferents colors on the walls. When i end the task i felt on the home straight. That was my first time painted walls, i enjoy a lot because was a relaxing expirience for me. However i end the paited neck and neck with my younger brother who was fixing his car. That was like an interesting competition in two diferents matter, mechanical vs painted.

Elena, Italy
Challenges give me enthusiasm because it's like when players have been neck and neck without going on the home straight but infusing grit each other untill it's down to the wire: winning!

Ting Shiuan,Taiwan
There is a intercollegiate annual in every school.And on that day I usually join the relay race with my classmates.This year,when it was my turn to run ,I found that the person run behind me was neck and neck to me.Although I was on the home straight,I knew it would go down to the wire.It was very exciting which cause the reason why I like to join this game.

Last year,I entered a 100-meter race.While I was running,I could feel other players behind me.This feeling like neck and neck.When I gone down to the wire,I felt nothing,but after several minutes,I couldn't believe that I could finish it.I feel very ecstasy.

Stephenie Tay , England
I am the best student in my school,and often got 1st position overall.I usually scored 100/100 for every subject each year. But unfortunately this year, I was neck to neck with my classmate Francicus Fernado. He and I scored 400/400 in all. I felt like going down the wire because we still do not know who will recieve the 'Best Model Pupil Award'. As I was a girl,Francicus let me have the award,and he got a gift from our teacher ,Miss Sherry Lim . I am happy to have such kind classmates,such as Francicus.

Darien, Brazil
Last year I got some problems and I was on the home straight of a Tour Guide course I've taken. I know that nowadays people are improving themselves and everyone is getting neck and neck with me.

Serhiy Donin, Ukraine
In the beginning of November 2003 we had a running test which had to show our physical abilities so as to pass our entering exam on the Military chain. One of my mates and me were running neck in neck as front runners till the fellow, who had been running behind us during two laps overtaken us and took the first place in the end. Moreover my mate, who had been running neck in neck with me came second and took the second place. I took the third one. When I got onto the home straight of the race I had been felt absolutely furious! If I had spend my strength so as to overtake him properly, I wouldn't got the third at the end of the race. I think the defending my thesis is going down to the wire in October 2010, because I'm not being able to defend it this year because of not having enough money and time unluckily.

I used to be a swimmer,so I have often been in national championships. Since I was eight I was the best swimmer in my school. So, I was often neck to neck with other swimmers. I usually feel like going down the wire on many competitions because I was very tired . Everytime I look infront,I will realise that i am on the home stretch. my tiredness will soon come to an end.

I participated the Taekwon-do World Tournament last year,It was really exciting that I had the opportunity to neck and neck in such competition.When it was on the home straight, I knew that I was the one going down to the wire, However, it's not about winning the game, it's all about the experience.

Hassan Sarki, Nigeria
I am the best student in our classroom, i scored overall of two session successively, but this time around i am neck and neck with my friend in our debate yesterdy he scored 20 marks and i scored 20 marks

Djahida T, Algeria
Algeria and Egypt were always neck and neck in football but this year they aren't. The Algerian team is more and more better, that's why the Egyptian could not accept their defeat in world cup qualification. Congratulations Algeria, braaaaaavoooooooo! See you in south Africa.

Alexandre, Brasil
I guess I am neck to neck with someone every single day. I work with a huge group of managers responsibles for increasing the funds of the company I work for. I feel like going to the wire many times a day, and the pressure just ends when one of us get onto the home stretch.

CM, Colombia
I used to be a skater, so I have been very often in nationals championships. When I was eleven I was very good skating. So, there where times I was neck and neck with others skaters. We always went down to the wire, that was so exciting! Because you just want to win!

Gayte Ali Bale, Somalia
my souvenir,when i was six years i was always playing with my bes friend and we where neck and neck.surprise, i sow him yesterday on the streat and i hope we will be neck and neck again.

While playing the computer game 'Need for speed', i and my cousine were neck and neck, suddenly , i got onto the home straight and we both gone down to the wire.

Tania, Panama
The last friday I was neck and neck in a competition of how faster someone can hand up the clothe in a line. I won for 30 seconds.Actually I am working to take a TOEFl test I hope to be on to the home straight

Fulgencio, Brazil
Some years ago, I was having a course with oter people. I was neck and neck with my classmates but the teacher did not took into consideration my activities in and out of the classroom. That made me very sad and I gave up the course.

Gunda, Lithuania
I hate the situations where you are facing "neck and neck". The pressure blocks your possibility to express yourself in the best way. The same is when you're going down to the wire with, for example, exam's results. The stress harms your healthy, as drinking or smoking!

Cecilia (Argentina)
Well, it happened that last year we had a Maths Tournament on our school, and I was one of the finalists: it was a neck to neck competition. Though I was onto the home straight, we were just down to the wire. I'm not that good at maths as they were, so I didn't win. Hopefully I will this year.

Lorena, MĂ©xico
I want this job, but I'm neck to neck with the other candidate in the cualifications. I am (or "It is"??)down to the wire. Finally, thaknk's God we are on the home staight in the competition.

Ocean China
It's a neck and neck studying with my good friend When I was a student.And it's on the home straight after two hours running.At the begining of any sports,no one konws who is the winner until them go down to the wire.

Bingfeng, China
In this year's marathon, there is a neck to neck competition between the two African participants. They follow each other throughout the whole race. After more than two hours running, finally they are on the home straight. they are approaching to the end line closer and closer, however, we still cannot tell who will win until it goes down to the wire. what a competitive race!

Liubov, Russia
On my music theory lessons my friend Kolya and I, we are always neck and neck, and it`s on going to the wire!

Andrey, Russia
our national football team was neck and neck with german in a group,and all russians was down to the wire who will take the first place.Finally we took only 2 place, and then were knocked out slovenia.

During the running racing,I and Lucy were neck and neck to become No 6.I was so disappointed with this.

Anya, Ukraine
That strange girl and me were neck and neck before the last tour of the competition of young journalists. I was down to wire that the 1st place will be mine, as that girl seemed to be extremely intelligent, to say more, she was dressed so chic! When I got onto the home straight, I felt indifferent in the result... I was glad just to take part in such wonderful competition! And the first place gave me a bit more pleasure!

Marina , Greece
yesterday our teacher said that the homework about greek history is complulsory. So i had to coply with the idea of doing this homework. admittedly learning Greek history is not my cup of tea, however l've started it and now i'm on the home stretch!

Tina ,China
It's kind of worrying but exciting moment to be neck and neck with someone,for that's something is going to go down to the wire.But it can fire the desire for competition.As a little child,I used to hate it,due to the fear of failure.But things are changing while I am growing.Now I really enjoy it as a shown-up of life and a way to make closely friends.That's what I have experienced.

Tilly, Hong Kong
Liu Xiang is my favourite athlete in China . In 2004 Olympic Games,He and his competition enemy were neck and neck,we didn't know who became with the winner ,though he was going on the home stretch . At the last, he got first!

Satadru, India
I was watching a cricket match between India and Pakistan. Both the teams were neck and neck. Every moment of the match was exciting.Pakistan made a huge total in first innings.India was batting in second innings. It seemed that Pakistan would win the match as they got three early wickets in very few runs.It was going on the home straight.suddenly Indian tailender batsmen started playing some good shots. India was getting ray of hope to win this match. As the match was going to end it was getting down to the wire. And final India won the match miracally.

AnhTra, Vietnam
Everyday, I and my closed friend play football game via Internet. It's so interesting because we are always neck to neck and we even do not know who is the winner until down to the wire!

The singing contest is neck and neck.Afer a half-year audition,we are going to be on the home stretch and it's also goning to go down to the wire.

Yum, Pakistan
Now a days in education every one is neck and neck to other so the compitition is very tough.

Yuko, Hong Kong
During the examination period,all the parents are very worried about the performance of their children in the exam.Untill it's on the home straight,they finally can take a good sleep.

TB, China
My brother and I were playing vedio game - A soccer game, we were neck and neck, and on the home strait of the game,we started penalty kicks, both of us got five chances, score was 5vs4, the game was down to the wire, winner would be me if I could save the last shot. Suddenly, the power of the game console was gone and there a voice came from our back :"Dinner Time~". Yes, my mom turned off the power with a smile on face... (sign)

Abu uwais, India
All participants was very competitive and election was neck and neck. election result is down to wire. Anyway election is finished and candidates are on the home stretch

Tram, Vietnam
When I was studying in high schol, I and another girl went neck and neck on competition of student president. I really went to down to the wire because that girl was both intelligent and beautiful. However, I was supported by many friends and my family, I felt more confident and finally I was on the home straght. I was very happy and surprised. I really appreciated my freinds and my family belief.

Fernanda, Brazil
When I am playing chess with my friend we are neck and neck, then I go on gone down to the wire, but I always win.. rsrs because I am very interesting, intelligent and modest woman! Write in English for me it is very dificult but I think On the home straight of my homework! Bye and thanks for lessons teacher!

Yumna, Pakistan
I was in basket ball team in my school and it was final match and was going to neck and neck between our school and other school and after first half we were down to the wire but finally we were on the home straight.

Dav, UK
when i was child i did asian championship,in all the competition player were neck and neck,i tried to win but it's not easy.i found a way to simifinal,i was going on the home stretch,but it,s down to the wire.fortunetly i could win and be champion.

Carter, Taiwan
Play with 2K10's AI is neck and neck,if played in the overtime it's down to the wire .

Fiona, China
Ginger's assessment marks of Department was 95 last year, it was neck and neck with Alice's, they all work very hard, assessment of this year is on the home straight, we still cann't say who is going to get higher marks until down to the wire.

Rajesh, Germany
"...Down to the wire was my first ever race in an Olympic discipline...On its home stretch i laid neck and neck with some counterparts on my other side. And as the foto finish was to be announced (in my favour...), my radio buzzer went on...

I like watching swimming event. It is always very exciting and the first two swimmers are often neck and neck. You never know who will win until it is down to the wire.

Belen, Mexico
I used to play basketball and it was pretty exciting when we were down to the wire, because we always tried to be the winners!

Daniel, Argentina
last year i ve beeen fighting neck and neck with my parte+ner for our promotion in the last game of my favourite team the score were been gone down to the wire

Rubin Vidal, Peru
I love soccer, I remember the Champions League final on 1999 when Manchester United defeated Bayern Munich 2-1. At first the match was neck and neck, but Bayern scored and controlled the game. On late in the match Manchester scored twice and turned around the game, They won down to the wire. The Manchester fans were on the home straight when they got the victory.

Imtiaz Hussain, Pakistan
I am currently in Australia looking for a job.Because of very tough competition over one vacancy,job search usually goes neck and neck between applicants.When i thought i am on the home stretch in getting an appropriate job, my housemate got that job ultimately.It wasn't even neck and neck competition.In this desperate situation, i reckon i will have to go down to the wire to get the job.

Daryl, Malaysia
After 2 months of hard work, we can see we are on the home straight finally.

Yolima Rodriguez, Colombia

Jeongeun Lee, South Korea
When i was a high school student, my friend and me competed with each other to get good grade, because we had similar grade. It was neck and neck. Tomorrow in Korea there is a university exam which is the most important exam in korea, and every senior student prepare this exam for 3 years. It is on the home straight isn't it?

Eddy, Peru
I participated in a marathon, I had trained for 4 months in order to win tha last winner who had won all competition. This day it was neck to neck with him, finally when i was on the home straight I won, and I felt very happy and in fact very tired.

Patricia Zuniga, Peru
My friend and I participated for a marketplace in a bank. At first we were neck and neck. After 3 weeks and many exams, we were on the home straight. Finally i was selected. I was very happy and sad at the same time.

Mustafa, Turkey
My friend is a strong rival in go-kart racing. You can not pass him easily and win the race comfortablely. It is generally a neck and neck race from start to finish.In the last race, when I was on the home straight,and it was the last lap of the race. He passed me at the last turn and went down to the wire ahead of me!

Martin, Peru
In the next cycle, my english course will i am on the home stretch now

Yin Ruo Yan,Singapore
I felt happy when I onto the home straght!Teacher I love you!

Tatyana Rodkovska,Ternopil, Ukraine
Hi,I am Tanya working in a Multinational Bank really love the method of your teaching.In my Judgment,your lessons are extremely OUTSTANDING!It was neck and neck until just yards from the finishing line, when "Kurka v Smitane" faltered, letting Tanya pass the post.

Hiro and Yoko, Japan
3 weeks ago, I and my wife Yoko decieded to diet. Our goal was to lose -3kg weight. That was the race which would be the winnner. Now, I've got lost -2,2kg, she has got lost -2,0kg. It's neck and neck. At last, we are on the home straight. But, I want,want,,,.I'm creaving the Pizza now,,.

Maha, Pakistan
My boss and i was neck and neck on the matter of discussing a hard deal with our neighbouring city's same office,i was tired to convince him through my arguments when i felt that we are on home stretch,at last when the discussion prolonged i was able to feel that we were going down to the wire,i was in need of job so i left the room by saying that my boss is after all my boss.

Samantha, Peru
I think, life is a real competition and always we are neck and neck with somebody and when you think that you are on the home straight a new competitor appear and it will go down to the wire, so all of us should be prepared to new challenges and new competitors.

Linh , Vietnam
When you want to get a scholarship,it's a harsh competition. It's really neck and neck. Everyone seems so brilliant. Oh man , and you just know you have to try all your best. And...Hope ..You can try and get on the home straight. But the final decision is down to the wire.

Lorein, Peru
In my school there was a runnig rice so the finalst were neck to neck to see who was giong to win.My friends believe they were going down to the wire when it was their turned to gave their spechees.

Rolando, Peru
Our company was invited to bid. Our quotation it's neck and neck with the one of our competitor. On the home stretch we will need to show how good we are, but we are confient down the wire we will win.

Martin, Peru
the game was neck and neck...but when it came down to the wire ..the team i was backing won!

Minh Thu,Vietnam
I love football. And my favourite football club is Liverpool.Liverpool and the others neck on neck in the race to the champion. Of course I hope Liverpool will be the winner on the home straight.

Once my best friend and me were taking part in an English competition.We were in the fourth year and we were neck and neck in English.On the last day of the competition,we were on the home straight and I took the third place! Unfortunately, my friend took nothing.Frankly,I was sure that it wouldn't be down to the wire,as I had been preparing hard.

Sophie, Taiwan
It's neck and neck with Ashim and Ayomi,and they are both so smart. We don't know who is the winner, Until down to the wire.

Marie, France
After years of saving I am on the home stretch since I have enough money to buy myself a goldfish. However, my cat is not very happy about it and negociations are going down to the wire! I am pointing out the pros and he is pointing out the cons. After two days of negociations we are both tired and neck and neck. Life is so intricate!!!

Bear, TW
Although competitors surrounded us, it's really neck and neck, we tried our best to finish the game and believed we would go down to the wire. Finally, we got on the home straight, that's quite exciting to become winners.

In the last time of a term,we had an music competition and my band joined to this even,too.There are many bands in our school so that we was neck and neck.All the bands tried to play the best so it went to down to the wire.But suddenly,when we heard our band became a winner on the home straight.It made us very happy and surprise.

Ha Chau, Vietnam
I'm really interested in your lessons. Oh,if only I could meet you,The teacher!I love u so much! You've made me love English more, in fact, you've made English easier to me! I hope you will be always the most "interesting and intelligent teacher" of mine as well as many students all over the world. Can I get in touch with you by e-mail? I really hope your answer will be "YES".

Shafiullah, Afghanistan
I am Shafiullah from south of Afghanistan Helmand Lashkargah city. I have written a small story which occurred during my life.When I was in school, once we had a football race in school between our class and other class both of the teams were too strong and both of the teams were too much struggling to win the game but they were neck to neck. So the game was going on and the audiences were watching the game and they were cheering and booing and it was on the home straight and no body knew the down to the wire only two minutes were remaining suddenly our team scored a goal and we won the game

Teresa, China
I tendered a project abroad two months ago. My agent informed me that there were five companies participated in this competitation. I wasn't the most competitive one as another firm's price was very close to mine, but their technology was better than ours, we're neck and neck. By this week, it'll go down to the wire and we can know who will get the project.

Raul, Spain
A month ago I participated in a quiz in my town. A friend of me and I were in the final, it was neck and neck. Finally, I won the quiz. There were a lot of difficult questions and after an hour we were on the home straight. At the moment of the last question I didn't know who would win. I was thinking it'll go down to the wire.

Kana, Japan
When I saw other applicants in the room, it seemed neck and neck because all of them looked like professionals. I'm afraid I might say something silly on the home straight before the end of my interview with the company. The company's decision is down to the wire, so I just try to do my best!

Leonardo , Florence, Italy
Some times ago, i was swimming in a Competition, when another man was neck to neck whit me, after twice minutes we got onto the home straight! but unfortunatly i lose, because i was very tired after 1500 meters.

Le Thuy Hanh, Vietnam
At 8 o'clock last night, i was taking an exam. My friend did very i think i shoud give up.But,after that i thought i would try my best to do.At half-time we were seem neck and neck.Therefore i burst out of energy althought I am down to the wire but sooner or later I was on the home stretch.

Magda, Qatar
Seven years ago, I was taking part in compition. It was Kind of neck and neck with my friend.

Angel, Spain
I like football a lot.I´m a Racing supporter and next Sunday I´m going to see the match Racing- Ath. Bilbao. These teams are always neck and neck,so I hope enjoy myself very much in the Sardinero stadium because the match will go down to the wire. Regards to fantastic Athletic supporters

Azhar, Bangladesh
life is a race.Nobody is satisfied with what h/she have.Those who gain more want to achieve more.No life seems to have the home stretch to go down to the wire.

Yin Ruo Yan, Singapore
I'm on the home straight/stretch because the exam is over!

Hira, Bangladesh
In the past many have lost their lives thinking and seeking out the purpose and meaning of the life,but none have achieved a successful result.We easily wonder contemplation like this can not go down to the wire.

Justyna, Poland
There is an opportunity to vin a supervising positione in company, where I've been forking for .It is neck and neck to vin between me and Adam.It is also on the home stretch and we are down to wire.

Hira, Bangladesh
In the past many have spent their lives to seek out the purpose and meaning of life but none could have achieved a fruitful outcome.We wonder if it will go down to the wire in the future.

Nusha and Tyoma,Sevastopol,Ukraine
Tyoma:Last year I was running a race with my friend. It was a neck and neck situation! Both my friend and I were running very fast,so I thought it was like down to the wire! I was afraid that on the home stretch I would give up and lose,but I didn't. I won that race!!!Nusha: Tow years ago I was taking part in a Biology competition. The difficult thing about it was that we had to write everything we knew on a certain topic (the more the better) within very limited time. When we had only fifteen minutes until the end, most of the participants left, but I kept writing together with my classmate, which was kind of neck and neck. On the home stretch I remembered so much on the subject that I had to stay for some time after I'd run short of it But that was worth it: I got the first place, although it might be down to the wire next time.

Sandrine, France
There was a competitive exam for a position in the institute I work in. We were 4 collegues neck and neck. We had to prepare a presentation and we were very busy! when we finally got onto the home straight, we found out that the exam was cancelled !!!

Nicola Lee ,China
Cheer up, guys.Go down to the wire,mabye you are the winners.

Koen, Taiwan
Recently I've just finished my travel in NZ.With a changeable weather in NZ,I were forced to give up my primary plan to go around NZ.I studied Englsih at language school instead.It's really fun to learn something in out of my country,but I have no reasons that I started to miss my family and ignored a lot of things happened in front of me.After a couple of months,it was complicated for me when I finally got onto the home straight.In spite of the fact that I have been to a few places,I made a pity for myself.

Yes i have been neck and neck with one of my colleague in the office.

Ha, Australia
I'm on the home straight as I only need a few days more to finish the tasks in the competition. The competition is very competitive. It's neck and neck ,and it's going down to the wire.

Liu chia chun, Taiwan
There is one time that my teacher send me to the video-filming competition with my friends. the competition was neck and neck and it's going down down the wire but our team managed to get into the second place.

Hunter Dong, China
So many people applied for this position, they are all good, it's hard to pick one from them, it's really neck and neck; The selection of thses candidates is really a long journey, but it's on the home stretch now, and the result is going to go down to the wire, we all can take a deep breath.

Bonnie, Hong Kong
It takes ages for me to be on the home straight as I have no choice but to wait for my boss to make his decision until the end of March next year.

Last month,I took part in a large competition.My main rival was intelligent and clever.We had a very hard competition.We were neck to neck.At the end of this competition,we were in the same level.It was down to the wire.We were both happy,because it was on the home stretch.I was really tired.

When i was fighting with my siblings, I used to be neck and neck with them.Later, as we grew up,i thought i am going on the home straight.Now,it's down the wire.

Jeff, Taiwan
My sun,matthew 16-year-old boy,majores in cello. He was neck and neck with senior competitor in Asia Youth Orchestra last summer vacation. At the end of this month,he'll attend a musical contest in Taiwan and I'm sure he'll go down to the wire. I know that he must be verry satisfied when he finally gets onto the home straight and becomes to be a real celloist.

Diana, Colombia
Hi, I am very nervous because I will know next week if I pass the visa to go to the US on my vacation,I hope so, it'll go down to the wire.

Mai Anh, Vietnam
When I learn English, I wonder if i am on the home straight.

Tina, China
1.Those to competitors have been neck and neck with each other since the very begining.2.The race is so close it might go down to the wire.3.Finally, we get onto the home stretch. The project should be accomplished in two days.^^

Javier tagle, Costa Rica
when i was 15 years old my teacher make me run a race with other student , and at the middle of the race , i was first , but when we were arriving we were neck and neck .finally when we crossed the final line , we were down to the wire

Tanausu, The Canary Islands
Hello, I'm a very interesting and intelligent man...Well, just kidding. Following the Premier League I can see It's neck and neck between Chelsea, Arsenal and United. It's a pity I can't follow those macthes as I did when I was living in London. Those teams are not on their home straight, they have to work very hard to win the premier or the champions. A beatifull competition. Of course it will go down to the wire

Attila, Hungary
The other day I took part in a running competition when some of us were running neck and neck. On the home stretch I thought to lose the race as I was on the second place so I struggled down to the wire, but in vain -- I took only the third place.

Dalia, UK
i have been neck to neck with some student when we were racing in playground.and also i have been gone down to wire when i was doinng my exam and i have been waiting my result for two week without it .

Fabiana, Italy
I am very competitive by nature so that feeling of neck and neck with anybody doesn't go down very well.Take learning English for instant:you study like mad to achieve the best grade and finally got onto the home straight.Well,until you discover that someone else beat you to it so is all gone down to the wire!:)

Gustavo, Brazil
Dear teacher and followers,Actually, it is too difficult to see an internet program which is neck and neck with the Teacher. Obviously, The Theacher is the best one and we can learn a lot from it!In addition, I would like to say that sometimes, especially when it is Friday, I am on the home straight.P.S. Why are the frames and watch up side down?

Phuong, Vietnam
I have taken an exam to get scholarship to study in the UK. It was neck and neck and down to the wire. I was so exhausted and on the home stretch then my examiner told me that I was sure to get a full scholarship after my interview. That was so fantastic^^

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