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Sport idioms: Ice skating

The Teacher


In this video the Teacher becomes an ice skater:

  1. Get your skates on
  2. Skating on thin ice
  3. Skating over something


Teacher's homework

Have you ever been told to get your skates on? Perhaps you've skated on thin ice or skated over an important issue.

This topic has now closed. Thanks for all your homework.

In the mid-term exam of statistics, I just skated over it. So when I started to work on the exam paper I realized I had let myself skate on thin ice. I do not want it happen again, so it is better for me to get my skates on for the preparation before the final exam.

Patyblue, Mexico

Anna, Russia
It is my strong belief that it is quite tough to be in time in such a hasty and dynamic modern world. Nevertheless if you charish your reputation you always have to get your skates on trying to manage your schedule. Of course, being late for negotiations a businessman can invent some excuse skating over something. However dishonesty and bad time-management leads to skating on thin ice and that can turn out not in your favour.P.S. Thank you very much for your interesting lessons, perfect actor work and creative presentation of information))))

Brunella, Italy
My mother says "Hurry up! Get your skates on and let's go! Your wedding service is going to begin!" She's right, but the point is that I've been skating on my fear of getting married for too much time and now it's too late. I can't draw back and it's like skating on thin ice...! And then I woke up with a start :-)

Oana Maria,Spain
I´m doing a fly attendant course and next month I´ll face the ending exam.I know I´ve got to do my best from now to december ,cause I was skating over studyng in the past month.If I want my diploma,I have to put my skates on and start working fot it.

Yesterday I arranged with my friend about going to the cinema. The movie must have started at 12o'clock. I love sleeping so I got up only at half past 11. I had to get my skates on to be at time! The movie started but I was stil at home so my frind became angry..I was skating on thin ice when I phoned him. I was suprised when he skated over my disorganization and said that we will go tommorow.

Manel, Spain
In a few weeks i'll face an important english level exam and i feel i've been skating over the problem. The question is that this exam will determine if i'm qualified for working out of spain, so time for get my skates on and work hard if i don't want to be skating on thin ice. My future work is waiting for me at the end of the road.

Schiboub, Cote d'Ivoire
if I don't want to be late to this meeting, I'm better get my skates on. but someday I'd like to stay at home to sleep late, and skating on thin ice because it's a very important meeting for my job.

Ulzii, Mongolia
i am learning in english. This site is very usefull and very fun i like his class so much, i have to get my skates on for learning english.

Yuko,Hong Kong
Our lives are so short!why don't we just get our skates on and skate on thin ice to make our lives wonderful.It is not nice to skate over our time.

Rita, Taiwan
It's better to get my skates on early for the final exam. When I am waiting for the score comes out, it's like a skating on thin ice. And I was try to skating over it.

My mom usually complains about my slowness, so in english she should say:"you have to get your skates on". My friend wants to try on a risky sport. I'm so afraid of the danger that may happen to him. I should say: "you will probably skate on thin ice unless you give up your intention if doing such the risky sport".If my friend ignores my words, i accept to skate over it.

Shex, Kurdistan
hi every one i nevere skate on thin ice because i have a time to do all my things but i want skate on because i want to know english well

Juany, Mexico
The last week I received an offer job, that was to work as hotel administrator, first at all I was happy but really I was skated on thin ice because the job is 80Km from home and the way is a little dangerous, and of course I´ll have to left my family 6 days of the week. It was a great !! but only for a few moment.

Bear, TW
This year will be over, in order to get enough time to find out proper employees, many companies have begun their campaign for recruiting. So it's time for everybody who needs work to get your skates on, or you'll skate over good odds and skate on thin ice for your living.

Bingfeng, China
My wife seems very lack on managing time. whenever we plan to go somewhere together, I will speak to her "Get your skates on" several times. Even with that, we sometimes still go late. I feel chasing her is not the way but skating over it, therefore, I would rather cheat her by telling her an early deadline. especially when the event is important, and I do not want to skate on thin ice to miss the timing.

Rebeca, Finland
Dear Love, why haven't I found you yet? Without you life seems to be just like skating on thin ice. You'd better get your skates on and make me happy. Aren't you going to skate over me?

Magdelin, Dominican Republic
hi everybody.. let me tell you that most of my friends skate homework over in my english class, cause they are so busy doing other homework from the university,that is difficult for them to hand them in on time.. when we began this course I told them that take to many things at the same time is like skate on thin ice, probably the outcomes won't be the expected.. but they didn't listen to me... I'm just taking one subject at the university and all the time I have to put my skates on... so imagine them...

Angel, Spain
In my country the jobless figures have increased up to 19 per cent and the government seems to be skating over the problem. Everybody is wondering why they don´t get their skates on, as other european countries. Thanks, Mr. teacher

Yulia, Russia
As every women I can't live without make up.When I beautify myself I take my time even then I have to get my skates on.That is really skating on thin ice!Sometimes I'm late and some people are angry with me but I prefere skate over it...

Tania, Sevastopol, Ukraine
Hi! I'm usually very busy and often I have a little time to do all things I want, so I usually say to myself: "Tania, dear! Please get your skates on". As I'm very lazy, it usually doesn't work. Even when I sleep at the middle of the day I'm skating on thin ice. At any moment my mum may come and say that I'm late for school. And again I have to put my skates on. Luckily, I'm never late for my English lessons, as my teacher disrespects unpunctual students. Other teachers usually skate over this problem.

I was on the brink of saying about the white lie I had told him the day before yesterday despite knowing the fact of skating on thin ice. Because I might have fallen out with him and split up but to my suprise Meanmine I started to talk about this, he wanted me to get my skates on with reminding the possibilty of being late to cinema which I forgot already. But I think he knew the white lie I had said and just wanted to skated over it.

Stella, Russia
My boyfriend always tells me to get skates on because I tend to dress up for some party for hours and we are late all the time! When my mum asks me how much money I have spent today, I always try to skate this topic over and start to talk about other thing. Sometimes it helps ;)

Serhiy Donin, Ukraine
My middle brother and I often used to get our skates on so as not to be late at a first lesson when we had been studying first course at ONUA. Finally after my brother bought a car, we got rid of this annoying tradition. Finishing an important civil suit not on time is like skating on thin ice, so I don't usually do that.I don't like situations in which people prefer skating over an important question which needs immidiately solving to tell the truth.

Tim, Taiwan
Jean's husband asked her to skate over the refueling and get her skates on to pick him up at the airport, but she still skated on thin ice when driving, and then arrived late.

Elena, Italy
When I arrived at my friend's home, she said me: "Sorry, I'm late". So, I told her: "get your skates on beacuse we have to cook cheese cake, but we've never maken it, so we've skated on thin ice. I hope it'll be great"

Ha Chau, Vietnam
I'm a very slow girl. My friends are always calling me "turtle". I don't like that name at all. I often shout at myself "GET YOUR SKATES ON!" But myself just skates over it. Myself doesn't seem to understand a word I say! It keep being so slow. It makes me blue in the face! I'm sure it knows how bad-tempered I am, so, it must know that it is skating on thin ice! It may be punished seriously by me!....Oh,sorry...Who am I going to punish?

Fatima, Brazil
I have so many activities during the day that I am always skating on, in order to do everything I want and need. Recently, I have decided to skate on thin ice, after many years without studying , just working , I started a new university last February. Now, I'm trying not to skate over exercises, and tests, since the acquisition of new knowlege is always worthwhile.

Cristina, Spain
When I asked to my best friend where her husband was, she answered me that she didn't know.I understand now because she skating over the question!! hes husband was whith another woman!!

Luis, Mexico
I tryed convincing my brother not to go out with that ugly girl. I told him he was skating on thin ice, but he did. Inmediatly, I phoned him and said "you had better get your skates on and come back here or you will get in troubles.

Tako, Georgia
Heloo everybody!Today is a good day for me,becouse I am writing you my favourite interesting and intelligent teacher.I am Tako from Tbilisi Georgia.Last year I had to pass my antrance music exams.I was realy skating on thin ice,but now I'm happy as I am the student of the best musical school in Georgia.Thee times a week I go to my music lessons,twice a week I have my English lessons, so i have to get my skates on in case to do everything on time.

Sarah Luo,China
Today my family intended to go swimming ,but the weather is bad ,it's not suitable for children to swim.In spite of everybody knows it is skating on thin ice,we still determine to swim.Now it's time to go ,I must get my skates on ,they are waiting for me.BTW,I skate over it to grandparent,because they will be anxious about us.

Nguyen Quoc Thai, Vietnam
I am having a presentation tomorrow, but I have not prepared anything! I am really skating on thin ice, My boss may be get angry of me! So I should get my skates on now. I do not want to skate over, this is the first time I go to work!

Nomeda, Lithuania
Nice weather here, but I have to get my skates on English much more, cause the last four months I'm skating on thin ice without job..Yes, there is no possibility to skate over English in this world:)

Choi, Koera
I didn't know that this side is so cool.Bacause the past day my english is so poor.But now. I can understand some words in eenglish and I think I can write about tsomething in here.So, I'll get my skates on this writing.

Wilson, BH - MG, Brazil
Hello everybody!I'm always late and running out of time, so I often hear: "Wilson, you'd better get yours skates on". But that's one of the most dangerous things I do so hardly ever do I skate on thin ice. In fact, one of my greatest flaws is that I'm always skating over some important issues I should deal with. See you soon!

Semi, Korea
Wow this is my first time here.It is amazing. really Good programme.every time when I go to school I have to get my skate on.. and I live in china for my master degree..I felt this is skating on thin ice Because I can't understand all class.. I am not sure ..Can I graduate on time??

Asmaa, Egypt
Life is a precious gift, so we've to skate on thin ice in order to make our differences that will last forever unlike us!!!. People keep saying get your skates on to do this or that, but I think when it comes to the real change we must take our time to set it clear then get our skates on and we shouldn't skate over any single detail because what we think it's a small detail might changes our lives forever!.

Aleksandra, Poland
I am not a sort of person, who would skate on thin ice, even if sometimes I feel, I should take a risk and do things differently. oh,no, it is getting really late and I have to get up tomorrow morning. I would better get my skates on and go to bed.

My friend asked me to try her cheese pie but i felt like skating on thin ice as she is a horrible cook. I should tell her the truth about her cooking instead of skating over it.

Gustavo Boechat, Brazil
Hi Teacher and fellows,Indeed,this is the best programme I have ever seen and attended. As my days are very busy, I get my skates on and plug my computer on just to watch if the Teacher has presented a new video. It's fabulous! Whenever I watch it, I do not skate on a thin ice because he has been teaching me a lot! And, if I have some issues to be solve, I do neither not skate over it once I am able to ask for extra information.Thats all!

Mauricio Tapias

Murat, Turkey
When I arrived at school, my friend said to me ;'get your skates on ! We will be late for the exam. 'But We were late. And there was nothing to do . We skated over it.

Trang, Vietnam
Every day I have classes at 12.30 and I have to take the 11.45 bus. But sometimes the bus arrives earlier than I expected. I am walking slowly and leisurely when it's coming! This means that I have to get my skates on to reach it. Sometimes when I see the door about to close, I still try my utmost to get on, though I know that I am skating on thin ice. The problem is I do not know how to deal with this. I just skate over it. If I miss this bus, will the next one allow me to get on?

Shahla, France
Hi' i'm a woman. Ihave 50 years old. Ithing my lif is wast.i get my skates on,and i shohd a new thing,pherhabse i skat on thin ice, becaus i'm not really yong and power,but i'm going try skating over.

I remembered when I was at the university, one morning we had an exam on Chinese but I didn't remember exactly the time. I was still in bed at 7 while actually we had to take the exam at 7.30. wow, I really got my skates on to come to shool on time. Whenever reminiscent about it, I'm sweaty, I was really skating on thin ice.

When I told my parents that I fell in love with a foreigner, my parents strongly opposed me and said that I was skating on thin ice.However I didn't think so. I truly loved him and so did he. As time passed by,my parents were persuaded by our true love. At last, we didn't skate over it, we had a happy ending with our marriage.

I'm having an exam tomorrow morning but I haven't revise for it. I realize that it's useless getting my skates on. In addition, I don't want to skate over my exam. A friend of mine suggests I cheat but I don't want to skate on thin ice.

Gosia, Poland
I'm a very absent-minded person and I often have to get my skates on in order not to be late. It is like skating on a thin ice because sometimes I'm late and teachers don't like it. But I don't have good solution for my problem and I just skate over it.

Rocio, Spain
last week I had to get my skates on, when I realised I was going to arrive late to work, after enjoying a wonderful Spanish "siesta".

Norma, Argentina
I want to resume my english classes,but because the time had gone I think that I skate on thin ice.I don´t want skate over this important issue, by the other hand, I need get my skates on.

Combo, France
I am always late and I think that i should put my skates on to arrive on time ! I drove so quickly that it was like skating on thin ice ! I promised that would not be late but I skated over.

Unyime, Nigeria
My girlfriend always "put her skate on" each time i stop her from seeing other guys but i'm hoping to see us "skating over it" one day.

Nguyen Thi Hai, Vietnam
yesterday, when I got my skates on to go to school because I was late, I was skating on thin ice as I nearly bumped to the car next to me. Fortunately, I overpassed quickly and avoided the accident .

Felix, Switzerland
Get your skates on or we'll never been able to attend the meeting! If we fail to attend this meeting, we have to explain the reason and we'll feel like skating on thin ice. Skating over any detailed explanation is the best solution.

Cristian, Colombia
Get your skates on, or you'll lose the bus. So you could be skating on thin ice and killed in this place by your boss.

Nhung, Vietnam
I will have a semi-semester test next week. I'm terribly worry about that. Because I didn't concentrate on my studying. I didn't finish all my homework.And I seems to be skating over it. Actually, I know I need to get my skates on otherwise I will skate on thin ice. hi

Feriel, Algeria
sometimes, my boss asks me to traslate the e-mails into english.when i try to do it i find myself skating over it .

Naiyana, Thailand
today is begin to study.I get up very late.My mom says "Get your skate on"

Vita, Russia
We are going to Tsey skating place on New Year weekeds. It's time now to rent a room in advace. We must get our skates on in order not to be late. But our friends can't take a decision and skate this issue over every day, so we are skating on thin ice.

Bonnie, Hong Kong
Lousy politician always skate over the issues which make them embarrassed or affect their interests. It really makes me sick.

Rajesh, Germany
Once upon a time i was so over motivated that i travelled on the roof of a train. I put my skates on and started doing it by buying no ticket... I was very much sure of the ticket collector not coming up¦ Later I felt my conscience and realised me as a fare dodger skating on the thin ice. As the train came to the station where I had to "get down", I skated over something as I found a ticket collector asking me to show the ticket though.

Tereza, Czech Republic
I sometimes skate on thin ice when I go to the school being ill. It is bad for the body, I know. But what can I do? I must go there, otherwise I will not pass the exams.

Feriel, Algeria
yesterday,i got up very late.This this why i tried to get my skates on, but i knoked over .

Ruzana, Moscow
Hello everyone,For now, I am skating on thin ice, but I think, i have to get my skates on if i want to be successful in my CAE exam in December.

Alice, Hong Kong
A-level examination is coming soon. I am better to get my skates on revision. Actually, i am skating over Usage of English but i think 'The Teacher' from bbc can help me out of the failure.

Tin, Myanmar
Every week day morning, I always get my skates on to get in time to office. In our office there is a one driver who abused money form our customers but till date my boss was not skated over it. When I asked that driver to collect money form customer, it was like to be skating on thin ice.

Pham Thi Han, Vietnam
I usually do my work soon before the deadline. Of course I have to get my skates on. It seems I am skating on thin ice because I have little time to check it well.Despite the risk, I always repeat that, so many people say me that I am skating over my career.

Raul, Spain
Three months ago, my wife and I went to Paris. We had a flight at 10:00 and two hours before we were preparing the baggage and I said her "get your skates on". We visited Eiffel Tower and on top we were skating on thin ice because it's very high. I wanted talk to my wife about a discussion but I was skating over it. Finally the trip was fantastic.

Antonella, Italy
If you are thinking to pop in to the newsagent shop while driving to work and decide to stop your car where it is not allowed it is better you get your skates on. Traffic police won't skate over it. But sometimes traffic officers too park where it is not allowed and many people are complaining about it. They say there is as a misuse of their powers and police is skating on thin ice.

Yuan Huaiwu, China
It's time to finish examination , but i havn't done all of these questions , so i get my skate on and try to skate over that thing at last .

Marina, Russia
I did skate on thin ice when dated with two boyfriends in one day.

Michal, Poland
In last week I and my girlfriend were in journey to Wroclaw.When we woke up in the trip day it was very late so we had to get our's skates on and find some bus.In hurry we forgot to buy a ticket so that was ride on very thin ice but happily we managed to skated over it.

"Ahmadinejad", Iran
After I took power, I started skating on thin ice because people have got angry with me.They hate me so much but I lauph on them. In my speaches I don't deal with problems frankly and just skatting over it. Oh greens are comming I should get my skates on. Bye

Sergey, Russia
My workday starts at 9.00 a.m. I used to come to my job at 9.10. It had ticked off some employees, which usually came to their workplace at 8.45, because their skating over my coming in time were left without my response. But I realized I was skating on thin ice and my boss could have been told about it. Nowadays I try to cross my office's threshold by 9.00 a.m. and get my skates on if I have not enough time.

Badrel, Lebanon
yesterday i had to be at work at 8 o clock but i had woke up at 7,30 so i had to get my skates on and i managed to skate over that thing

Raquel, Spain
We were trekking in the Pyrenees when we got distracted by a bear in the distance and we took the wrong track, when we realized that it was quite late and we had to get our skates on if we wanted to arrive before 7 p.m so we took a shortcut it was like to be skating on thin ice...

Jean, Taiwan, R. O. C.
I have an English class tomorrow, but I have not previewed the articles my teacher assigned. I'd better get my skates on. If I fail to answer the questions my teacher gives me in class, I will be skating on thin ice--be punished in front of other classmates. However, I do not intend to let you know what will happen in tomorrow's class. I prefer skating over it.

My major is chemistry,resently I am doing a project which is very dengerous,my sister say that I am skating on thin ice,but it were two mounth ago since I began this work,so I must get my skates on, I hope my boss skate over it,and put off the deadline.

Luciana, Brussels
I would like to climb the biggest montain in Italy but as I've not the right training I scared to skating on thin ice

Nhu Quynh, Vietnam
I'm now so worry about my study. I do not understand a word of what's teachers are talking about. I'm really skating on thin ice with my future. I cannot let this situation continue. I have to get my skates on otherwise I will be a useless person. My future is ahead and I should not skate over it.

Avlee, China
The air pollution is a serious problem we are confronting in China,I hold the opinion that some of the manufacturers are skating on the thin ice,while our goverment does not deal with it effectively. The governor just skating the sitution over!

Heidi, Sweden
I really have to get my skates on if I wanna hava something done.And to do something unlawfully would be the same as skating on thin ice for me. And if I ignore my dutys it´s the same as i would skating over my dutys

Teresa, China
My husband has a business trip in Pakistan. It was reported that a strong earthquake striked Pakistan yesterday night. he was skating on thin ice, I thought. he skated over calling me at regular time, I badly worried about his safe. I went to post office this morning for an international call, but the post office already retracted the public telephone. I myself faint. Then, I applied for a Global System for my mobile, the assitant asked me to wait for a while as their computer system running very slowly. I asked them " get your skate on". Luckly, at that time, My husband called me. Thanks God, he is safe. I

Pere, Spain
Global warming is a very important challenge. Sometimes I think our society is skating on thin ice about it and we need to get our skates on to reverse the situation in front of skating over if humans are or not guilty of the situation because of greenhouse gas emissions

Kim dung , VietNam
Last night , i had an important meeting with my boyfriend. He keep me waiting 2 hours. I'm very hungry.I called him to get your skates on.He were sorry for me . And then , he went to our meeting place, And said: "if i drive 80 km/h by motorbycle , i think you are verry worry beacause your boyfriend is skating on thin ice".

Kian Ann, Singapore
My English teacher always tells me to get my skates on especially when the exams are around the corner.Sometimes, we study Mathematics too, but she isn't very good at it so we tend to skate over the more complicated topics. I think I'm skating on thin ice if I were to rely on her to teach me Maths

Christina, Korea
If you don't get your skates on right now, We will be late to school

When my boss asked me to do something that I never done before I feels skating on thin ice. I try my best to do this things but still skating over it. And he always gets my skates on.

Tran Cong Hoan,Vietnam
Our world are getting warmer,please don't skate on over it!

Reginaldo, Brazil
Everyday,I get up late to work and I get my skates on. My boss told me about it and I am skating on thin ice with it.

Kieu, Vietnam
If you remind your boss to put up your salary,that means you are skating on thin ice. You'd better skate over something. Your salary is still low for a long time, You'd better get your skates on, quit your job.

Harald, China
Never take your boss' question as a question to be answered. Else it's nothing but skating on thin ice.

RRH, China
A: Keep your skate on!B: Oh!Take it easy! We've still got 10 minutes.A: You are skating on thin ice!Everyone will be angry with us if we are late.B: Oh!Skate over that! More haste,less speed.

Paco, Mexico

Tina, Hong Kong
Now it's already midnight. Tomorrow I am going to have a Physics test. But I haven't even cast a look on the books! So I decide to get my skates on. I just skate over the things that I don't understand. I know I'm skating on thin ice because Physics really tests your concepts.

Mary, South Korea
I like ice skating very much!! I love ice skating and also.. I.. like.. this video and Yu-na kim, too! I am a great fan of ice skating so I love this one! Ha, get on skates on to see that video!!^^

Cindy Nguyen, USA
The Office That Iam working now, will be close at the end of this year. Its had to get skates on to find a nother job to pay the bills. other ways if I get skating over the year to find a new job I going to be skating on thin ice

Charmmy, Macao
Having to tell lies to please you is just like skating on thin ice! However, I just skate over it whenever I can.

Sametime i've to get my skates on to arrive on time at work, and if my boss will ask me why i'm late, i prefer skating over it.Yes i know, talking abaut time with my boss is like skating on thin ice.

Attila, Hungary
As I had very little time to do my job some days ago I had to get the skates on in order to finish it in time. However I was skating on thin ice since the more quickly I work the more mistakes I do in my job. Fortunately my boss skated over some of my errors because he knew that I had only little time to accomplish the work he asked me for.

Jaime PY, Spain
Please, I need this budget for tomorrow morning so get you skates on

Vivian, China
When a little rat found that there was a piece of meat just in front of him, he took his skates on to get it. He didn't realize that he was skating on thin ice because a tiger was also gazing at the meat.Unexpectedly,the rat took the meal and ran away because the tiger had never met such creature before and let him go.

Sandrine, France
I was very late for my English lesson and had to get my skates on ! I saw the bus arriving and ran after it without looking at the cars arriving and a car almost hit me !!! I've been so upset and ashamed that, in the evening, I skated over what happened and didn't tell anything to my boy friend.

Alice, Italy
Yesterday was a terrible day!When my alarm clock rang I realized that it was very late... so I got my skates on, but unfortunately I lost the bus and my Mum had to bring me to school. She was very angry about it, so she drove fast and we skated on thin ice in the street.Anyway my teacher skated over my delay and kept talking about literature

Jose Daniel Gamez, Venezuela
Hello,I never wacthing this series before, its so nice and very clear for listening. The last june i arrived to Venezuela from Vancouver. I was studying english 4 months. Now i'm feeling skiting on this ice about my english. I cant practice in my country specialy speaking. I got forget vocabulary and grammar. Please give me somes advice

Luis Celestino, Brazil
I work and study at the same time, so it means I'm always getting my skates on, otherwise, by getting late, I would be skating on thin ice all the time. However I'm tired of this and soon or late I'm gonna stake over my hard everyday.

Angels, Spain
Come on! Get your skates on, the bus is here.I am in love with him ,but he always skates to speak with me.Take the money or you will skate on thin ice.

Doris, Colombia
I will be lay off next month, so I have to get my skates on looking for a new job, or I will be skating in a thin ice because I won't be able to pay my rent. I can not skate over it.

Julia, Spain
I skated on thin ice once, when I was very young. I was going to go on a very big rollercoster and everyone was scared of it, but i went on it and it was really fun! :)

Paul, France
On a first date, I came up with a joke as to break the ice. That was unfortunately met with ice by my date. After she siIenced me with a chilling look, I felt like skating on ice every time I had to speak.

Kelen, China
The dealine of project is coming soon. I should get my skates on. Forgetting to submit it is like skating on thin ice. If the tutor skate over it, I will say how lucky I am.

Hoang, Vietnam
today, my lunch last 45 munites, 15 minutes longer than normal. I almost late for school. I was get my skates on. I ride my bike very fast, i even cross red traffic lights. It was skating on thin ice. At school, I miss calculation an easy funtion. Iwas sad but I skate over it.

Pham Linh, Vietnam
Last night,my friend and I went to bed at 3am because we tried to finish our homework. Consequently, we woke up late in the morning. We just had 5 minutes left to go to school so we had to get our skates on. But we seemed to be skating on thin ice when I drove 70km/h. I knew that my friend was so scare but she just skated over it.

Abner, Taiwan
I was always told to get your skate on because I was easily late for everything. This is a big problem to me.

Long, Vietnam
Every morning from monday until friday, I get my skates on to take my son to school becouse my son wake up very late. We must go through the road very fast to make it time on, it was skating on thin ice. Sometime we also come to late, but we are skating over it.

Eugenia, Russia
If you still hope to find a piece of the yesterday chocolate cake in the fridge, you should get your skates on. I would otherwise gather all my bravery and attack the kitchen in the night. I know, mum wouldn't like it a lot, so I'm going to skate on thin ice. She's a keen follower of the health way of eating, that's why she couldn't skate over the fact that I eat the pastry in the night.

Goli , UK
in the morning I woke up late and I got my skate on and went to work .when I go late at work, it is like skating on thin ice because I have some problem with my boss.really I don't know what should I do with him & I just skate over it.

Ana, Spain
My husband always says to me when we go out,"Ana gets your skates on, everybody is waiting for us".Yesterday my neughbour was skating on thin ice while she was cleaning her windows. My cousin´s mother died last month and she doesn´t talk about her, it is like she is skating over it.

Samabidal, Australia
I often do my job in a perfect way as i get my skates on but my boss barely appreciate what i do so that i feel i am skating on thin ice, meanwhile our comunication skills have been lost because we skate over it for sorrow.

Ching, Hong Kong
"David, Please get your skates on, otherwise you will be late".

Tugba, Turkey
When I saw the expression on his face, I realised that I was really skating on thin ice.

Nusha & Tyoma, Sevastopol, Ukraine
Tyoma: Yesterday I got stuck in a traffic jam while going to school by bus. I really had to get my skates on to be in time for my class. I hadn't prepared my homework for that lesson, so I think I was skating on thin ice. But fortunately, our teacher skated over checking our homework,so I didn't get an F, which was great.Nusha: I had so little time to prepare for my Biology contest, yesterday that I really had to get my skates on to revise. In fact, I knew I wouldn't have much time for it, so taking the challenge on was skating on thin ice for me. Anyway, I'm ready to skate over my results if they turn out bad.

Elvy, Spain
My Mum every morning tells me: "Get your skates on! You're going to be late again". (I have to recognize I find it difficult to wake up and get ready in the morning...)

Samuel, Taiwan
Taking my PE teacher's lessons is like skating on thin ice, if you do something wrong or bad, he will force you to do fifty push-ups.

Procop Cristina, Italy
When I'm skating on thin ice I know that it may end badly so the better solution in that case is to get my skates on even if sometimes I'm skating over it.

Ida , Poland
When i used to work in Gdansk i had to walk long way to got to the train . Often i had to got my skates on not to be late.

Ha, Australia
Oh, I think Im skating on thin ice now. I have exams next week, and all I have done is watching movies. Maybe I'd better get my skates on and not skate over my procrastination problem :)

When my colleague talked about my personal life i tried to skate over the subject. I am late for my date it is better to get my skates on. Talking with my buss about having a raise was staking on thin ice.

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