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Sport idioms: Athletics

The Teacher


In this video the Teacher becomes an athlete:

  1. A false start
  2. To jump the gun
  3. The front runner


Teacher's homework

Tell me about a time you jumped the gun. Or give me an example of a front runner. Have you ever made a false start?

Send me a couple of sentences and I'll publish my favourites on this page.

This topic has now closed. Thanks for all your homework.

Antonio, Italy
Hello guys, I hope that I will be a front runner speacking english after BBC learning english training! I'm trying so hard: it will not a false start!

Thai, Vietnam
It was a false start that I failed the entrance test of English in Banking University, then I jumped the gun when getting bad marks with my Math. But after that, I tried my best and became the front runner in my class.

Cole Yau, Malaysia
Many people have started dating when they are in secondary education, except me and some weirdos. I am avoiding to jump the gun and ask a pretty lady to be my girlfriend for I hope we will not have a false start. Maybe in love, I am never a front runner between my friends, but I will be the most blissful one in the future.

Mary, Kuwait
At the American Election, Obama was the front runner almost in every state elections.My cousin sister was a ugly duckling when she was a little. Oneday she insisted to take a part in Beauty Contest in her school where the all the cuties were coming. And I kept telling her that it is JUMPING THE GUN for her and she could win it when she's ready and she always claimed she would be the FRONT RUNNER.So she bought brand new clothes and white elephant accesories just to see the FAIL MARK from the judges. When she returned home she then realized that it was FALSE START

Serhiy Donin, Ukraine
Luckily our Ukrainian FC Metalist draw the away game vs FC Sturm in UEFA League of Europe, though the fact they game was like a false start.In my first - year English course I tried to write essays very fast. The results were obvious bad, because I had wanted to jump the gun.The Ukrainian Prime - Minister Julia Tymoshenko has been the former leader of Ukraine despite the final results of 2010 President elections.

Tran Phuong Linh, Vietnam
Driving a car when you still haven't had a license is the most foolish thing. You can cause an accident. It's really a false start because you have jumped the gun.

You are the FRONT RUNNER

Seyi, Nigeria
The girl of my dreams is a front runner in terms of beauty,when i asked her out i thought i jumped the gun,i just hope we dont have a false start.

Prakash Pabari
Well, while playing cricket I started bowling to the batman who had not taking his position. I jumped the gun and it was a false start.I believe that I will alwaays score more runs and I will be a front runner.

Karen, Taiwan
In most consequences, it is not proper to jump the gun, like in a race. However, sometimes people enjoy jumping the gun. One day I witnessed a situation in which all the models were waiting for music to play so that they could pose for photo-shoots. Among all, one of the models was the front runner, who did not wait for the music and started presenting her breath-taking body in front of the media.

Joao Vitor, Brazil
When I was 17 years old I tried to surf and my mother encouraged me by buying me a surfboard. That was a false start because I didn´t have enough talent.

Amal, Pakistan
my most horrible accident occured last month when i made a plunge from running van,i was injured so badly that even i was losing hope for life,there was a technical problem in the van ,but when i feel that i jumped the gun without telling to any other was a false start and if i think more truthfully then i can say that actually i wanted to become a front runner in securing life but it was a wrong way,rather a foolish way.

Tanausu, The Canary Islands
Hello world, sometimes I am thinking of being a front runner in life studying hard and trying to be better than the rest but I soon realize that that way I am going to jump the gun and we only have one start in life so let's not make it false

Last year I took part in a swimming competition and I did a false start because I slipt and right now I am writing from the hospital!

Laghmani, Afghanistan
I had a false start in my live, when i was going to for IR master degree exam to Turky.I have thought it is easy. but it wasn't,i cann't forget that time forever.

DH, Moscow
I had a front runner in this BIS7 which is in the moscow. Actually I come from korea,10 moths ago I went moscow.Anyway korean math is faster than this BIS. So in math class, l always front runner.

Magomed, Russia
Yeah i made a false start in PE because i wanted to be a front runner and i crossed the line first.

Natali, Russia
I have made an application in business school in New York, but my English was not good enough then (and now too) to study economy in English. In this situation I jumped the gun.

Liliane, Brazil
I was the front runner on a National competition to study abroad. But I've jumped the gun when I applied myself on a competition international. So, when I took the TOEFL test, I undestood that it could be a false start because I was not able to do it. I was so frustrated when I read my score!!!

Samuel, Taiwan
I thought I was the front runner in tests, I usually bragged about my intelligence, but it looks like I jumped the gun, I didn't do well on the test. Maybe it's better to comment after the test results.

Raul, Spain
In September last year the project had a false start because no training was made. We were jumping the gun because we weren't ready. In December we train to all staff and the kick off of the project was in January. The project was implemented in some lines and today line 2 is the front runner.

Katteden, Kazakhstan
In a sport "to jump the gun" is not honest but in a real life it is a good thing to be "the front runner".

Denis, Kazakhstan
It was a Valentine's Day and I wanted to buy my girl beautiful flowers. I got up very early and went to the flower-shop. But it was the false start because flower-shop was cloused! And what you think? I was glad because i was a front runner buyer! The weather was cold and i waited more then 2 hours. And when the flower-shop opened i remembered that i forgot all my money at home:)! I jumped the gun to go shoping:)

Catherine, France
Today Google is the front runner in the domain of books digitisation.To sing in a choir is a very good exercise : you must not jump the gun. If you make a false start, all other singers are penalised.

Elena, Italy
Yesterday I was walking when an American girl asked me some information. I had a false start because I answered her in Italian and not in English

Maha, Pakistan
I remember that day when i have sent my first lesson to this learning programme,it was a false start,i still feeling embarrasment on that,but when i probe on that errors,i feel that i was jumped the gun because i never have got the meaning of that lesson,but now its the day that i am trying to understand,what is the real meaning of lines spoken by teacher,now i am a front runner, so can speak english more properly then ever before this practice.

Khanh, Vietnam
3 times to final the place test. I had a false start at first. I jumped the gun at second. final , I was on time at last and not a front runner so happy for that

Janet, Peru
All the times I have a false start and that because of miss of time! But now I prefer to take a rest everytime I will do something really important for avoinding jump the gun!!! I think having more time I become a front runner.

Thao, Vietnam
When the teacher asked all class who could do that exercise, I raised my hand immediately. But really, I didn't know how to do it. I jumed the gun.

Antonella, Italy
I had a false start (Sob!!!) when, two years ago, to an essay of piano I have begun from the wrong page!!!!!!I was so embarassed!

Nita, Germany
With the help of your lessons I am a front runner in learning English. Now it is possible to make an English conversation without a false start. Thank you very much for your funny lessons!

Estevao Dramuce Canhanga, Mozambique
I jumped the gun when I thought that I would ace the exam of the course I've applied for. Later on I realized that I have to be the front runner of my study group.

Gonzalez, Spain
I and my friend made an appointment to eat together at the Chinese restaurant near a tube station last week but my friend showed up half an hour late. I was really upset by his late appearance and I considered of going back home until I asked him why he was late. He told me that the subway suddenly stopped and that he had to take a cab to the restaurant. I think I really shouldn't jump the gun.

Angela, Colombia
In the last athletics world championship in Berlin I was amazed by watching Usain Bolt as a front runner in all his races!

Thinhle, Vietnam
I really like english. My english is improving. I reckon, these videos are helpful and very useful for everybody.I usually hear them every morning or whenever i can. Thanks!

Duy, Vietnam

Marat, Russia
People are liable to made a false start when they 're desire something very much.

Arlet, Mexico
I jumped the gun when I tried to swim on the ocean before to finish my classes to learn how to swim.I think that the people thought that I was the front runner in the last athletic competition.

Phuong, Vietnam
Yesterday, my fiend taught that she would marry with a man. I`m very suprised because I`m thinking we should not jump the gun earily. So she is a font runner in my group of friend. And It`s a false start when I can`t advise her earily

Angel, Spain
Last year I had a false start in my English studies, because I failed my writing exam. Now, I am learning a lot of idioms with the teacher. That´s why I expect to be among the front runners in the next exam.Thanks a lot

Pauline, France
My first years in universty was a false start and I had to change my study. After I tried to find a job. When I choose my first job, I jumped the gun because it was underpaid.

When I proposed my girlfriend to marry me, I realised that I had made a false start. She pointed out that she was not prepared for it and asked me not to jump the gun. There were many suitors for her at that time but I knew I was the front runner.

Gustavo Boechat, Brazil
Dear Teacher,It's very amazing the way you teach us. I really recommend all sort of your videos to everybody who is interested in being the front runner. And for those ones who had a false start, I say them do not give up and be optimistic because the Teacher will teach in a way they will never forget anymore.Yet, about writing this message, let me say that I jumped the gun once I did not write anything before putting it here!Have a nice day and never, but never stopping teaching us....You are my favourite!!!!!!

Raquel, Spain
When I get single again all was a false start, firt of all I jumped the gun when I had an affair with the first man who say to may nice things, he was married...that left my heart broken, so to the second one who was really good for me I wasn't able to say yes...luckily he waited for me and now I think we are the front runner...

Qudratullah Khadam,Afghanistan
When i was about 8 of my age,my father alwas was knocking me to learn something,sometime he was asking me my school books and i had to answer him,my father was a good teacher,he was not looking to the page, the one i was reading,i thought that my father will not know if i jump a gun,but he was stoping me and my mother was loughing at me so i was too shy.

Vita, Russia
When I decided to combine my studying and job, my parents thought it was jumping the gun. But now due to my earlier expirience I am a front runner in the company and recommend all students not to be afraid of false start.

When I ran into cute girl. I asked a girl to give her phone number to me. I jumped the gun. It was a false start to asked someone like that.If you didn't know her before.Now,I'm the front runner in the way take her phone number.

Bruno, Brazil
Yesterday my friend told me, i tried to do that exercise for many times, but i nerver get more, It's a false start. Today i ate an apple, but it belonged to my friend O.o i'm jumping the gun. Google is the front runner in search engine.

He jumped the gun because she was to nervous and excited.My schhol is the front runner in all competitions.

Antonina, Latvia
When i was young i was quite nice looking girl.Sometimes i jumped the gun,because i was too sure about my confident and then i understand-it was a false start. Now i have a life expirience and i`m between front runners.

Diener, Brazil
I was working on this front runner shoes company for seven years, and earning a lot of money... But I jumped the gun, quit and went to a hippie camp. Now I have no job and really don´t need another false start.

It was absolutely A false start when i decided to cook an algerian traditional dish!!!!i jumped the gun hardly when i chose to learn french in our university without being competent!!!but i do believe that am the front runner in learning english and korean.Warm regards

Samuel Jimenez, Mexico
In fact I like running, I enjoy it, but if I do not want to make a false start I must train very hard everyday. I am sure that if I stick to my program I will definitely be the front runner next time I race.

Aarti, India
I jumped the gun when i invested in the markets. I thought that the companies in which i have invested are the frontrunners. Obviously that was a false start.

Masha, Russia
I remember the first time I saw a man. He was so nice that came and asked him to be my boyfriend. I jumped the gun, and that was the most embarrass thing in my life!

Great class thanks.

Ahmed, Kenya
I tried to date a girl which I really admire and rate her she is the one. At the beginning, to be honest I didn't know where to start! It was like banging my head against a brick wall. Anyway it was a false start. And that resulted definitely jumping the gun. I still love her and I don't know whether she is dating other guys or not. I hope I am the front runner!!!

Tin, Myanmar
In our country, Aung San Su Kyi's party was the front runner during the election time but at the end the Government's party won it. My brother jumped the gun to go Singapore and looked for the job last 3 months ago. Till date he has not found the job yet. It was false start.

I'm preparing for the IELTS, but I started too late.I think that when I applied for the exam I jumped the gun.

Kim, Korea
When I spent about 6months for learning English, the school arranged my toeic Exam without informing,so that I did Exam without preparedness that was just A false start.When we meet some girls in the pub we often jump the gun, I mean after bit get drunk.When I was in english class, one girl From saudi who was just the front Runner in our class. she knew what we Had to do and she new the answer most likely.

Daniele, Italy
I've always wished to be the front runner in every little thing I do, perhaps that's the reason why I never think enough before acting, in other words I jump the gun.

Key, South Korea
When I saw really beutiful girl and she showed kind behavier to me, I expect too quick many things in relationship. I jumped the gun without step by step process.

Setsuyo, Holland
Mrs. Merkel had been the front runner in the election and has overwhelming won it.

Norma, Argentina
well, I jumped the gun when I was married, I was 21 years old, and now I think I made a false start.instead my present marriage is a very front runner.

Anna, Ukraine
Last summer I decided to sit for CAE Exam, but I didn't want to jump the gun, which is why I sign up for a preparation course. My teacher says I'm a front runner in the group, so I hope to pass the exam with A grade.

once i was young, I jumped the gun in a race and it hurt me a lot.

My teacher once asked me to take part in a speech competition.I was too excited,so I jumped the gun.It was a false start.I didn't prepare a lot.But I was the front runner in a later competition,because I prepared a lot.I won that competition.

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