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Sport idioms: Football

The Teacher


In this video the Teacher becomes a football player:

  1. The kick off
  2. Moving the goalposts
  3. A political football


Teacher's homework

Does your boss always move the goalposts? Tell me about a political football in your country.

Write to me using one or more of the idioms from this lesson and I'll put the best ones on this page.

This topic has now closed. Thanks for all your homework.

Andrea, Colombia
My country lives in a endless political football -that I think its kick off was the independence day, because we haven't stop fighting since then-, where each party changes the goalposts any time. The argues have been so confused that there are more than two teams so we have a complete tournament now, where the prize is the country and the last important thing is social welfare.

Liliane, Brazil
Working for my boss sometimes seems challenged. He is a serious man and doesn't like to move the goalposts however my boss' boss always makes him moves it. So, this situation is far from to be more annoying that our political football.

Mika, South Korea
My boss had said to me "The kick off of the meeting is 1pm. so please make the report be finished until then." but 1 hour later he told me the schedule has been changed to 12am.He has moved the goalposts.It made me upset.

Samuel, Taiwan
It's the kick off of another day! Yesterday, our English teacher told us to bring our exercise book. But today, we moved the goalposts, and we brought our textbooks instead.

Serhiy Donin, Ukraine
Last week our chairman assistant moved the goalpost, which had to be about the entertaining events of our party, so as to listen our reports on the last mounth political activity. Almost a lot of us weren't able to report properly, except of me. I always make the report in advanced, so as to take my free time. Our Verchovna Rada & the President have been having political footbal about "the Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine" since we got it in the spring 2007. But only Kabinet Ministrov hasn't been playing in this game, what is deserve to be proud of. The Kabinet Ministrov does what does it has to do, so as to work hardly in order to make Ukraine as a well-prepaired country with enough-qualified base for the Euro 2012.

Alberto, Spain!!
The kick off of the event began last September 1st. I and my dog Dandy, were traveling to the international dog festival promoted by a well known brand of dog-meal. The event was dated in Barcelona, 600 km far away from our home. When we arrived to the event's place, we both were upset. The organization had moved the goalpost and changed the event to Valladolid, only to 50 km from our home. We miss the event, and spent the weekend for nothing!

Arlette, México
In homework, the rule’s teacher was that only one person presents the work team, but the day of the final presentation she moved the goalposts and made all of us proceed to explain the task, I felt terrible because I had not prepared anything and said all wrong, she made a monkey out of us. In addition my team and I kick off twenty minutes, because at the last minute we were printing the work.

Jason He, China
We brought my baby to join a contest of swimming last weekend. My wife and I need to move the goalposts when my little baby wants to catch the toy so that my daughter will keep on swimming. However, who would move the toy, my wife or I? It's a political football for us.

Thanh, Vietnam
There is only one party in my country so there is of course no official political football. However, the intelligentsia usually criticise the policies of the Party which might be considered as political footballs. They often kick off the crictism in the press.

Tanausu, The Canary Islands (Spain)
Dear teacher, in my country, politics are always a political football. Both the coservative party leader (Mr Rajoy) and the PM (Mr. Zapatero) are ready to kick off the season and they don´t hesitate to move the goalposts trying to destroy each other

I'm pleased to have these lessons available on the Internet,so they aren'tfound in books.I'm working on my own,sometimes my employers move the goalposts like when they don't play their part in a deal.With regard to a political football,it's common such a type of dicussion about national budget.

Bingfeng, China
I just finished the new project's planning and scheduled the kick off meeting on next monday. However, my boss came to me this morning and told me that the management in US wants to shift the deadline one month ahead due to their findings on the competitors' similar product roadmap. This has been the forth time this month that they change the deadline. We are really frustrated at their frequently moving the goalposts. We also suspect that there is a political football among the top management of the company. Some of them donot want to set up the new center in Asia Pacific region as they are afraid that they could lose their jobs; while the others intend to shift more work to AP to save cost for the company's long term benefit.

Beatriz S, Peru
My boss has moved the goalposts for a training that I have to attend next week, so I must reschedule all my activities to be in the kick-off on time.

I really hate the feeling that someone suddenly moves the goalposts when I have already made up my mind kick off doing something. Because everything is out of my expectation at all! At first I just wanted to postpone doing something for the time being. However, it became a political football. Everyone tells different advice and finally I have to take it in the chin...

A Teacher said:"OK class, let's kick off the lesson. Trun your page to p.153."

Helen, Taiwan
The kick off of my project was last year, but my boss kept moving the goalposts. There seemed to be no end of this project. Now I doubt it could be a political football. Someone might take some advantages from it except me.

Tin, Myanmar
Two years ago my father told me that he will support me to do futher study in UK. Now he tell me that he can not support me and will support my step brother instead of me. This is the not first time for my life. He always moves the goalposts . I am not intresting in political foot ball.

Alessio, Italy
It's time for kick off in today's... homework! I know, teacher, I've copied your lesson's phrase. But if you remember, I was one of the students that underwent your grammar exam when you moved the goalposts! So, I found the solution to take revenge for that day: make a copy of your lessons to help myself in my homeworks! HA! HA! HA!...I know, I know, I can't learn English very well if I start to copy, but don't begin a political football about this, ok? ;-)

Hedley, Panama
Whenever I was fired I felt that my bosses always moved the goalposts. Now it does not happen!Everyday in Panama i can watch "La liga" and political football, even on Sundays!

Sandra, Peru
In my country political football is usual, because our politicians are always taking advange for themselves.Unfortunately, my husband is always moving the goalposts, when I like to go out with he and my friends, he's always busy or tired, but when he want to go out... he's never tired, instead of that he's the person who make the phone calls to everyone... that's no fear!!

hoa, vietnamese
yes. i have experienced some times my boss move the goalposts

Nathan, South Korea
I always moved the goalposts in order to make excuses for being late.

Midan, Denmark
My ex boss was a very unpredictable and unreliable person. He usually moved the goalposts. Once, he announced the target of the new year to everyone in my department, but after 2 quarters, he decided to make some change about it and the new target was increased, which put us in a very hard situation.It's wide rumoured that the new tax rate is rising up to 15% next year.It has become a political football, where the minister of Finance and the committee of labour debate whether the proposed tax rate is acceptable.

Pham Thi Han, Viet Nam
My boss is a strange elder. He always move the goalposts. When facing with that, there is often an argument between us and him.It seems that he always want to kick off political footballs. He just likes an UFO.

Heiner, Germany
Yesterday I brought my grandson to the kindergarden. But when we arrived it had been closed. They had having moved the goalposts as the income of the nurses became a political football.

Michal, Slovakia
Oh, yes. My boss moves the goalposts very frequently. Last time, we should have had an meeting of our department, but when the meeting was to kick off he changed it at the last moment.Nowadays, our politicians have been arguing about the act dealing with minority in Slovakia. So, they have been in political football.

Raul, Spain
Some months ago we started a continuous improvement project at work. The kick off was in September and nowadays we are working with different methodologies. Last year, we had some defined targets but my boss is moving the goalpost every week. For this reason, is difficult for me to achieve any target.When I go home to relax, I switch on the TV and only watch a political football between our political parties.

Gustavo, Brazil
Hi everybody,To kick the ball, I would like to say i am really fascinated with these lessons performanced by this "Interesting and intelligent TEACHER" and all his contributors. I have learned a lot and have used the materials to improve my learner's capacities. Thank you!As I said previously, I am an English teacher and whenever I kick the ball, I tell to students about our schedule. So, doing this, I avoid moving the goalposts during our course. But, sometimes, we have to move them - even a little - because it is impossible, during a year, keep the same one. Sometimes we have too adjust things. About political football in my country, day after day I fell embarassed and really disapointed when I hear or see politicians arguing. Here, in Brazil, they are very annoying once they argue about things that are not important. It's everything a political football!Take care!

Luwenxin, China
My teacher told us to prepare a speech competion about France.He also told us it would kick off on Monday.But I knew he allways move the goalpost so I prepared about Britain and France.I was right,he wanted us to discuss about the British Parliament.I said it was a political football.He agreed and tought us something about the British history.

Albert, The Netherlands
Yes my boss does do that.He is always changing the safetyrules at work to make it more safe.Sometimes you don't no wichh safetyrule is right.

Attila, Hungary
At the beginning of the year my company usually holds a kick off meeting when employees gather and start a new business year. But sometimes the management moves the goalpost and has the meeting only in February. In our country one can folllow a political football that never ends.

Mustafa Abdel-Hay
- My senior teacher told me that I was going to teach level 2, but I was surprised to know that I was assigned to teach level 3. Actually he likes moving the goalposts with me.- One of the political parties in Egypt wants to put off the school academic year cos of the swine flue, while another party insists on the kick off on time. Actually it's a political football.

Lisa S, Chile
My mom always moves the goalposts about my future,and she wanted me to go on my research and to be a Doctor one day ,but I've been told to hunting for a job after my graduation from college this morning.That really kicks me off and I do hope the political football of my education can be handled by my papa.

Nevzat, Turkey
Sometimes. He moving the goalposts and His colleques complain everytime but There is rule, "The one who is the top set the rules". Political football isn't beneficial its country but It is necesary. In my country is same. In this time, The top policial football's issue is "Openning"Thank you

Jenna Leung , Hong Kong
The kick off of the Sports Day will be held on 24th of the September.

Ella, Hong Kong
The English class is kick off at 8:oo.I don't like the teacher because she always moves the goalposts.

Lee Taoran, China
SO now,I'll kick off my homework that will be sent to you,the 'very interesting and intelligent...footballer.'Hey,the guy wearing specticles,you are the most interesting English teacher I've ever seen.You know something?I think we could be friends one day,and I Will sent you a gift full of mysteries which may give you a big surprise.SORRY,wait,i dont think you are an interesting guy,and I'll send you nothing.HAHAHAHAAA!I always move the goalposts.Hahahahahaha!Just as my teacher does.He always moves the goalposts,too.So just as it said,'Like father like son',I mean'Like teaher like students'Hahaaaaaa.The heads of schools always play political footballs with the teachers.When teachers ask for some days off for holidays,the headmaster always refuse them to have.Sometimes the headmaster promise the teachers when he got drunk,but when he woke up from getting into drunk,he changed his idea.For he always move the goalposts,too.That is what we say;Like headmasters like teachers.

Farah, Pakistan
the kickoff the party ill be exactly at 2.30p.m to work with the person moving the goalposts is very diffficult there is a political football among the parliment members that who will be the next to win the elections

Daniel, Mexico
Last wednesday, the Mexico Vs Honduras kick off rocked, we won and went to celebrate to a pub.

Atsushi, Japan
A meeting time change often.

Jeff, Hong Kong
Today is the kick off the world cup. I should be watching football matches ,but my dad was moving the goalpost so I need to finish my homework before I watch the football match. Now I finish my homework, when I switch on the TV, I saw a political football.

Alex, Mexico
hello, Teacher. My grandma always ask me what I want for dinner, no matter what I've chosen for dinner, she always move the goalposts and cooks what she wants.

Thomas, France
It'll be soon kick-off in a brand-new school year ! I hope they won't move the goalposts this time !!I'm also quite annoyed by the endless political football between the Socialist Party and the Union for a Popular Movement, about the carbon tax... Who will be the winner ?

Rovari, Brazil
dear teacher, do you want me even to talk about a political football in my country?:( I prefer to talk about the soccer, because in this we are good...:)bye.

Alejandro, Spain
No, my boss never move the goalpost. I alwais know what to do because the goalpost are always the same, and never change during the year.In my country there is a political fooball aabaut the gays marriages.

It is very difficult to work for him.He keeps moving the goalposts.

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