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Colour idioms: Green

The Teacher


In this video the Teacher goes green:

  1. To have green fingers
  2. The grass is always greener on the other side
  3. To be green with envy


Teacher's homework

Have you got green fingers? Or tell me about a time you've been green with envy.

Use one or more of these idioms in a paragraph and I'll put my favourites on this page.

This topic has now closed. Thanks for all your homework.

Stano, Slovakia
I am an amateur gardener. My friends say that I have got green fingers, but seeing my neighbours garden where often the same type of plants grow better and bloom nicer, I always think that the grass is greener on the other side. Sometimes it makes me even be green with envy

Claudia, Germany
Admitting to be green with envy to yourself can be one of the hardest things to do. I'm green with envy of anyone whose English is better than mine. I understand a lot but must increase my active vocabulary rapidly because I have some important exams coming up that include a translation and an essay.

Lili, Mexico
I'm not a good gardener but I love plants.Sometimes I thing I have green fingers with some plants. I'm green with envy when I saw the plants of another neighbours the grass is always greener in the other side.

M. V., Spain
I don't like plants at all. I don't have green fingers. But I want a house in England with a garden to play football. I am green with envy because I don't have a house in England.

When studying at the 5-th grade I had a homework on biology to cultivate some seeds. I was little and naive, so I picked a seed from tomato and put it into the soil in yoghurt's pack. )) It didn't succeed, even if I watered it every day, my tomato hadn't appeared )) I got "D" mark for this homework and was very upset and green with envy at my classmates' plants. I even cried )) since that time I haven't tried to deal with plants anymore, 'cause I don't have green fingers at all. Now I just buy pot-plants in stores, but they don't make me really happy, 'cause I know that they weren't grown by myself. I admire my aunt's flowers grown by herself, even if my bought pot-plants are more beautiful. May be it's stupid, but you know the grass is always greener on the other side ))

Rimma, Russia
My parents have really green fingers. They manage to grow so many different plants, fruit trees, vegetables and flowers on our small parcel.

Alexandre, Brazil
I live in a city without green area, but on weekends I go to the beach, because a like beach, but sometimes I go to the country and there has a lot of green area, beautiful countrysides and I try to take this little time.

Mateo, Korea
I don't need to have green fingers because I don't have a garden but I hope someday I get a small garden and grow fantastic gorgeous and luxurious grasses in my garden. Everybody will be green with envy for my nice grasses. Well even they have a good garden they will be envy of other nice ones. That's the human. The grass is always greener on the other side.

Aileen Palo, Philippines
People are green with envy to see my beautiful garden they can't imagine how blessed I am to have a green finger.They always complain about their dried dead plants that looks awful to see so, I taught them my gardening secrets and they achieved the garden they want so,I told them there is always greener on the other side!!!

Djahida,T, Algeria
It's really intersting! amasing! and great! nowdays to be fluent in a foriegn language. I'm such a lucky girl to get the chance to learn English at the University as well as with BBC,therefore all my students,collegues and friends are green with envy when they hear me speaking English!

Djahida,T, Algeria
When we want to grow new plants at home we usually ask my sister "Sousou" to do it,she has green fingers!

Rainbow, Vietnam
I love trees, flowers, grass,...everything which make our earth healthy and beautiful. Last week, I found some packages of seeds of some flowers that my brother had brough home from New Zealand. I don't have green fingers but I really want to try to grow them. I have just bought pots and I'm going to grow them tomorrow. With my love with plant I hope I'll succeed in growing them.

My aunt has really green fingers. All of plants are grown that always be in a good condition and in blossom at a right time. However, I'm not as well as her about this matter so sometimes I'm green with envy. That's why we often heard "The grass is always greener on the other side".

Rajesch, Germany
That's life. Isn't it as how it changes. I often became green with envy till a friend of mine told me to rather have own green fingers. So I would probably not find the grass greener on the other side...

Now I don't have as green fingers as I used to.Whenever I plant flowers in front of my house, they live not longer.

Oanh, Vietnam
I have green fingers. I myself think that just because all trees I planted are growing well.

Hello, i'm a very instresting and funny girl!And i want to tell you that my grangfather have got green fingers before, but now he wasn't a green finger,he love fish now!Thankyou for looking!!!

Bang Tran, Vietnam
In my class, there is a classmate who is always jealous of my grades. Actually, I think I sometimes am green with envy because she has more good conditions to study than me. She lives in city, her family is pretty rich, she is studious, she can get something she need immediately, etc..But, I don't understand why she is always jealous of me.

Jeff, Hong Kong
my friend are always green with envy because i have a father and a mother who love me so much.

My friend just planted some seeds and they grew into plants for about 2 weeks.He really has green fingers.When I got my new motorbike,however,he was green with envy.

actually,i don't have green fingers,but i wanna own a tree planted by i'm really green with envy,bacause my best friend has green fingers.

I've been green with envy when I saw my friend 's new car.

Alfredo, Spain
I think, all people sometimes have been green with envy, although we never admit it. In my country there is a idiom that say: la envidia es muy mala, because people talk bad things about anyone who has got better job or earn more money and never admit that is the result of his effort.

Vocabulary, Level 4, USA
All my friends are going home for summer and I am staying here. They will have fun and I will study the whole summer. I am green with envy.Mum gave a piece of cake to me and my brother. It seemed to me that his piece was bigger than mine. The grass is always greener on the other side. I have a nice garden that makes my neighbors be green with envy. The secret is that I have green fingers.

Ross Guo,China
I am always green with envy due to the fact that i am not a clever boy in the elitism educational system.Despite this,i am also proud of having green fingers.

Sabrina, Germany
All my German friends are at the moment green with envy because I am working for one year in Paris and here a lot of people have green fingers as it is proven in the parks !

Phirum, Cambodia
I don't have green fingers. When I plant tree, it soon die. My mother has green fingers, but she is very believe in magical thing. When anybody said the tree she planted is bad, she will cut it down. I'm very upset for my mother's behave. I'm green with envy. I want to have green fingers.

I think my father doesn't really have green fingers beacause flowers which he planted has never blossomed at right he is green with my neighbour who was very success in planting flower

Luciana, Brazil
I would like to work less. On weekends I don't have much time to relax and travel, so I'm green with envy about the people who have more time to relax and have fun.

Alexandra, Poland
I wish I had green fingers. A few years ago I tried to grown some flowers but they were smaller than they should be. Being envy is a bad thing, but I am sometimes green with envy (just please don't tell anyone :-/ ) and have a feeling that grass is always greener on the other side.

Nikki , Hong Kong
Most of you may know that Hong Kong is a famous International world trade city which have many skyscraper.But for our environment protection between Hong Kong ang Singapore the grass is always greener on the other side.So, honestly Hong Kong government is not a green fingers. I am green with envy for a capable government do not do anything.

Zeino, Iran
HITo tell the truth ,i like plants but I don't have green fingers.My mother has green fingers and she likes flowers alot.sometimes I'm green with envey seeing her talking gently to them.

Magda, Poland
I absolutely don't have green fingers nor does my mother. All her friends are green with envy when they look at the plants in her room.

Justyna, Poland
My friend gave me a plant when she was moving out from our apartment. She said to me: take care of it. IT had a name: Chilly-Mela-Malwa. Yes, the plant HAD a name and I certainly DON'T HAVE green fingers.

Stefano, Italy
When I was child I lived in the countryside and I spent a lot of time with my grandmother, she had green fingers and taught me many secrets about plants and gardening...our garden was wonderful!!!Now I live in the city, in a flat, where I have no garden and no plants and I'm envious of those living in the countryside...I'm green with envy!!!Many of my fiends who still live in the country would rather move to the's really true, the grass is always greener on the other side!

Stefan, France
My wife has green fingers. But I am not green with envy about that. I don't think that the grass is always greener on the other side....

Maryam, Iran
Hello everybody, hi teacher thanks for your new lesson. I'd like you come to my wonderful city Isfahan,and see my small beatiful rose garden. You would certainly approve what everyone say to me, "Oh Maryam! you really have green fingers, your magical power at keeping plants is admirable." Anyway this is what others say. My four-year education in university had lots of great experiences for me. one of them helped me believe, trusting in my skills and abilities is the best strategy to improve in life. So there's no need to think that " The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence".As long as I remmeber, my parents have always told my siblings and me not to be green with envy because jealousy is the thief of relaxation in personal life.

Das, Pakistan
I don't have green fingers because when I plant a plant that dies soon.I am very envy with my friends because they are good on working than I.

Heidi, Hong Kong
I was green with envy when my sister received more birthday presents than I did and her friends had thrown her a huge party.

Molly Wang,China
I was green with envy when I was a little girl,because I didn't have beatiful dresses as the other girls.I pretended that I don't like girly clothes,but deep down in my heart ,I wanted them so badly.

Sarah, Morocco
My mum has green fingers, she makes flowers and roses grow so easily. Some people get green with envy when they see our garden, it's a real paradise. There are roses of different types and colors. I really enjoy it.

Liubov, Russia
My grandmother says I have green fingers in our garden. I try to do my best in this garden, but the grass is so green on the other side... But I can`t be green with envy, I try to do an ideal garden, better, than neighbour`s.

Ranie, Canada.
I wish I had green fingers so that I could have a beautiful flower garden.Sometimes I feel green with envy becausemy neighbours grass is always greener on his side.

Desmond, Hong Kong
My grandfather has green fingers because he always grows plants at home. He will be a very good gardener if he owns a garden. I'm green with envy as my Chinese is not as good as others. Since the Chinese of my classmates are better than me, I feel that the grass is always greener than the other side. But I will work hard to change this situation.

Rebecca, Italy
I can't take care of my orchids.They always dry and I feel so upset.I haven't green fingers...I was green with envy when schoolmates ratings were higher than my ones...

Magali, France
I'm very sad because I don't have green fingers. Some people offer me plants but I forget to give it some water. My grandmother had green fingers : there were a lot of beautiful colored flowers in her garden. With my husband, we will build our first house, I hope we will have a beautiful garden. I think I should buy books to improve me or I should have a green fingers coach! I also think I will be careful to my children in order they don't damage my beautiful flowers.

Elango Ravi Rose, India
People who complain that they can do nothing in life never realise that they assume that the grass is always green on the other side, without understanding how much pain the one who is successful would have undergone. Ulimately these people are green with envy on those who are successful. These people complain that whatever they do will never yield good result. The one who plants saplings know that s/he should not only have green fingers but should water the plant and look after it periodically. But these people fail to understand this and assume that luck alone favours, fails to work hard and eventually become losers in life.

Rainbow, Vietnam
A couple of months ago I found English not easy to learn.I took an English course for Toeic test and really confused when I though that I couldn't be able to learn well. Our course was 2 months and a half long with 3 tests. I was green with envy with the boy who got the highest point at the first test. After that I tried to learn study hard everyday especially in listening skills. I learned by heart all the conversation and learned the way they talked so there was no way when my point was 200 points higher at the second test. I love English very much. I will do my best to get better result at the last one.

Fion Lee, Taiwan
My friend showed photos of her green house and plants to me to prove she has green fingers. There are many kind of vegetable in her green house, egg fruits, green onions, sweet peppers; it is colorful and lively.

Putu Sukmaantara, Indonesia
Once my dad gave me an orchid (I asked one from him to be more exact). He then told me what to do with it, and I believed I've followed every word he said to me. However, I don't have green fingers like my dad. The flower soon ended its life. Now, whenever I ask for another one, my dad says 'no', unless I have green fingers.

Pheona, Taiwan
I don't have a green fingers because it's too difficult for me. In my experience, planting is the combination of art and skills. It needs to spend many times taking care of the plants and observing their conditions, they will grow well by this way.

Eliane, France
I'm green with envy because my bestfriend speaks english very well.

Nina, Ukraine
The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence, I do believe that it's up to me what will be grown in my garden. think we just can't see most of things surrounding us, but they are worth to be seen.I hardly remembering feeling of being green with envy, it's little bit stupid, cause we never know the real price to pay for living life like those people do.

Nurul Hidayati, Indonesia
On my holiday, i always do gardening in the small garden behind my house. i plant many flowers there. I have tried to do my best but the result is not like what i expect. My flowers are dry, whereas i water it everyday. my mother says that i do not have green fingers. I wonder why my sister's flowers grow well and mine does not. i tell my mother about that and my mother says that i am green with envy and the grass is always greener in the other side.

Ram, India
In my childhood days i used to do all work at my garden.My dad used to say that i have got green fingers.But today i am not in my native place.I am living in hustle and bustle of city.

Semih, Turkey
When my wife has being interested in our son so much, I've been green with envy, and I say that "If I were you, I didn't do it so much..." Also I'm a human and I'm feeling under complex.

Philippe, France
Because the grass is always greener on the other side, my girlfriend, even if she has green fingers, is green with envy when I grow greens. It is why she will never give me the green light to meet the glamour green candidate for next election.

Douglas, Brazil
I am learning English on the BBC. For many times, when I listen someone speaking English very well I was green with envy!!!!

Jimmyasphalt, Taiwan
There are various kinds of flowers bloom in my garden,becaus my wife is good well at soil improving, seed selecting, sowing seeds and watering.She has green fingers. I always told my colleagues my wife grew flowers very well, so we should know the grass is not always greener on the other side.I have no idea. After hearing what I say, my colleagues whether to be green with envy or admire. No matter how, I am proud of my wife.

Jarmila, Slovakia
I have got green fingers and I am proud of it. But on the other side my neighbour's garden is nicer which means that grass is greeener on the other side. But thanks god I am not green with envy. I do my best to have got as nice garden as his one.

Evgeniy, Ukraine
My father has a really green fingers. And he used to live in a villege verry good. But my mother wanted to live in a city. The grass is always greener on the other side. And now, during the crises, they are green with envy: their neighbors in a villege live better than they are... p.s. Thank you so much for your lessons. You are the best.

Sean, South Korea
I was green with envy when I was in a first year in my high school. This was because of the noticeable gap of the scolastic results between the top grade student and me. I can remember exactly that the difference was over 100 points because I was more jealousy than ever. Bloody hell! In South Korea, there is a national college entering exam in which the full point a student can get is 500 points. I think this can show how great the gap between me and him, the top grade boy. So, I felt really frustrated at this fact that time, but that was not the end. From then on, I strive to get good grade even by keeping a vigil studying main subjects such as Korean, Mathematics, English. After two years' struggle and agony I could find myself keeping up with the boy and enter nice university which helped me to expand new horizon. Now to think back of this, to be green with envy is not the only negative emotional stuff because to hold jealousy could be one of the positive sources of your advance in everything we have interest. If you could feel inspiration come in to you when you feel jealous of something or someone, it'll do you really good. I swear it! I learned my lessons! :)

Robin Shen, Canada
I always thought I got green fingers untill all my plants in house turned yellow before they grow bigger. However, my friend's plants are all in very good shape and some even bloom. I searched the internet, tried diffrent soil and watered them diligently, but my plants are getting worse. Thinking of my friend's plants, I am green with envy.

Nadine, Germany
I work in sales in a beachwear department. So every time on a sunny day I have nice customers buying a bikini and telling me that they are going straight to the beach! That's great! And I have to work! But of course I'm not green with envy then. No, really not!

Jesus J.C. Spain
Second part:Lopera doesn't have green fingers because the club doesn't grow. Lopera is green with envy of Jose Maria del Nido. But this year we will be in the finals of the Champions League. With help viola

Jesus J.C., Spain
Real Betis is green with envy because Sevilla F.C., Madrid...have got a lot of money, good players, good football stadiums...Maybe the grass is always greener on the other side, but Betis is a special case.

Tina, US
1.My friend's son has got green fingers, their garden always looks wonderful during spring. 2. Often people forget to think from other person's shoes and become green with envy thinking that grass is always greener on the other side.

Leandro, Brazil
My girlfriend has a wonderful job, by the way, so much better than mine. I'm not envious but the grass is always greener on ther other side, isn't it.

Dina, Hungary
One of my neighbours has green fingers. His door is sorrounded with beautiful flowers all year long for which I am a little green with envy. But, it's human nature: the grass is always greener on the other side, isn't it.Being a teacher of English as a second language I find this page quite handy for teaching idioms as having been using only books with cartoons as a source material sor far.

Monika, Hungary
Unfortunately I don't have green fingers. I like my garden and the flowers but I can't take care them. My garden isn't so beautifull than my neighbour's garden. That's why I'm green with envy.

Maria, Spain
I don't have green fingers, my plants aren't very healthy. I 'm green with envy if my sister has more pay than me. When I fail and exam I think that the grass is always greener on the other side.

Wenny, Indonesia
My aunt likes to grow orchids. It's really surprising to see that all of her plants can flourish very fast. All of her friends always say that she has green fingers, and I agree with them. All of her orchids and other plants are very beautiful and nice to look at. Because I also love orchids, I try to grow them too. However, mine don't flourish as fast as my aunt's. I feel very disappointed and tell my parents about this. Surprisingly, they ask me not to think that the grass is always greener on the other side, because basically her flowers don't flourish as fast as I imagine. I know this after my aunt has told me about it. I realize that I have been guilty of becoming green with envy with her.

Julia R, Indonesia
My grandmother spends most of her time staying in my uncle's house in Jakarta. My grandmother loves plants. Once a month, she puts new plants in her garden. She really has green fingers. Last month, she added a new chili tree in her garden. It made her garden like a mini park because it has got a lot of plants there. We always think that the grass is always greener on the other side because we don't have any plants at home at all. There is no fresh air and i feel bored sometimes. I am really green with envy with my uncle because my grandmother likes staying at his house.

Winnie V.K, Indonesia
On sunny day,there were two people who were talking to each other.Revalina :"Aradia's garden is very beautiful. The garden has got green lawn and there are so many fresh and beautiful flowers that make the garden look perfect. She really has the green fingers. I'm green with envy with her".Jenny :"Hey, don't say like that. Don't think that the grass is always greener on the other side. Your garden is actually more beautiful".Revalina :"OK,I will try to make mine more beautiful than hers".

Andree L, Indonesia
My cousin has got a garden in his house and it's well-taken care of by his maid. She really has green fingers. Therefore, the garden can be beautiful and nice to see. It's very nice in there but because she's so humble, of course she will say that the grass is always greener on the other side. Well unfortunately, there is no garden in my house. I wish I had one. I would surely take care of it well and wouldn't be green with envy to my cousin.

Claudia, Spain
I really get green with envy when I see my neighbours garden.It is always so beautiful.She has got green fingers.

Tamara, Slovenia
My friends and relatives should know by now that I definitely don't have green fingers but they keep giving me plants for my birthday. And so every year I get frustrated over and over again especially because my balcony is full of empty flower pots while my neighbour's seems a miniature botanic garden. I can't help but get green with envy. The irony is that my neighbour never gets a 'flowery present' even though he'd die to get one. Actually, I think he doesn't get any presents at all because he hasn't got any friends, but you know how it is - the neighbour's grass is always greener and the only thing I see is his lush balcony.

Catherine, France
I don't know if I have got green fingers, but I would like to, because I own a wide garden ! I take care of flowers and vegetable garden, while my husband takes care of mowing the lawn and trees.Perhaps, next summer, we will only have an english lawn and beautiful trees...but no flowers, and nothing to eat in the vegetable garden (never mind, the supermarket is not so far...)

Bindi, China
I am always hoping to have my own garden where I can grow some beautiful flowers and healthy herbs. But now I realise that I don't have green fingers because I don't even know how to properly water a plant.I am too lazy to mow my lawn. So when I look at other people's lawn, I am thinking that the grass is always greener on the other side. Sometimes I am green with envy about other people's wonderful yards but I know that they spend their time and hard work to get that.

Heebong, Korea
When my friend showes me his beautiful girlfriend or wife, i become green with envy

Viviane, Brazil
I have a dream to travel to France. So, when my sister said that she will go to Paris in july...I was happy, but green with envy.

Elena, Russia
What a coincidence! Only yesterday evening I was dreaming of being the rich film star who can afford to buy her own island in the Pacific Ocean and live there without any problems. I was green with envy while I was imagining this. But in fact the grass is always greener on the other side and such a lifestyle can be attractive only at first sight. Later it stroke me that I can create my own island because I have green fingers and a strong desire. That's what we need to achieve our goals.

Dorota, Poland
Every time I get a new job I feel excited about it at the very beginning but later in time I feel like could change it for a different one. My mum tells me that I shouldn't think that the grass is always greener on the other side and she's probably right.

Piero, Italy
I've got a beautiful lawn because I have got green fingers.My neighbour has got a wonderful job, of course the grass is always greener on the other side.Yesterday my friend showed me his new Mercedes Car; I was green with envy: Bye Bye

Natalia, Russia
Hi,I've always been green with envy to people having green fingers cause I can't grow even a plant..

Milky dragon, Heaven
By now, all of my friends have their private house and car while I don't have. Sometimes, I am green with envy. In fact, their family are rich. So they can buy whatever they want. However,I am a diligent farmer and I have green fingers. My trees are growing very fast. They would benefit me in the next five years.I would be rich as my friends soon.

When I was a little girl, my dream was got green fingers. We had a lovely garden, my grand father loves flowers so much, and he really have got green fingers.Our garden always beautiful, and someone even green with envy.

Misa , Japan
Whenever someone get good scores in English examinations, I'm green with envy. (It motivates me to work harder on studying English in a way.)

NY, South Korea
I really don't have green fingers. Whenever I try to grow flowers or plants, I always kill them (even cacti).But my parents have green fingers. They grow beutiful plants and flowers. I'm green with envy!

Ariel, Argentina
I like plants and herbs. Specialy the ones that give us food. I have an abocado plant, a mint, an oregano and some flowers all of them growing in my little flat's balcony.So, i'm green with envy of my neighbour's big garden! ;)

Ritu, UK
My neighbour has got green fingers and I go green with envy to see all his possessions.

Agata, Poland
I'm always green with envy when one of my classmates gets a better mark for English test at school!

Pual, China
My wife and I aren't good at gardening. But my mother has green fingers. She waters flowers on the balcony every day and fertilize them regularly so flowers grow very easily.Three years ago, my competitor got promoted. I had been green with envy. At taht time I was thinking what I can do is work hard and I must have opportunity to get promoted in the future. One year later, I was promoted.

Ramilton, Brazil
I know that I did not have green fingers to write, and I am feeling that the grass of my parners here are always much more green then mine,that is the way I am green with envy of then, their comments are always posted!!!

Susan has green fingers. She always made beautiful gardens. But she always think that the others has a well-designed garden than her.And she lost confidence of taking part of the gardening competetion. However,as the saying goes,the grass is always green on the other side. Maybe,S is the best.Who knows?So,don't lose your confidence and don't be green with envy,either.

Raul, Spain
My wife thinks she has green fingers but really small plants and flowers die in short period of time... Sometimes, when she is wathing on the TV a program about gardening, she is green with envy, because gardens and flowers on the TV are always beautiful... In this situations I think the grass is always greener on the other side...

Lee Yelim, South Korea
I haven't got green fingers. Because me and my family always kill plants. Another,I've been green with envy about my sister.Because she studies hard and when she takes a test, she has A++ in tests.(always)

Sofya, Russia
I don`t have green fingers. That is why the grass is always greener on the other side for me. It cause being me green with envy all the time.

I teach English as a tutor. My classmate who doesn't study better than me in class do the same work but she has earned much more money than me. I want to make much more money than her.I'm very green with envy, My best friend see my envy in my eyes with her and said that" Hey, you shouldn't think the grass is always greener on the other side". Let be content with my present job and present salary.

Francisco, Colombia
Well, here in my country people are always green with envy, so we say that in this part or the world people die more often due to envy than to cancer and of course, we think that the grass is always greener on the other side, specially when we see that other countries like yours help us more with our education than our own. Thanks for that.

Amy, Canada
When I was a child, I always felt that my sister had green fingers in everything and the grass is always greener on the other side, which makes me green with envy. But now, I know anyone has his adventages and it just depends on how to take advertage of them.

Isidro, Peru
We must have got green fingers to save our planet.

Kiki, Canada
When I first got my drive license, I wanted to try my new car. Because I had green fingers at that time, I felt nervous and I was afraid of knocking into something. My friend Sue she was new to her car too. However, she drove better than I did. Although I was green with envy, I thought I should practice more and improve my skill of driving.

Junjun, China
Jessi and me are sharing a flat. We are not only flatmates, we are also good friends. One day, we decided to have plants and look after them seperately. Two weeks passed, her plant grew very well, it was strong and a beautiful flower had bloomed proudly, but mine nearly died. 'She has green fingers' with this thought, I was green with envy. We still water our plants properly. A week later, I noticed a bizarred thing on a sunny morning. Her plants started to fade, but there were 5 mini white flowers were blooming on my little tree in the pot. 'oh' I talked to myself' The grass in not always greener on the other side, I have green fingers too.'

Samah, Egypt
We were two frids and we both wanted to marry a doctor, when my friend did I was green with envy.

Dony, Italy
She is the kind of person that doesn't think the grass is always greener on the other side but this time she's green with envy because my garden is gorgeous: I've got green fingers!

Marc, France
I have been green with envy, when my neighbour got a new BMW

Karete, Norway
My boyfriend once told me about an episode from his childhood. His grandmother had given him a little cactus plant to have in the windowsill. He nurtured it for weeks, beleiving he was born with green fingers, until one day when it accidentally fell down. When he picked it up from the floor, he discovered to his surprise that he'd been watering a plastic plant.

Juris, Latvia
Only because of being green with envy I began to learn English. In my work I need from time to time to work with English speaking clients. I knew some working vocabulary but I was green with envy that some other collegues could speak much more beter than me. Now I know English better then some of them and I am still learning. Now I enjoy the Learning. In Latvia, when some older people say that in their time something was better, we use to kidding that in that time the green was greener, the sky was bluer, the water was wetter... I'm interested wether you can use the idioma "to have green fingers" in other situations to say that someone is talented in something?

ReinaldoUSJr, Brazil
I like plants, flowers, but I really like a beautiful green garden. Maybe because I love soccer and the game is played on green lawn. But my mother told me that isn't easy have a green garden. Since I learn hard about garden and, people told me that I have green fingers. My garden is so beautiful that sometimes persons are green with envy. ;-)

Sean, China
I'm green with envy because my neighbour has green fingers that the grass is always greener on her side .

Azhar, Pakistan
I am endevouring for gettig green fingers.

Castiel, China
In a splendid manor,the housekeeper was green with envy because the gardener has green fingers and always received great compliment from the master.However,when the gardener saw the housekeeper appeared in a delicate uniform and did a good job, he thought the grass is always greener on the other side.

Nahla, Egypt
The green-eyed man always thinks that his status is worse than other.Always others, for him, are better & own better gifts and grants than him.He is always diffident because he is always claims that the grass is always greener than on the other side.He is always green with envy. "The envious man doesn't die only once but many times as the person he envies lives to hear the voice of praise" Baltasar Gracian

Viktoriya, Russian Federation
Our garden in the countryside is full of flowers in spring and summer each year thanks to hard work of my mother. She has green fingers. Some of our neighbours are gree with envy because the grass is always greener on the other side.

Mi Young Jeong, South Korea
I really hated losing in any area when going to a middle school so if my friends had better marks than mine, I often was green with envy. what is more, I thought the grass was always greener on the other side like pessimist. However, I have changed my attitude nowadays.

Vita, Russia
All people in our village have gardens and every year they try to grow veggies and fruits...but the result is always poor. It seemmed they have bad ground and so on?!.... but as you know, the grass is always greener on the other side. But our granny is а perfect gardener, because she has green fingers, so we visit her often especially in summer. Ang all our neighbors are always green with envy...

Abdelilah , Morocco
I was green with envy when my friend was picked up to spend fifteen days in the USA as one of the best English learners. I wish I had been picked up instead of him.

Oliva, Madagascar
- No. - I have been green with envy when I was at the airport for the first time, I'm looking for people who can travel all over the world without soucy.- My mother in law has a passion for plant, she possesses a great garden. Frequently, she gives us a beautifull roses, lys and many others flowers.I think she has green fingers.

Nguyen, Vietnam
I have never taken care of any garden before so I do not know whether I have green fingers or not. Sometimes I think that the grass is greener on the other side but most of the time I think that it is greener on my side, at least when everything is not going too bad. And, well, I am as good as gold. I have never been green with envy, in fact, that is before seeing the teacher with his GREAT talent.

Hoa, Vietnam
I like gardening, but I wonder whether I have green fingers or not. We can often say, that the grass is always greener on the other side. However, it's not very good to be jealous of others' things. I'm a kind of girl, who is always green with envy. It's not good, is it? Someone can reckon I'd better change my attitude.

Belle, France
My friend is green with envy when she sees her boyfriend smiles with another girl.

Duong Quy Hien, Vietnam
When I worked as a receptionist for the Franco-Vietnamese Hospital, I used to think that the grass is always greener on the SOS hospital. I then applied for a job there. In the interview, I was told that my position at FV was a great one, rather than in SOS. Now I know how to love my current job and never want to move to any other company.

Vivian, China
My neighbout's grass is always greener mine. i think my neighbour has a green fingers. But I am not green with envy.

Seema Shereen, Afghanistan
In our country people don't have green fingers and Kabul is full of dirt and dust. But England is such a green country that makes me green with envy. However, the grass is always green on the other side!

Polina, Uzbekistan
There is a bright green loan and colorful flowerbeds in front of our house. Its the result of my mother's hard work. She has green fingers. Our neighbores are green with envy when we seat on our green loan and drink tea in the shadow of big apricot tree. They have very good gardens too, but for them the grass is always greener on the other side.

Jess, Australia
Once upon a time there were two medical students, Brilliance and Diligence.Brilliance always sneered at Diligence, "Don't you find it strange that I barely study yet I am always the Dux of the class?"At this, diligence smiled and continued to labour at his studies.3 months later, at the graduation ceremony, Diligence asked Brilliance, "Why? You don't look well."Brilliance broke into tears and roared, "You stole my dux. That's why I am green. I AM GREEN WITH ENVY!!!"

Erick Chahua, Peru
I was green with envy when I realised that my bestfriend got the scholarship last month

Valentina, China, I don't have green fingers because I've never got a garden. *sign* But there're someone who around me have gardens. Oh, god, the grass is always greener on the other side -___- and everytime I see them, I'm green with envy...for I love flowers and plants so much.

Akko, Japan
The grass looks always greener on the other side, so I cannot be satisfied.But the truth, happiness is always in my mind, just here.

Ravindra Kore, India
I was a little disappointed that day. I told Sinchan how unsuccessful I was in my life. I told him how much I hate my job. I told him my wish to be a businessman just like my friend Makarand. Then Sinchan told me that Makarand actually wanted to be in job instead of business. He explained me how the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Though Sinchan tried his best to convince me that I am a fairly successful professional, it couldn't help me. I was afraid I didn't have green fingers like Makarand. I have killed every plant I have ever owned. Again, Sinchan brought to my notice the thing that I was actually comparing my life with that of Makarand's which is bad. Sinchan informed me that it is wrong to compare anyone's life with anyone else's life including self. After of lot of discussion I came to know the root cause of my frustration. It was nothing but my envy. I had actually became green with envy. But as usual Sinchan helped me to come out of this feeling.

Taehwan, South Korea
I'm living in a beautiful house with a spaious green garden and I've been doing my best to make my garden look great. Oneday I saw my neighbour's garden and suddenly I've got green with envy coz it was unbelievably gorgeous and there are lots of flowers and exotic trees. While I've been appreciating that garden, some guy wasout from that house and I asked him "How could u make this so fantastic" and he explained how to make it. And then I realised that he's got green fingers.

Denis Rocha, Brazil
The last time I got green with envy was when I visited a friend's house and found out he really had green fingers: his garden was luxuriant!

Tania, Colombia
Well i wish i could have green fingers... unfortunately the fingers i have arent green lol.But I am really green with envy because I have a friend who always knows how to do housework very well and fast. That is something in my life I regret.Anyway all human being know how to do something others dont, so it is not right for me if we as human beings keep saying The grass is alway greener on the other side... that is not depends on destiny depends on US.

Luis Steve, Mexico
the grass is always greener with people who have the opportunity to make their dreams come true, sometimes i am green with envy with that people because they have luck to go for their dreams. i like the natural environment so i like to think i have green fingers

Bill, Hong Kong
She is a girl and I am not, so I am green with envy. Yesterday, I went to my garden. I saw a little ugly flower was surrounded by a pile of grass. And the garden of my friend is filled with beautiful flowers. I think I do not have green fingers. I think the grass is always greener on the other side.

ChangKu, South Korea
Thinking about my being green with envy, it was yesterday. I was at the local sports center. There was swimming lessen course. I attended in intermediate course. When my lecture test our members to see who can swim very well and level up to higher course. I thought I would be a number one in our members. So I was not swimming very harder and my lecture did not nominated me as a higher level course person. On the oter hand, a young guy was appointed by my lecture.On my way home, I was thought about my failure. One thing I realized is that I did not do my best. But the guy was very harder than me and picked up to higher course. I decided on my easy going mentality must be put to death and evry moment in my life I'll do my best.

Julie Jang, South Korea
My close friend got married a week ago. On her big day, I was green with envy looking the new bride in her beautiful and dazzling wedding dress.

My friend has green fingers.she has big garden.When she met with my children.She said your children are as good as gold but my son is very naughty.I laughed and said the grass is always greener the other side.

Andrea, Colombia
The garden of my grandma was always beautiful, she really had green fingers, now I've succed her plants but I definitely not green fingers and now there are just a few plants in my garden, I don't know why if I take care of them and I do everything i've been told and I`m green with envy when I see others gardens.

Ania, Poland
Unfortunatelly I have never had green fingers and I suppose I will never have. In my room I have three small plants, but it is a miricle that they are still alive:-) If my plants could speak for sure they would accused me of murder!!!

Daniela, Italy
Well, I haven't got green fingers at all... think that when my parents went on holiday last summer, I tried to look after the garden but when they came back, all the flowers were withered and the grass dried!

Mohammad, Iran
Me and my friend are always buying things with each other but I think mines are worse than his. Thus, I am green with envy. But, my mother who has got green fingers, says the grass is always greener on the other side.

Cristina, Spain
In the last party I was green with envy, because my best friends wore the best dress that I had never seen before!

Thau, Brazil
Hey teacherActually, I have green fingers because almost everything that I really want usually I reach. My last dream after many plans I conquisted. Now I'm going to start the Medicine Course here in Brazil.The second idiom from this video "the grass is always greener on the other side" we use in the same way.Thanks God, so far, I've never been green with envy for nobody.Nice class teacherCheers, bye bye

I have a daughter with eyes color green. I like the season spring, because the grass is always greener, that in other season. When she saw my new cell phone. She was green with envy.

Yuk, Japan
When I was 12 years old, my family moved from a little apartment in Tokyo to a large house in the suburbs. What we were surprised was that all our neighbors had all green fingers. We tried to make our garden as beautiful as theirs, but it seemed our fingers were not green. We consled each ohter that the glass is always greener on the other side.

Lupe, Spain
My mother in law has green fingers.She is 92 years old and she still grows plants.Her garden is beautiful and if she gives me a plant which is green and lovely after being in my house for a while it starts dying.I promise, I have not green fingers.

Antonieta, Chile
I had been green with envy when my best friend took holidays to Cuba. I have always wanted to stay any holiday in Cuba.

Irina, Belarus
My mother-in-law has got green fingers: everything she plants grow so well! Some people do believe the grass is always greener on the other side when they speak about places where actually they have never even been. And what is worse they become green with envy.

Danh, Vietnam
My friend gave me a small cactus in my birth date. To show that I had green fingers, I watered it twice a day. As a result, it died because of waterlogging two weeks later :)

Josep , Spain
She's waiting for her doctor to give her the green light to play in Saturday's game. I've run out of green stuff. Can you loan me a few bucks?