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Colour idioms: Red

The Teacher


In this episode three idiomatic expressions which use the colour red:

  1. Paint the town red
  2. Catch someone red-handed
  3. Like a red rag to a bull


Teacher's homework

When was the last time you painted the town red? Have you ever been caught red-handed?

Send me a sentence or two using one or more of these idioms and I'll put my favourites on this page.

This topic has now closed. Thanks for all your homework.

Leyla, Russia
two years ago my friend had a fantastic party at her house. she invited a lot of friends and i myself was invited too. they drank too much that night, they really painted the town red! but in the morning i realised that somebody wanted to steal a bottle of wisky that belonged to my friend's father and i caught him red handed. this situation was for my friend like a red rag to a bull!

Amy, Canada
The latest time I pained the town red is in a reunion party of my old high school classmates. We have not seen each other for many years, so I stay up whole night long. Unfortunatily, I felt sleep in a class and was caught red-handed by the professor who was famous by his bad temper. :) It was like a red rag to a bull. Yes, I guess I was the rad rag at that moment.

Kinga, Poland
Two weeks ago I was preparing for a date with Mike. I have few nice clothes so decided to borrow some from my sister's weardrobe. Borrowing Susan's clothes was like a red rag to a bull. She always get mad when I was asking her for something to wear. I deiced to take clothes during night. Unfortunatelly, I made some noise, she woke up and caught me red-handed.:;;p

Jadwiga, Lublin, Poland
When my mom and my boyfriend are sitting in the kitchen and complaining about me to one another... when they are saying: "She is so...., isn't she?" - to me it is like a red rag to a bull!

Katalin, Hungary
The idiom:"paint the town red" recalls nice memories for me about England. When I was in Devon at a friendly family a long time ago, they taught me this expression. At first I could not get it but they explained it thorougly and we even put it into practise.It was something surely to remember!

Jayanand , India
we painted the town red when india won 20/20 world cup last year, in india takling bad about or listining bad about favourite cricket star is like red rag to a bull, so never get be caought red-handed doing so .

Toan, Vietnam
A couple of months ago, I painted the town red at my friend's party. That was a very embarrassed time for me cos there were a lot of people catching my red-handed. I did so many bad things. Unfortunately, my girlfriend was there too, it was like a red rag to a bull!

Hello, i am a girl from China. i love English very much. One summer vacation my friend and i went to Hong kong. i had a bad cold in that time, so my mom said to me that i can not eat iceream. But my friend and i bought two icecream when my mom was sleeping when i turned back and ready to live, my mom was there!!!! So, i have been caught red-handed.

Sayeed, Afghanistan
in 1998 i celebrated my graduation in ceremony with great pomp and show ,so i painted the town red.

Kws, Republic of Korea
I painted the town red long time ago. To be honest I can't remember when it was. I have never been caught red-handed. I haven't ever done any wrong things at all.

Gluck, Germany
Last year I really painted the town red after had pass in the final exam at University.

Alice, Taiwan
The last time I painted the town red was on the last year of Moon Festival. I loved to drink some beer with my family. But when the beer wasn't enough, I sometimes "borrow" it from my uncle's. I haven't been caught red-handed yet. Thanks God!

Lynda, Waitakere
I was caught red-handed the other day at the Holi Festival. I was also blue handed and yellow handed from the coloured gulal (powder) we were throwing at each other.

Emily, Newcastle
As I walked over to the room, I felt a sense of anticipation. As I opened the door, I was proved right. I caught him red handed. My face went purple. People said I was like a red rag to a bull. "Go out and paint the town red why dont you? You may aswell of. Im sick of your childish games."

Bruno, Mexico
When I was on high school,Once I skipped the normal schedule of class, because I went out to paint the town red with my friend. When I was having some drinks on local bar, my parents caught me red-handed. For sure I got grounded for two months. Because that situacion was like red rag to a bull to them.

Isabel, Spain.
I thought a caught a burglar red-handed sleeping on the my neighbour's mat but to my surprise he was my new neighbour's mate who had been painting the town red and forgot the keys at home.

Valentina, China
Oh, well, I can't remember when the last time I painted the town red was. But, however, I really love the programme! This is the first time I watch "The Teacher". It's so funny and sweet! Um...I guess I'll pain the town red coz I found such an interesting programme. *Hahah, no way!*

Jayanand Khandagale , India
Last year when i got through my degree exams, i painted the town read with my friends, we took lot of photos while drinking and smoking but unfortunately few days later ,some how my father saw all those photos and it was like a red rag to a bull, i lied him that it's just photo,i am not actually doing it to calm down his anger but recently he caught me red-handed in a bar with my friend.

Sean Cho, South Korea
It was awfully like a red rag to a bull when a subordinate soldier who belongs to the office I work in did wrong to me by talking back to me and shouting at me! well... As a matter of fact, I had it coming because I have treated him like sheep and never talked with each other pointlank. After this kind of the unprecedent event, we finally got everything off our chest, I was surprised to know that he has hold grudge against me. According to him, he's thought that I have wanted to be superior to him, which has been gotten on his nerves. Well, after listening to all his words, I became speechless because of his egoism and prejudice and never told him what I have thought about him. "How can he consider himself, not the counterpart? Were I he, I could say or behave differently. This is not the place we live seperately like the scattered glass debris." I said to myself. After I called it a day, I really felt like painting the town red. However, on second thought, it's not the most adequate solution for my stressful heart and I just kept a diary of forgiving his deed and the way he's looked at me. That's because I thought it was really bad for me to hold grudge like he's done to me. The 'Eye for eye' method is not fit for modern society.This is what I want to say.:)

Ghada, Tunisia
one day, a thief entered our house. So, I caught him red-handed stealing a great amount of money. Therefore, I called the police and he was arrested.

Gian Paolo, Italy
Unfortunately,I never had the pleasure of painting the town red, because I am a tetotaller since I was born. Let me make a clean breast of it: when a boy, I was caught red-handed, but only once. It happened during a summer walk in the country, I felt thirsty and I thought of picking some golden fruits from a plum tree without noticing the legitimate owner of the tree lurking behind the hedge. He was so kind as to wait that I had finished eating my score or so or plums, before beginning to yell at the top of his lungs.The words "pessimist" or "pessimism" were to G. K. Chesterton just like a red rag to a bull.

Philippe, France
It is uneasy to tell you this out of the blue but please be careful when you paint the town red : imagine HM the Queen catching you red-handed singing bawdy songs ; it would be like a red rag to a bull and we could mourn our teacher...

Fabio, Italy
Every time we finish an international meeting we usually paint the town red. Italian, american, canadian, british, spanish ect. all men in a pub after dinner ... beer and wine is the rule. This help us to speak more English ... can you understand me?

Wilson, Malaysia
I was caught red-handed stealing my dad's car keys for painting the town red and it was like a red rag to a bull.

Jessica, China
I have not ever painted the town red as I am a good girl.But sometime I am a liitle bit crazy... as I was singing in the assembly, a teacher caught my red-handed, you know, talking, as well as sing, is not allow in an assembly...

Ngan,Viet Nam
I have never painted the town red.Because if I do this,it's like a red rag to a bull for my parents.I think I'll be forbidden going out if i do this.Its terrible!!!

Yulia, Russia
I was always a good girl, but one day I decided to paint the town red just because I had nothing else to do.Unfortunately my idea ended bad, in the shop I was caught red- handed by the assistent because at that time I was only 18.Just imagine that for my parents this incident was like a red rag to a bull!In fact I felt sorry for hundred times...

Nicky, Australia
I remember a friend and I won some money so we decided to have a competition and spend as much as we could. We had four hours. After our shopping spree, we were so excited we went out and painted the town red with the money left-over. At 3am the next morning our money was finished, our wallets were empty - but we didn't feel blue - we had new clothes and we'd danced for hours!

Liliya, Russia
Once I was left quiet alone in the house, because my parents decided to thespend their weekend out of town. I felt lonely and depressed all by myself. That's why I decided to invite my boyfriend. Actually when he came I made up my mind to make a little feast for the two of us. So I brought some champaigne and red wine and we were painting the town red all night long. After some time we grew so tired that we went to bed together in my parents' bedroom. We were qiete asleep,lying in the bed quite naked ... when suddenly, the door opened, and my parents came in and caught me red handed! The whole story was like a red rag to a bull to my poor father.

Sergei, Russia
I might be trying to draw a red herring across the track, and it may make you see red but still... I don't like your RED tie! To me it's like a red rag to a bull!

Amy, Poland
I so painted the town red after my final exam, that I'm nevr goona paint again ;-)

Ren, Russia
I used to paint the town red when I was a student at university. We had parties, danced, sang songs, laughed a lot and drank alcohol.For me, to see a bottle of vodka the next morning was like a red rag to a bull.

Tuan, Thailand
When i was a university student, i usually painted the town red with my friends after finishing all the final exams. However,after my mother had found out that i was stinking drunk when i was at home, It was like a red rag to a bull. Furthermore, I was caught red handed taking her red sport car out in that night. :P

Sert, Turkey
Last summer in the our summer house with my friend painted the town red by raki but after this my wife cought me red handed. It was like red rag to a bull for her.

Svetlana, Russia
I can't stand when someone interrupts the conversation, this situation for me is like a red rag to a bull.

Halil Äbrahim Yavuz, Turkey
This one time after getting a high mark on a heck of an exam, my pals and I painted the town red in my house till we had a buzz on. But later in the night, my father turned up and caught us red-handed. We got no explaning to do. Even worse, the smokes had got the whole room hazy and that was like a red rug to a bull...

Rithy, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
NEXT month is khmere new i really want the paint town red.but if the pait town red i would be have a problem for sure, you know why? because Afer the new year celebration i know i will become drund and After that i will drive my motorbike home. so it all most posssible the traffic cops catch me red hand. it is noe very nice,isn't it so it like a red rug to a bull

Angelica, Peru
last year I was a litle ill so I phoned my boss I couldnt go to work .. then I received a birthday's invitation so we were celebrated we painted the town red.two days after my boss asked me what have you been last satuday? ..i said mmm at home.. and he caught me red- handed in a photo dancing in the party ...It was in the club's web,it was like a red rag to a bull.

Romain, France
when I realised that I can understand what you're saying It was an occasion to celebrate and I paint the town red I can tell you !! but I still have a long road to do : talk to my teacher of my english level it's like a red rag to a bull !

Isaac, Italy
when is new year, i and my friends hav painted the town red all night and all day. after that we can't continute work.

Richa, India
hello,i am a very intelligent and sensible girl from i and my thoughts will tell u about some english idioms that we have learnt from u.Loksabha elections are going to be held in our country,right now it's hot potato so politians are now as busy as bee ,they are full of beans.We, the citizens have also the bird's view to choose the correct leader,as it's black and white.the person whose work is bee's knees wil be appericiated and accepted by the public and the person who was always in the dog house will be discarded by the public ,thank u for such a great effort made by u to teach english in such an inetresting way ,i am really inspired by u again thaks for giving homework,checking it and publishing it.In our country there is great respect for the teacher and teacher is called as 'GURU'.it is said that GURU is greatest and so i respect u.

Sergey, Russia
I came home and saw my sister and her friend painting the town red.Then i caught their another friend red handed.He was trying to steal the sofa.I thought it was like a red rag to a bull.

Sylvie, France
I think that the last time I realy had painted the town red was when I was seventeen years old. It was during a belgium travel, in a Bruxelle's pub. First time I drank so many beers !but I can't remember to have been caught red-handed anymore.

Cristina, Italy
When I was celebrating my birthday I painted the town red, unfortunately my parents came home earlier than I expected and they cought me red handed. But, to tell the truth, I knew that it could happen so it was like a red rag to a bull.

Bereket, Ethiopia
On the day of my graduation, we painted the town red! While we were in the party, a friend of my boyfriend was caught red handed while he was stealing some of my gifts from my family members. For me it was like a red rag to a bull!

Salumu Heradi,Bukavu, DR Congo
when i got a degree in law,i painted the town red with my of them had been caught red-handed in the hotel with a uncle's was shameful.

Ksenia, Russia
Yesterday my boyfriend came home pie-eyed again.For me it was like a red rag to a bull.I made a fuss about it but he only said:"Yea,I've pained the town red,and so what?"

Beatrice, Ghana

Hong Kong
i got a promotion after 3 years hard working, so i decided to paint the town red with my best friends.

i never paint town red i have never been caught red handed.

Vijay, India
I'm basically not a drinker. In my whole life i drunk of my valuable friend dead by his funeral time i painted the town red.

Doris, China
Last week I really painted the town red after our team got a big order from client .

Mr. Bojangles, Turkey
Next saturday is a Kurdish new year. So I want to paint the town red. But If I paint the town red I might have a problem. You know why? Becouse After the new year celebration I know I'll become drunk or at least tipsy.And after that i'll have to drive home.So It is almost possible that traffc cops catch me red-handed. It is not a very nice scenario, isn't it. It is like a red rug to a bull.

Usually after a big exam we painted the town red to celebrate our relief.However,we all could imagine the teacher's response to the bad score. It's like a red rag to a bull!

Maryam, Iran
It was my best friend's wedding party last night, and I painted the town red in that lovely night.

Julio, Hong Kong
Julio learnt 3 sentences from his English teacher, "I painted the town red", " I was caught red-handed" and "it is like a red rag to a bull" today.

Wendy, Peru
I remember... the last weekend with some friends painted the town red! because we were celebrated the birthday of woof thwm. Actually we try to do it.. almost every weekend jajajaja

Ezm, South Korea
I painted the town red 1 years ago ! end of festival, I drank a lot, and than, I painted the town very very red! I decided that "I don't drink,absolutely!"

Dmitri, Russia
If someone drinks too much, he can say : I painted the town red. If a thief was caught while he was stolen something, we can say : he was caught red-handed.If a person irritates on purpose someone who is very dangerous and can harm him/her, we tell that his action it's like a red rag to a bull!

Xochitl, Mexico
Hi teacher!Three months ago I had taken my PE when I finished, my synodals said "Now, your are an engineer...," then I burst into tears but I was relly happy. Later, I painted the town red.See you!

Ngoc Chau, Vietnam
I wish I could paint the town red one time as I've never dink wine or beer, even in my wedding. My husband does not allow his lovely wife to dink alcohol, he says it's dangerous for me. I'll be like a red rag to a bull if he catchs me red-handed.

Manasa, India
I believe it was during our college days we had a fantastic party with all friends which made us paint the town in red, later part of the day we decided to go for a long drive for a plesant view without informing our parents , unfortunatly my father caught me red-handed . The moment he saw me there it was like a red rag to a bull for later part .........DON'T ASK ME it became a pathetic day for me

jean Marie, France
I have been recently arrested by the police as I was driving my car. Fortunately I was not painting the town red. Although I had to blow in a device which shows the policy a number 0,00. If this device had been able to talk it would have said to the policeman: this man is a very intelligent and serious man, oh pardon me Teacher! I mean a very civic man, he has no alcohol drunk, You can not catch him red-handed. But what a surprise! The policeman told me, that's indeed odd this 0,00 result, that's very suspicious. Such an idiot attitude was like a red rag to a bull.

Al, Russia
it came out of the blue and i didn't want to make a poor mouth. At the drop of a had i was caught red - handed. it was cold comfort for them, but they painted the town red. i was present at the party and believe it or not i didn't know him from Adam and ate with Adam's fork. And bob's your uncle

Antosia, Poland
Because of my birthday ( 30 ! ) I and my friends painted the town red.

Bea, Spain
My friends Juanjo paint the town red every day...he is cracy!!!!

Maissa, Algeria
i failed in my attempt to get Scott's luv ,and thereby i was utterly depressed until a friend of mine invited me to paint the town red.The latter, however,caught me red-handed checking his phone contacts to get Scott's phone number.That was like a red rag to a bull.

Gina, China
We painted the town red when we had our last diner before graduation.I was caught red-handed by my mom when I was trying to pick up the ripe tomato from the tree.It's really like a red rag to a bull to talk about her ex boyfriend in fornt of her.

Elisabetta, Italy
Last night I was so happy that I painted the town red, but when I came home I caught a burgler red-handed I said hello and went to bed. Telling it to my husband was like a red rag to a bull.

Anhthu, Vietnam
when i passed the final exam , i celebrated , i drank a lot of wine , and oh men , i painted the town red..

Albert Mungochi, Zambia, Central Africa.
i painted the town red,when the republican president accepted my invitation to be the guest of honour at my wedding.i was caught red-handed by a traffic officer when i failed to stop,at a stop sign.

Ceare, Brazil
Some friends and I painted the town red in our St. Patrick's day party. We drank a lot and to our neighbors it was like a red rag to a bull.

Cindy Wong, HK China
He stole Emma's underwear last week.Fortunately,someone caught him red-handed.

Djahida, Algeria
It's like a red rag to a bull for me when someone askes me to do something in a litte time.

Charlotte, China
i went to the international festival in the hall several days ago~~ U know~~Different countries own distinct kind of beer~~ i couldn't help but painted the town red~~which is not not allowed ever~~So,it's like a red rag to a bull when my mom caught me red-handed~~ A nightmare, indeed~~

Lily, Hong Kong
Painting the town red is something people, especially young people, like to do on happy occasions.Actually this is not a bad thing to do.You can have lots of fun and enjoyment with friends. So once in a while it is ok, but not every day.However to be caught red-handeed is something we have to always warn ourselves,we should not do anything bad or illegal, because you do not want tobe a red rag toa bull for the ones who love you, right?

Christine, Ukraine
I had my birthday yesterday, therefore me and my friends painted the town red. Hopefully, our parents didn`t catch us red-handed.

Ema, Slovakia
My older son drank one glass of vine on New Year's Eva and painted the town red. But I recognized it and he has been caught red-handed. After this I was like a red rag to a bull.

Gabi, Taiwan
I really want paint the town red when I get the scholarship from school.

Tarikul Islam, Bangladesh
I got the news for VISA approval to study Bar-at-Law in UK and I painted the town red. The painting the town red was before a police and without any hesitation he caught me red-handed. Later on, the total story above was like a red rag to a bull for my elder brother.

Soma, India
hi,on 17th november,2008 we,two sisters were at indore stadium when india won the match against England and we just painted the city red out of joy and returned to home at late night from the back door of home but unfortunately enough father caught us red-handed.

Ghazi, Oman
today, i'm gonna play football match, if i win i'll paint the town red.and stay up till the down!

Saravana, India
I got high score in my exam and wanted paint the town to red with my friends; unfortunately I was caught red-handed by my father while stealing money from his purse. This kind of attitude is like red rag to a bull to my father.

Ozgur, Turkey
When I was in high school, after our boring lesson, we decided to play cards in another vacant classroom. then our principle noticed us while we were playing, I can say that was bitterly caught red handed..that was obviously like a red rag to a bull for us after all!!!

Lars, Germany
last week after my best friend birthday party, we painted the town red. but l lost my apartment key somewhere. then l had to go to my father because lt was to late. lt was like a red rag to bull for me.

Preston, Poland
The traditional Polish wedding reception is a huge party usually lasts 2 days. There is feasting, drinking and dancing,at polish wedding tradittion is that we are drinking big sea of alcohol paint the town red, after first day starts after party which ussually finish of biiiiggghangover.

Pascal, Benin
Have you ever been caught red-handed while teaching in an exam?

Annette, Taiwan
Talking politics in the public is like a red rug to a bull.

Vita, Russia
My friend came back from Georgia with fine home-made wine, we stopped by and...painted the town red!!!

Nikita Monackhov, Russia
Once I caught a very young boy red-handed when he was trying to paint the town red.

Abel Zerihun, Ethiopia
I have spent quite a long time applying for scholarships. If one of them pans out, I and my friends will certainly paint the town red. I therfore wouldn't care if someone caught me red-handed.

Inbom Park, South Korea.
My father drank beer seldomly. But yesterday, my father drank too much and painted the town red. I asked him a question but he yelled at me. He was like a red rag to a bull. So, mom and I did`nt allow dad to drink beer for 3days. But, he sneaked into the fridge and drank beer. Then, I caught him red handed.

Julio Caro, Argentina
In La Plata city there are two foot-ball teams. "Estudiantes de La Plata" adn "Gimansia y Esgrima". If you show the Estudiantes flag to a Gimnasia's supporter he or she will be like a red rag to a bull.

Fathia, Libya
It's forbidden to Muslims to drink alcohol, so I do not have to paint my town red. But it would be like a red rag to a bull if I caught one of my family members red-handed.

Emily Kerubo, Kenya
Evans and I have been dating for quite agood period of time,little did I know he was seing someone behind my back until when my best friend Gene caught them red handed painting the town red during Valentines as soon as he saw Gene it was like ared rag to abull.

Melek, Turkey
Last October,I painted the town red to celebrate my birthday.

Ramesh Subedi
I was caught red handed in the office in working hour for not doing my job but looking the bbc on the net and chatting with the friends.

Lee, Vietnam
last month, i received my exam result. two of them are distinction and the other one is below pass. Should i paint the town red?

Nargis, Pakistan
I caught my friend julie red handed while she was stealing my money.When i told my father that i am dropping out of school it was like showing a red rag to a bull.

Richa, India
hello Mr. interesting and intelligent of my colleague is a bad egg,always keep an over what is happening in other's personal matter when i joined the office i was full of beans but he always tried to pull my legs ,i thought there's something fishy about the office i am always as busy as a bee so me and my friends decided to let our hair down .after some days i got an information that i have been promoted direct from the horse's mouth, i painted the town red and i went bananas.but that colleague was got red handed because of his dishonesty and was in the dog's house,after listening that he's been fired he became as white as sheet,now he is like a fish out of water,he tried to give explaination but everything was in vain it was like banging his head on th wall. he assked the boss to give him a second bite of the cherry.

Teo, Vietnam
To one and all,In Vietnam, gentlemen mostly do paint the town red after working hours. For any reason, did the right thing, be caught red-handed, etc..

Shantilal Bauva, India
The irony of the law is that it allows you to do the wrong unless you are caught red-handed.

Claudia, Brazil
Today, I was like a red rag to a bull in classmates change our project without my opinion. God, I was angry.

Hassan Khalid, Pakistan
I came to know that yesterday some of my friends went to club for celebrating saeed's birthday and their they painted the town red.Unfortunately they ran short of money and they all caught red-handed by the club manager when they were stealing a bear bottle,and it was like red rage to a bull.

Heba, Egypt
i never paint the town red ,because iam afraid to be caught red handed and my parent's be like a red rag to bull from me.

Master, Cameroon
my dream is of travel in usa country,but now i can't.If God listen my prayers I'll paint the town red.

Melis, Turkey
I'm afraid of TOEFL. If I get 100 score, I will paint the town red. However, the exam day will be a red rag to a bull for me.

When i was in high school,some lively friends of mine and i were playing football with a squeezed can of coke in the classroom.However we did not notice that how noisy we were.Unfortunately,the principle entering the class reminded us how noisy we were.There was no way to give an acceptable excuse in that occasion,we were cought red-handed and we were ready to suffer our punishment:))

Oxana, Ukraine
I have never painted the town red. Drinking too much means to put yourself to the grave prematurely.

Morgan, Taiwan
last Fri. We celebrated my bro to catch one girl that paint the town red afterward.When I was young,my father caught red-handed of me that palying the fruit bingo game about gamble.

Irine, Russa
I,ve caught my dog red-handed this night. She was eating sweets from our table when I woke up to drink some water =)))

Polly, HK
I cheated in the exam but luckily, I wasn't caught red-handed. Therefore, I held a party and painted the town red. I was so drunk and irritated my mom. It was really a red rag to the bull.

Franklin, Brazil
To paint the town red is not something that I do very often, but I must say that Last week after a winning football match me and some friends went to a bar and painted the town red. It was terrible because the next day I had a horrible hangover.:(

I still remember that I was first caught red handed when i painted the town red which is like a red rag to a bull

Malali Sadiqi, Afganistan
Hi everyone, I would like to paint the town red as soon as I can if I pass english test.

Ehsan Karim
i have been smoking for last couple of years.i was doutfull in my parent's day,while i was smoking in my room,suddenly my father entered in my room and i was caught red -handed

Lucas, Poland
Yesterday was the Saint Patrick's Day, so I have painted the town red. My girlfriend told me to not drink too much because it was Sunday and we had to go to school next day. I wanted to cheat her and I have drunk few bears more than I had told her, but she caught me red handed. It was like a red rag to a bull.

Ghazi, Oman
today i have a french final exam.I'm really stuffed!but if get success, i'll paint the town red!

Inna, Ukraine
I will paint the town red when I find a new job.

Waqas Gujjer, Pakistan
Yes, of course, i painted the town red and i did it last night. As judiciary has reinstated all of the nation painted the town red. Now we think doing injustice acts would like red rage to a bull. As far as i m concerned whether i caught or not red handed then i had been caught red handed a long ago while smoking cigerette.

M.Jeong, S. Korea
My 15-year old sister isn't allowed to trink beer. But yesterday when my parents went out to visit relatives, she drank cans of beer with her friends at home and painted the town red. Meanwhile my mother got back earlier than expected. When she came into the house, it was like a red rag to a bull. My sister was caught red-handed and scolded severely.

Gladys, Australia
Once when I was really hungry, I stole some cookies from the cookie jar. But I was caught red-handed by my brother. Also, when I was doing my homework, I didn't understand it. It was really like a red rag to a bull to my mother because she had to explain it a lot of times. Very Annoying!

Last time I stood first in a competition and got a prize so I painted the town red until the sun set.I caught the thief red-handed when he picked one's pocket.To spoil the environment with carbon emission is like red rag to a bull for nature of its valuable gift to a man kind.

Emily Zhang, China
when i told my husband 'don't talk with me when you unhappy'. he was just like a red rag to a bull . so i am very matter him . then i drank out side that night paint the town red .

Milad, Iran
yesterday was my birthday and I painted the town red, but while we was drinking, police caught us red handed... .and when my father understood it was like a red rag to a bull for him and I promised that I would never do that again. ;-)

Vera, Russia
After boring corporative party i met my friends and we painted the town red!

River, Vietnam
I have never painted my town red, that because I have problem after drinking alcohol: my face turn red whenever I drink a gulp of beer and so I would be caught red-handed right after drinking.Anyway, I don't like the taste of beer or wine either so I think I lost nothing with it.

Swallow, Japan
When i got up early morning at new year's day, I realized I was on the kitchen floor. I didn't have the memory, but I seemed to drank too much.It made my mother angry. My behavior was like a red rag to a bull.

Kate, China
I did my homework of maths when the teacher was teaching China in the class, she caught me red-handed!At that moment, my cheeks and ears turned red!!

Myen, Vietnam
I called for a day off work with the reason I felt a bit off colour. Instead of staying in bed, I painted the town red. Caught me red-handed, my line manager looked like a red rag to a bull!

Ying, China
Mike stole 300,000 dollars from his company, and he thought nobody knew and painted the town red. Maria caught him red-handed, and asked him to return the money back, however, it was like a red rag to bull. Mike planned to kill her.

Ewe, Poland
I am stuck now with my MA and I can't wait the time I will graduate. After that I will for sure paint the town red with my friends.

Karim, Morocco
The MADOFF scandal maked the US finacial systeme like a red rag to a bull. This man caught red-handed when he lost the money of people. He painted befor many times the town red. Now he can do it in jail.

Mabel, Canada
If my husband find a job ,I would painted the town red.Last month I went to AECEO for my English test.When the teacher showed me the resalt was like a red rag to a bull for me because I failed.

Last week , I went away from the school with my best friend and we drank WINE. so we painted the town red . But unfortunately, When I arrived home, My mother got it. she caught me red-handed. But later I smoked in my room. I know that it was like a red drag to a pull

Pepo, Argentina
i've never been caught red handed!!!!and i'm alcohol alergic...What a pity...p.s.: and boring thing

Avijit, India
When I got my first job I painted my town red but I did not say it to my mom. When she heard about my job she caught me red handed because she never likes to fade any good news.It is really a red rag to the bull.

Richa, India
when i was talking to my boy friend on the phone suddenly my father came and i was caught red handed, then my father did not scold me but when he saw him near my home that was like a red rag to a bull.

Manoel, Brazil
when you're in the mood to go paint the town red , behave yourself , so you won't be caught red-handed doing stuff you should not do.

Djahida, Algeria
Yesterday I went so late at work. First, because I got up late. Second, because I was driving very fast thus, I was caught red-handed by a policeman while ignoring 'Stop' panel.

Evelyn, Macao
I've never painted the town red as I'm so scared to be caught red-handed by my mum. Such behavior is really like a red rag to a bull.

Djahida, Algeria
Alcoholic drinks are prohibited in our religion because our mind is holy for us as human being,so I have never painted the town red. could you describe the feeling of being drunk to me?

Last month, after I celebrated my graduation day at school, I pained the town red with some of my best friends. However, to my parents, it was like a red rag to a bull because they really did not like me to drink too much :d

Ennia, Morocco
my teacher caught me red-handed in the last exam

Cecilia, China (Macao)
When I was invited to my friend's party last week, I was so excited and drink a lot. I painted the town red.Please stop doing this! You know he doesn't like people play with him when he is doing something seriously. You do this like a red rag to a bull.

Abhiram Jha, India
Painting the twon red is like showing red rag to a bull(cop), if they got you red-handed you are dead man.

Magdi, Egypt
Nothing is so so funny than to see a friend painted the town red, and what a scandal to be caught in red- handed.As I did not do my homework,this was like red rag to bull to my teacher.

Nara, South Korea
Two years ago, when I was going back to Korea from germany, I had a farewll party with my friends. That night we painted the town red!!

Martyna, Poland
I don't remember when I painted the town red because I am not a person who drinking a lot of alcohol. But I remember when I was caught red-handed. It was a week ago. I was forging a signature of my mum and she saw it! She was angry and shouting.

Priya, India
i do shoping alot coz i'm crazy about clothes lol.. for that i need money so my husband once caught me red handed while i was taking some cash from his pocket, so he decided to get me a credit card but i cant stop shopping you knw... so evry time when i purchase ... credit card report on his cell like a red rag to a bull.

Brauny, India
The time when i came home ipainted the town red with two glass of wine. I was ashamed of myself because I was caught red-handed for eating a packet of potato chips. I once showed a dance to my friend which she thought it was like a red-rag to a bull!

George, Taiwan
The grandson of my sister, Henry, likes to run in the classroom. His teacher caught him red-handed when he did it today. A 30-min detention was given to him by his teacher after school. It was like a red rag to a bull when my sister picked him up this afternoon.

Lay, Thailand
when is new year, i and my colleaugues hav painted the town red all night and all day. after that we can't continute work.

Rachael, China
I ,together with my family and relatives, painted the town red during the Spring Festival of 2009. But I felt lazy during the festival and let my bedroom stay in a mess, which is indeed like a red rag to a bull-- my mum.

Kaefe, Brazil
Yesterday, I wrote a song that was considered brilliant for my teachers. I painted the town red after classes with some friends. But one of them stay like a red rag to a bull, with envy. So, I catched him red-hand stolen my record.

So-Yeong, South Korea
I'm pregnant. My husband and I think over and over about my baby's womb name.Finally, we name our baby "namo-It mean Tree in an archaic korean". We're so happy. But sometimes I want to paint the town red. ^^

Pain the town red.In my graduate celebration,i and my classmate drink a lot of alcohol,That was the first time i painted the town red,It was really funny and exciting ,intersting ,but i thin that should be my first and last and unique ,i dodn't want to paint the town red again ,becuse if you paint the town red many times ,it is really not good for your health.Catch someone red-handed .When i was a children,about ten years old ,i really like to eat sweets,and i got fat ,and my monther told me i have to limite absorbing sweets ,but i still naughty and eat sweet as usual.One day i came home after eating a lot sweet ,and told my mom that i had n't eat the sweet,but i unfortunately ,my mon beat me heavily ,because i told lie ,my lips still left the sweet ,i really caugth red handed.Like a red rog to a bull.My brother's children always didn't hear her monther's says ,they are all like a red rog to a bull

Leom, Ukraine
It was really a red rag for a bull when my wife has caught red-hended me painted the town red in local pub

JBEmiliano, Brazil
1)I painted the town red with some old friends last week.2) She had been caught red-handed when trying to hide the gift.

Gaby, Brazil
Last night my boyfriend and i went out. Everything was going just fine until the third beer. But on the fouth things began to change. Thats when i realize that alcohol,all night long parties and jealousy is like a red reg to a bull formany couples.

Arnulfo Zapata, Mexico
When was the last time you painted the town red?yesterday when i win an A in my exam of english!Have you ever been caught red-handed? yes the last week a teacher caught me copying!!!!

Dorota, Poland
Back in the days I remember when was absolutely freightened over a score I was to get for a highly important exam. Well, when found out of getting a B was on top of the world and painted the town red mother-in-law! Was fun!!!

Mary, Maldives
Independed day the people of the counter paint the town red.But one young boy was caught red handed by police while he was burning some banners. The police man was really like a red rug to bull.

Irina, Romania

Sid-ahmed Reda Yahiaoui, Algeria.
hello,you know i'm muslim and drinking acohol is forbiden in my religion, but i've ever seen colegues painting the town red sincei'm working in a spanish company, one day one of them(after a lot of beers) went to his frend's room and made a big mess in it, in the next day he couldn't remimber anything but the safety guy has caught him red handed during the night so the gulty colegue couldn't denay anything and apologised. when i want to laught i've just to tell this story, believe me it's like a red rag to a bull for him.

Aline, Brazil
My friends and I decided to hang out in a bar last night. After some drinks, we painted the town red singing and dancing on the chairs. Unfortunately my boyfriend catch me red-handed. It was really like a red rag to a bull!

Anastasia, Ukraine
I live in Kiev, it's a very beautiful and friendly city. But I hate catching people red-handed, when they are throwing trash on the streets. When it's possible I always give them a rebuke . I even don't know when this problem will dissapear.

K Nguyen, Vietnam
in my school, playing card is forbidden.however, some students in the class next to mine played card one day. their former teacher caught them red_handed and it was like a red rag to a bull.

Paola, Italy
two years ago ,I was on holiday with my boyfriend, we had a lovely supper and i painted the town red.

Tiger, China
I'm looking forward to some stock shares of our company and I think when that day comes I will paint the town red with my family!

when my darling called and said me"I did'nt write you letter this week" I felt like a red rag to a bull and at home,I painted the town red :(

My husband is out again tonight, and will be back painting the town in red with his face as red as a beeroot. Yet he swore I wou;ld never catch him drinking wine red-handed!

My mother used to put cookies above the cupboard.My elder sister and i always ate them without our mum's permission.Once when we were eating cookies our mum arrived and cought us red handed.

Mohd Nasir Ismail, Malaysia
I am in charge of the boiler operations in the gas plant.One day the boiler tripped and nobody knows what to do.I rushed to the boiler entrance and manage to get into the boiler but unfortunate the safety inspector officer was there and i was caught red-handed for not having the work safety permits.Ironically after four hours of trying to start the boiler i manage to over come the problems and i decided to paint the outter boiler frame red to mark the episod for the day of that year.

Alexandra, Russia.
I live with my sister and my friend in one renting room. Thats why we have to share some things in this room for example my lap top. And When I see somebody drink tea near the my lap top it is like a red rag to a bull for me. I am very anxious about safety of my lap top.

Natalie, Australia
Last time I painted to town red in Russia. Do you know why? Yes, you are right! It is because Russia's tradition to drink vodka if you selebrate something. To say any words about my husbend's kids it is like a red rug to a bull.

Helen, Russia
I painted the town red at my friend's birthday. I caught my niece red-handed when she was spreading my hand cream over the floor. It was not like a red rag for the bullbecause it is rubbish for me.

Yuehan, China
I remenber the first time I won the compitation,I painted the town red

Xaph, Singapore
I would be painting the town red now if I worked hard and scored well for my exams.

Mark, Taiwan
A boy was caught red-handed by a bookstore clerk while he was stealing a comic book behind the shelf.

I was caught red-handed when I was checking the short messages on my boyfriend's mobile phone.It was like a red rag to a bull,because he thought I didn't trust him:)I swear I am not donging this again.

Shekhar, India
it is very difficult to caught hackers red-handed.when i had cracked the cipher-code my company,i have painted the town red.this opportunity means a like a red rag to a bull for my boss.

Memory, China
One of my roomates abandons herself to romantic novels and i always criticise her taste when we quarrel, and it is just like a red rag to a bull. Even though she was furious, she couldn't say a word. Last night while i was in the library, i couldn't help taking a copy of popular love story and became so absorbed in it that i didn't even realise it when she approached. She was surprised to have found me there and took a quick glance at the cover, smiling with a sarcastic smile and went away. It was so horrible an experience that i wished i had never been born into this world!

Cat, Hong Kong
I will paint the town red the day I graduate from the university. I am working really hard by the moment. My parents caught me red-handed once when I was playing the computer games. My attitude was like a red rag to a bull.

Una, Taiwan
Last week, one of my friends was given a well-paid job in a famous company. Therefore, we decided to paint the town red. After the celebration, I took a taxi home, since I drank too much alcohol. When I got home, I found something unusual about my house. The windows were broken! Then I glanced over the house and found a thief seeking for money through my room. I rushed to the room and caught him in red-handed. It was like a red rag to a bull and I was really furious. I called the police immediately and he was put behind bars eventually. What a terribe night!

Richard, Czech Republic
As she is coming back home after ten years abroad, we are going to paint the town red.Trying to get into a car, he was caught red-handed by the police passing by.Asking my boss for promotion is like a red rag to a bull.

Helder, Brazil
After my football hit the final game I went out to paint the town red with some friends. It was amazing and I went back home in the morning.

Vanessa Kung, Hong Kong
I went to my best friend's wedding,and I painted the town red. But I cought a boy red-handed that he wanted to steal the diamond ring in the wedding. All the people who were there were so angry about this. His deeded was like a red rag to a bull.

Viviane, Brazil
I painted the town red when I gave a promotion and stayed outside with a friend. "I bet I`ve never been taught by this situation before".

Hinda, UK
Two weeks ago, it was my friend's gratuation from univercity.All her friens Including me,after having a party in her house, we went out to paint the town red.On our way back, one of her friends insisted to drive her car while drunk, but the Police caught him red handed.

Beeda Amaranarayana, India
1. I painted the town red on the ocesson of Holi (the festival of colours)2. I was caughted red handed by my girl friend, when I was enjoyed with anthor giarl.

Mehnoosh, Iran
Last year when my doughter was accepted in University,we painted the town red. A few weeks ago i took an exam and i had thought i have gotten a good result but when I saw my result I was like a red rag to a bull.

Natalia, Ukraine
The last time i painted the town red was last year, casue now i'm waiting for a baby and cannot afford myself to go to the party all night long.

Ali Ahmed, Egypt
yesterday the police caught the thief red handed .

Ranie, Canada
The thief who emptied all the money from the bank machine behaved like a red rag to a bull when police arrived for he was caught red-handed.

Rachel, Brazil
wow!When I entered the university I wanted I did paint the town red!News about politics, politicians and the crisis is like a red rag to a bull for many people.

Santiago, Argentina
Maria and I won a $1000 prize,of course I painted the town red, but as she had the ticket, she told me that it was her prize, that was like a red rug to a bull for me....and the worst thing was that i went to the Shopping Centre and caught her red-handed spending all our money......!!

Banafsheh, Iran
hehe, one time that I painted the town red, was when I got the tickets for Maroon5 concert here in UAE, it was a while back , the other time was when my group painted our faces red :D it was in a competition,,, Well, I don't usually do any trouble to be caught red-handed, or I just don't remember any at the moment ;).

Martina, Italy
Hi teacher, I'm really glad you've come back!Anyway last saturday I said to my friends "Let's go and paint the city red for my birthday!" We went dancing but there was a really long queu. So I tried to skip it and enter through the back door. But the security caught me red-handed! I tried to explain that was my birthday but they didn't listen to me and got was like a red rag to a bull so I came back home...

Hameed, Pakistan
when We were celebrating a secret party in our school,we were caught red handed by our principal,it was just like a red rag to the bull.

Jesus J.C., Spain
Last year, when Manchester United won the Champions League, I was so happy and excited that I painted the town red! When I was celebrating the goal at a bar, it was like a red rag to a bull for a Liverpool fan and he punched me in the face. When I was going to punch him back, a police officer caught me red-handed. What bad luck!

Gulnur, Kyrgyzstan
Amy caught her friend red-handed in the bar while he was painting the town red even he promised to quit drinking. It was like a red rag bull to Amy.

Juan Ramon , Spain
I always tel my students to work hard for their exams. However , Antonio loves painting the town red every weekend. Obviously , an exam on Monday morning is an excellent occasion to cheat! Detective Juan Ramon usually catches Antonio red-handed. Therefore , the pacific teacher becomes a terrible bull which has been shown a red rag !Moral : lack of study and tricky actions are the ingredients to the awakening of the beast

Shyam Kishore Sah, Nepal
ohh I painted the town red in my causin's marry.Mr.kshitiz had caught red -handed stealing the mangoes.

Alina, Russia
And the things became worse as my friend's father caught her red-handed.And it was like a red rag to a bull.He was up in arms!

Alina, Russia
It was my friend's Birthday.She's a good student and learns hard.But that time she decided to let her hair down.The fact was that for the first time she painted the town red.She was so much confused that said to me her friends had twisted her arms to do it.A nice kettle of fish!

Emuye, Ethiopia
Last Monday I painted the town red with my husband. Around 6:00 pm we went to visit one of my aunt. We drunk a local alcholic dring we call it (TEJ). The feeling was good but when we riched our home my sister and our servant caught us red-handed as we done something which is secret.

I must admit to having been very greedy when I were younger...I secretly devoured all the cakes that my mother prepared for the I charged my cats with eating them!!!But my mother managed to catch me red-handed!!!

Pramod, India
I caught a policeman red handed while taking a bribe.

Last Sunday ,I came back home from a country trip.I had to catch the bus three to get to my house.I spended two hours on the bus so i was very tired.I seemed to be sleepy during that period of time.When i was in my house ,i found my mobile-phone had been stolen.It was like a red rag to a bull because i didn't catch the person red -handed.You know i must spend economically from now if i want a new one.Certainly,this will continue in at least two months.

Mandy, Nningbo, China
I will paint the town red if i get the 6.5 score of ielts in 4th April,2009.

Ken, Morocco
I love chocolate. I can't do without it to the extent that when I start a chocolate bar, I can't stop. My husband and I agreed that he will keep the chocolate bars in his safe. One day, in the middle of the night, I felt the need to eat chocolate. While trying to open the safe, my husband caught me red-handed.

Antia, Spain
when I was graduated, i have painted the town red. The next day, i had a terrible headache""

Michael, Brazil
The last time I painted the town red was in my 31 birthday. It was wonderful to see all town very red rsrsrsrs

Jenny, Canada
My granddaughter likes painting the town red, but I didn't like, I have never painted the town red, because I am old.When I was young, I worked hard, I was never caught red handed by my boss.

Leonid V, Ukraine
I am completelly agree with Helene N, Indonesia about amoral topic of alcohol idiom "paint the town red" which can be consider sometimes as alcohol advertising . In muslim world alcohol advertising is forbidden and I definityle think that this idiom can be consider like a red rag to a bull. But, I am sorry, I don't think that I caught anybody at this teacher's homework red-handed

Toshiro, Japan
My wife and I were invited to a party at my friend's home. Before long I painted the town red and talked with a woman, probably too long. When I found my wife looking at me, I felt like I was caught red-handed. It must have been like a red rag to a bull.

Yovi H, Indonesia
I was traveling to China by using the travel agency. And during that journey, the drinks that served in our meals were beer and soft drinks. One day, one of my friends tried to drink the beer and because of curiosity, I tried to drink a little too. My friend's face turned very red. He looked like he was drunk. It seemed like he had painted the town red. Fortunately, I didn't drink much. I do never drink it here. Because it would be like a red rag to a bull if my mother caught me red handed.

Leonid, Ukraine
Last weekend I was painting the town red in the night club with my girlfriend who became for my wife like a red rag to a bull when she catched us there accidentally.

Yea Seul, South Korea
Hello, teacher. You really make me smile. Thank you. I haven't painted the town red and caught red handed. But,for me, behaving impolitely is like a red rag to a bull.So I always try to behave politely.

Senorita, India
When one of my Friend Got oopertunity to participate in Leading Fashion Show, She thought as if she painted the town red, but unfortunately she missed the chance by not having requisite parameters of Contest. She caught red handed while lieing to us.

Van, Vietnam
I graduated one year ago but I have kept staying at home instead of trying my best to find a job until now. I don't like to think that I am caught red-handed. I hope to paint the town red once... My action is real like a red rag to a bull.

Rakhi Sharma
During Grand Carnival, the lively people of Goa, clad in colorful dresses paint the town red.

Patricia V, Slovakia
For my partner, spending all money on shopping, was like a red rag to a bull.

Andre, France
I don't understand why my wife disagree when I paint the town red, it's so delicious ! and yesterday she caughted me red handed when I try to open a new bottle of oold wine and it's was like a red rag to a bull. Rough is the life nowadays !

Nadya, Russia
I've recently got a driving licence. But when I was yet studying I mixed up the gas and the brake pedals a couple of times. That was like a red rag to a bull for my driving instructor and he started shouting at me. That was unpleasant but since that time I never make this mistake.

Amitabh, Nepal
It been a long time that I painted the town in red so don't know axactely.No, I never had been caught red-handed.

Mohammad Ali, Bangladesh
When i was joint my 2nd job that time i painted the town red.That day was 13th march 2008.

Angela Lim,Singapore
My sister was caught red-handed by me when she tried to my money.

Alejandro, Mexico
Last week, my friends and I went to a job´s party, but we paint the town red because the celebration was extend till next morning.

Jeremy, Yunnan
I painted the town red when I won the lottery. And I went to a shop to purchase a stack of video games. But I was caught red-handed by my mum who hates watching me spending days and nights on games. It was really a red rug to 'the' bull!

Kyle, Taiwan
Last night,when Mary was trying to shoplift in a drug store,she was seen by other customers and got caught red-handed immediately.

Elly, Korea
I have painted the town red since I met Hong. I suppose to marry with him soon.And I have been caught red-handed once, several years ago. I don't want to remind it again..

Kalana,Sri Lanka
When she told me that she likes to marry me i paninted town red.

Stella, Greece
The other day, I was taking an English test. I wasn't well prepared so i tried to cheat.. but unfortunately my teacher caught me red-handed! You dont want to know what happened next! Cheating is like a red rag to a bull for her!

Mohammad Ali, Bangladesh
Today I am completing my job one year. In this time I want to paint my town red

Teresa, China
When my son was born,my family painted the town red.Now he is a naughty boy.One day he talked with his classmate in class,his teacher was like a red rag to a bull and caught his red-handed.

When my older sister told us that she was going to get married with her boyfriend whom she kept the steady relationship with for eight years,we went out,painted the town red,and congratulated her on her happy marriage.I have never been caught red-handed.That doesn't mean I never do something wrong or stupid before,but I were lucky that no one cought me out.

Mit, Vietnam
The last time I painted the town red was in a party of my company. It is no matter to a boy but I'm a girl, so I think my parent will very angry if they know, like a red rag to a bull. And I feel like they caught my red-hand

Leo, Malaysia
when I knew that I was offered a job in BBC as an English teacher, I was so excited that I painted the town red.

Candy, Hong Kong
After catching a theif red-handed the cop had celebrated with his friends in a pub and he painted the town red so he stayed outside that night without informing his wife, however, his deed was like a red rag to a bull.

Park,Hyun-woo, South Korea
It's Friday!!Let's paint the town red tonight!next in the morning,i met my friends.they told me, how's last night?i said to was a great paint the town red!!

Abd Elrahman, Syria
Last night I went to a pub and i painted the town red.after that when i was driving to came back home the policeman cough me red-handed.Now i am in prison and if my father knows it is like a red rag to a bull

Tina, Taiwan
The last time I painted the town red was to hold a farewell for a friend of mine since he was going to study aboard.During the party, I caught someone red-handed when he wanted to exchang my wine to be a big glass.

Licky, China
When i was in university, i always got out to diner with my friends. We eat barbeque and drinked beers, Then we painted the town red. Also in that university, there has a exam in the end of the term.But i'm not learning well, so i copied from others paper without modification.Finilly my teacher caught me red-handed that our paper were duplicated.

Hz, Korea
When I was in universuty, I directed a play with my circle members. After the performance, we had a party together. Then I painted the town red. And when I was a little girl, I have been caught red-handed. It was an eraser of friend of mine...

Lenise, Brazil
I will paint the town red if I get the promotion I have been waiting for.

Jimmyasphalt, Taiwan
One of my friends took part in a home party last night.I saw him painted the town red and went out with a sweet young gal.I caught them red- handed that they went in a motel. If this affair was found by his wife, it would be like a red rag to a bull.

When I feel unhappy,I usually drink some whisky,and sometimes I painted the town red.If my husband saw it,he would catch my red-handed.It's like a red rag to a bull.

Morgan, Taiwan
It's my birthday when I painted the town red. I went to a fancy buffet full of both local and exotic cuisines. My stomach was so stuffed that I could barely stand up, and I also served myself a lot of wine.

Sebastian, Brazil
I painted the town red in my son's wedding party last november.I'd never been caught red-handed.

Yufai, Hong Kong
I was caught red handed when cheating in my Maths lesson in my high school. I felt so embarrassed as the teacher was approaching me as near as my seat in the classroom.I never painted the town red as I thought I would loss my mind after drinking too much... you know.

Phoebe, China
My dormates and I decided to paint the town red on our graduation ceremony.It is reported that a children murderer had been caught red-handed,what the murderer did making the citizens fury.

Shaima,Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
when i was 12 , i went with my cousin to the supermarket after we head out from the school and took our final term certificates, we planned to buy some cegarates from the supermarket and try it..when we reached our home, she suddenly phoned and saied when i answerd " remember that i know every thing you do " i felt scared and that i had been caught red-handed and immedeately threw out the cigarates (the maid phoned and told her without our know)

Trupti Jani, London
I was used to write answers from my friends' papers during the examinations,fortunately I never caught red handed.The Last day of our English Class,we had a big party and we all painted the town the red.

Rajesch, Germany
A friend of mine was caught red hand by his employer's detective as he'd been painting the town red during his sick leave. The detective sniffed his breath and asked what he had been drinking. It was like a red rag to a bull as he said, I took some of the cough medicine in overdoses.

Sutara Yesmin, Bangladesh
I cought red handed by mom while i was applying for visa.afterwhile she scold me i became like a rad reg to a bull.I painted The town red when i got visa of london.

Maria, Colombia
I don't like people who through garbage to the street, when somebody do I'm like a red rag to a bull. I painted the town red last Weekend because I was celebrating my graduation.When I was younger my brother like to eat my hidden candies, but I had never caught him red-handed

Mariado, Spain
Yesterday my teacher say me that I have a grant to go to stady in San Francisco for six month. I feel so hapy that today will painted the twon red.

Ranie, Canada
The rich boy painted the town red to celebrate his sixteenth birthday but the following day was caught red-handed by the principal when he attempted to steal a computer at his school.

Abdi-Gorod, Somali
as i am a muslim i am not allowed to paint the town red as allah prohebted to drink alchol.

Junjie, China
I painted the town red when I get my visa to UK, but I was caughted red handed when I am celebrating since it is still working time.

Khalild, Iraq
I never painted the town red. That's driving me crazy. This is realy like a red rag to a bull

When I passed the Ielts exam with high scores last year, i was very happy, so i went out with my close friends. As a result, we painted the town red. Fortunately,all of us went home safely.

Ebenezer, Nigeria
He had thought he would paint the town red with the stolen cash but he was caught red-handed on the job.

Mehrnoush, Iran
when I heard that I was accepted in the university, I painted the town red.My mother caught me red handed as i was eating the guests food,before they coming!

Jogan More, India
Corruption can give you once a chance to paint the town..but it punishes you for the lifetime when you get caught red handed.

Twenty years ago with my friends we went to a party to the new year and we painted the town red. It was horrible the day after because i had an headache

Amia Berner, Sweden
I was supposed to work in my officebut I was in my lover's room,suddenly my boss comes in...I've been caugth red-handed

Mario, Colombia
When I was on high school my mother used to left the car keys on the kitchen so one day I took them, I invited some friends to give them a free ride with an unexpert driver and we painted de town red, we went to the night club areas of the city, talked with some girls and some other crazy things. But that night when we´re going back to my home a police patrol cought me red handed and inmidiately call my dad and he forced me to pay the fine with the savings of my life. My mother was so pissed off, she didn´t say a word to me in weeks, like a red rag to a bull.

Taha, Iran
last month I received my first wager and my friends and I painted the town red ! but in Iran we're not allowed to drink alcohol therefor nobody caught us red-handed !!!

Sreevatsa Kota, India
Asking my mum if she'd still buy me a motorbike after I'd got a low score on the test was like a red rag to a bull.

Frank, China
I paited the town red on my last birthday and drink too much.then be caught red handed by my dad when i smoke, it is just like a red rag to a bull. he gave a serious lesson.

Man-Seung, South Korea.
last christmas, I painted the town red all night with my freinds. when i came back home around dwan, I was caught red-handed. my mom seemed like a red rag to a bull. she shouted to me "get out of here! bad drunken!"

Demet, Turkey
Yesterday night I and my close friend wanted to paint the town red after being promoted but who could guess what would be happened! My friend's wallet was about to be stolen while we were going to bar but I caught the man red-handed then the police came and we rushed to police station altogether. As you guess, We could not paint the town red. I and my friend got very upset and It's like a red rag to a bull when we agian saw the thieft while leaving police station.

Tinatin, Georgia
my freands are waiting me outside.we're going to celebrate our diplomas.I'm sure we'll paint the town red!

Juan Carlos, Mexico
I used to paint the town read every weekend wih all my pals, now that I'm married I quit, because if I come back dizzy home, it's like a red rag to a bull, Don't you think?

Stefano, Asti, Italy
I'm almost bald but some times ago, after a treatment, some hairs (not hair) grew up...and I painted all the town red (like my hair's colour, of course)....

Mehmet, Turkey
*He painted the town red after his archenemy was caught red handed because of shoplifting.*Joking about his baldness is like a red rag to a bull so I advice you not to tease him about this.

Frances, Taiwan
Last Friday, my friends' class won two dance championships, and they were filled with a wild ecstatic happiness. Because of the honour and excitement, they decided to celebrate their victories. They did, the next day, they almost painted the town red. After the competition, they became a little lazy. Some of them were too tired to study, so they sleep during the classes directly, but the teachers often caught them red-handed. Their class teacher was extremely angry. Their behavior was like a red rag to a bull.

Kirsti, France
When my sister and I were aged less than ten we visited my grandparents during the holiday. One day we went to see if there was any fish in a hoop net. There was, so we took the fish to the house and we were rather proud of ourselves. But when my aunt saw the fish it was like a red rag to a bull. I think she was angry because it was implicitly forbidden to go so far and moreover to a place where we could have drowned. So although my aunt didn't see us catching the fish, the fact we came with the fish was as if we had been taken red-handed emptying the net hoop. My furious aunt asked if we already had cleaned fish. We hadn't. The punishment then became to clean the fish we had brought.

Dengxia, China
1:Asking my boyfriend to do anything in my way is like a red rag to a bull.It always leads to a severe argument.2:When my boyfriend proposed marriage to me,I painted the town red.3:I saw my closest friend's boyfriend dating with another woman.I caught him red-handed.

Christalla, Cyprus
My brother cleaned his car and I soiled with mud, just to do a joke. It's like a red rag to a bull.

Christalla, Cyprus
When i was at school, my teacher saw students to smoke in the school area. She caught them red-handed!

Ajmal Qadeer, Pakistan
Police caught the man red handed when he was violating the traffic rules. Law violation is like a red rag to a bull.

Vivian, China
On my birthday, I gathered all my friends to a pub and painted the town red. After drinking the whole night, one of my friend vomited to my gorgeous frock and smell to heaven,it's so annoying just like a red rag to a bull.

Clark, France
I was caught red-handed laughing with your video, alone in my room, when i was supposed to paint the town red with my others class-mates in the room next door!But it was like a red rag to a bull to tell them my virtual english teacher is way funnier then they are...

Anastasia, Russia
When my friend was on my sister's birfday,he painted the town red.Police caught a robber red-handed in a shop.

Ajmal Qadeer, Pakistan
when I was ten years old I was caught red handed by my parents while I was smoking in a corner with my fellows. Actually we wanted to paint the town red. According to my parents my smoking habit has always been like a red rag to a bull.

Vu Minh Duc, Vietnam
yesterday , I was promoted for my contribution to the company .So my colleagues and I went to NightWatcher club for celebrating my promotion .we drank a lot , if it doesn't say I painted the town red .Unfortunately , my wife caught me red-handed for being drunk .She thought I went out with another girl .wow it's like a red rag to a bull

Karla Ribeiro, Brasil
The last time I painted the town red was last year during an Italian course for teachers. One evening, some friends and I went to a disco to dance and then....oh Goddd...I really painted the town red that night. what a shame!!!..heheh...a teacher doing a stuff like that...I loved this lesson, Techer!!!

Amber, Taiwan
When I knew I got the chance to study abroad as an exchange student, I had a party to celebrate with all my frends and painted the town red.

Ngoc, Vietnam
One of my classmates usually go to a bar near my hostel and drink a lot.When he came back last night,he was dead drunk.He paints the town red.This morning,he still went to class but he didn't pay attention at all.When the teacher saw toward the board,he escaped from class and i caught him red-handed.I think if my teacher knows,it's like a red rag to a bull.

Nina K, Cameroon
it's was about two weeks ago i was hungry and there were no foods anymore .i tried to take my brother's and my mother came and caught me red-handed

Thu Huong, Vietnam
On the day i knew that i passed the university entrance exam, my friends and i were so happy that we had an extremely big party! Fortunately, i wouldnt have painted the town red!

Lucila, Brazil
I painted my town red when I was with bad mood.

Giovani, Colombia
When I had graduated, I remember that I had painted the town red, was a really nice time. When I was working as a Fraud controller, every day I caught people red handed, especially they are trying to obtain a free services, and when we try to investigate some people said about this behavior it´s like a red rag to a ball.

Mary, China
I was caught red-handed in class by teacher when i was sleeping.

Setchenska, Bulgaria
I don't remember when for the last time I painted the town red but I think it will be good to do it soon , because this helps people be happy and because it is necessary for time to time to do it. I'm not the personality who will be caught red-handed because I always do what has to be done, but my friends like to do some things which are like a red rag to bull for me.

this last weekend I painted the town red and it wash very nice

Hae Lyong, South Korea
I painted the town red before the day of my marriage. I made several rounds with my friends in different bars.After drinking much alchohol, I wanted to pretend to be strong to alchohol at that time. So I sneaked out to find out some medicine which can get over the hangover .Then One of my frineds caught me red handed in front of the drug store.Then finally I bought another medicine to that friend.

Piggy, Philippines
I was caught red-handed by my mum as I was stealing money from her bag. What I did was like a red rag to a bull, making her fume that very moment.

Andrey, Belarus
When my friend had become a father and my brother in law had become a married man I really painted the town red!

Deivid, Chile
I am going to be honest. Yesterday, I went to the bank and I parked my car in a prohibited place and a policeman catch me red handed. Now, I have to pay a bill.

Maixol, Spain
Hello:I'm from Spain and It could be I'll paint the town red If I pass my English exam in June........At the moment, I have never been caught red-handed and on the other hand, I think in Spain some reactions among politicians are like a red rag to a bull.Besides, my reaction as I'm getting older is like a red rag to a bull, ja, ja, ja.I don't know If I've undertood these three idiomatic expressions. Thanks in advance.

John, Netherlands
I painted the town red with some friends when we were in London last - we had a pubcrawl around all the best historic drinking spots of Old London Town - those frequented by Charles Dickens, Sherlock Holmes and even the Virgin Queen, Elizabeth I (Ye Olde Mitre).

Deanty, Indonesia
It was my friend's birthday party, we celebrated it together. We painted the town by going to th well-known cafe in our city. When everyone enjoyed the music performance, i was caught red handed by my friend for eating her dinner meal. As my portion was not enough for me. I need more, i guess. Besides my friend is too fat, and has a big sized belly, of course she was angry just like a red rag to a bull. Oh, that's was so embarassing and i promise not to do it in the future.

Risa Takane, Japan
While I was talking to my friends on a corridor in school during the break, I spotted a coin on the floor. I quickly stepped on it secretly so I could take it later when everybody left for the next class. But it was a hoax! The coin had a string and I saw several boys laughing at me behind the pillar.So I was caught red-handed.It was so embarrassing!

Helen N, Indonesia
Well, as a normal human, of course I'd do a celebration if something really good happens. However, I won't celebrate it by painting the town red, because I think it's too much and I can't imagine what will happen to me if I do that and my parents catch me red-handed. Probably I won't be regarded as their daughter anymore. LOLYou know, my parents have ever caught me eating snacks. Actually they don't allow me to eat such food, but I disobey them.One day, my mom saw me eating snacks. Yeah, she caught me red-handed and she was really furious.See, my mom was totally mad just because I ate snacks, so can you imagine what her reaction is if she sees me paint the town red?I'd be sent to rehabilitation center, I think. Most likely they won't forgive me either.So, painting the town red is just like a red rag to a bull. I'd better not do that, after considering the risk I may face. Besides, I don't think that alcohol is nice. May be its smell is totally awful. I guess, I have to say NO to it!

Zhou Sheng, China
Tom was caught red-handed by a policeman while he was trying to steal money from a pedestrian.

Sylke, Germany
Last week I celebrated my 40th birthday and of course I painted the town red. Some days before the police caught me red-handed because I drove to fast to arrange everything for the party. The electronic flash gun is for me like a red rag to a bull. Nevertheless the birthday party was great!

Mimi, Malaysia
Anna loves to steal cute dolls from the store in front of her school.She is always lucky, she has never been caught red-handed.

Anna, Hungary
Last year my boyfriend brought me to Mauritius as a Valentine-day's surprise.I sent a message for my father only the last day,because I knew it will be like a red rag to a bull.He thought I am in the college and studying hard..

Aleksandra, Poland
I didn't paint the town red for ages. There was just nothing to celebrate.But I will paint the town red if I pass my CAE exam. I have been caught red-handed at work once, when I was checking my private e-mails on the internet. Unexpectedly my boss walked in and I didn't have a time to close it. When my friend and me talk about houses it is like a rag to a bull. We both are getting angry and argue, and we newer agree to disagree.

Jannick, Germany
Stealing the crown jewels, getting catched red-handed, is like a red rag to a bull.

Meike, Germany
our class was catch red-handed because we have stolen the sweets of an other class.

Oliver, Germany
I never painted the town red but I know somebnody who had been caught red-handed when he was 14 years old. At that time, he killed my rabbit without a reason. Today, I already think that he is a murderer and we do not have any contact.

Hauke Pleis, Germany
The last time i was catched red-handed was in the year 2008! I drove my motorbike through the city but i was much to fast! I drove 88kmh/h instead of 50kmh/h ;-)! The police catched me because that was like a red rag to a bull for them!

Matthias Goosmann, Germany
At the 16th birthday party of a good friend in february 2009 I painted the town very red because I drunk to much of that very tasty cocktails.

Svenja, Germany
last friday i was cought red handed sticking one's tongue out at my judocoach. i was anoyed by his criticism but although i have to respect his authority.

Friederike, Germany
Last summer I travelled to London and I recognised, the meal was quiet bad.I noted the absence of the fish and chips meal to the store. If I had known that it is a delicacy (and naturally doesn't taste quiet good)I hadn't risked the red rag to the bull.

Judith, Germany
Two months ago some friends and I did a drinking game evening. We were really boozed after a few glases with hard liquor and we painted the town very red.One of us slept after one hour.

Werder Bremen, Germany
I never painted the town red but I know someone who painted the town red. He was so drunken that he spoke with a cashpoint. He asked it if it could disgorge some money.I caught red-handed when I was six years old. My friend threw my teddy into rubbish bin and I have seen it. After this our friendship ended.

Carina, Germany
The last time I painted the town red, was on a birthday of a friend. We made a drinking-game and after half an hour, I was laughing with a good friend about unfunny things. The problem was that we were so noisy, that the host want to throw us out. But I get along with him and so we celebrate more quiet.

Kristina, Germany
The last time I painted the town red, was in a discotheke. We drank much tequila, have had a lot of fun and danced, too. Afterwards, the way home was very difficult.Yes, I was red-haded. My mother catch me red-handed every day. I love chocolat and I eat a lot of chocolate, but it´s too much. So my mother tells me every day I should eat less chocolate.

Alyssa, Germany
Two weeks ago some friends and I arranged a nice evening with a lot of alcohol. We had a lot of fun but the matter was, that we arranged it on a Wednesday... After a lot of beer and some hard liquor I painted the town very red! Besides my mother caught me red-handed as I staggered to my room!

[10c]Sebastian, Germany (Wst)
Last time I painted the town red, I was at the "Zwischenahner-Woche" with some friends. We were very drunken and we drove very big curves und felt down very often. On the next day we all were sick but after all it was a great night.:D

[10c] Tammo, Germany
I painted the town red when I celebrated my birthday with my friendsIt was really funny.But at the next morning I felt really queasy.It was although a great birthday ;)

Tomke, Germany
The last time I painted the town red was on sylvester this year. We had a lot of fun and drunk alcohol. Later in the evening we went to a sea, which was freezen over. The Ice was very small and I knowed that it was dangerous to go on the ice but I also wanted to have fun and so I went on the Ice. A friend must take me of the ice.

Karsten, Germany
i actually never painted the town red. but the last time when my friends celebrated my birthday with me they got very sick!! i was glad that I only drunk water ;-)

Michael and Timo, Germany
A few weeks ago, we tried to play Counter-Strike in our english lesson. Badly, our teacher caught us red-handed. Our punishment now is to write this homework... This sucks!

Hanna, Germany
Last summer i painted the town really red.My mother didn't want me to do that so she caught me red- handed. It was like a red rag to a bull for her.

Stella, Germany
I have been caught red-handed while I was stealing some of my sisters clothes.I thougt she is not at home but she was, and while I was trying on a T-Shirt she came into the room and so she caught me red-handed.What a pity!

Pascal Wittenberg, Germany
The last time I painted the town red was in august 2008 when I celebrate my 16th birthday.

Amy, Germany
My sixteenth birthday in january was very funny! A friend of mine painted the town red and puked running into my backyard :D It was so funny bacause he has the name the "black lightning". He was 14 years old and and the next day he was very depressive.

Jannick, Germany
Stealing the Queens underwear, is like a red rag to a bull.

Seo-woo Kim, South Korea
In our class, I was checking my homework with math teacher.Then I saw my friend homework.After that she was fixing her answer!!Then she said,"Yes!! I got all right!"I caught her red-handed.

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