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Food idioms - Vegetables


These are the idioms featured by the teacher in this video:

  1. It's a hot potato
  2. A carrot and a stick
  3. Like two peas in a pod


Teacher's homework

Do you have any friends, family or colleagues who are like two peas in a pod? Have you ever found yourself holding a hot potato?

This topic has now closed. Thanks for all your homework.

Chloe, Hong Kong
People always said that Ashley and i were two peas in a pod, although we are not twins.

Gustavo, Brazil
I'm an English teacher in a private school in Bh and I have so many students who are like two peas in a pod because their behavior are similar. Some teacher are like two peas in a pod as well. The claimed about everything. Sometimes, I have to ind a solution for hot potatoes situations because some students' parents asked to do things that I reprove but I've to be patient and just listenting them....

Rossella, Italy
Max and Robert are twins. They are like two peas in a pod. It’s a hot potato for me because I have to choose only one for the job in Canada. But they are good in their job in the same way. They work hard and profitable without carrot and stick. How can I choose? I have an headache now, so I’m going to speak to them clearly.

Mina,South Korea
I haven't been here for a while.Now, I just found superb video clips 'The teacher'. I found this programme funny and very English. I like it so much. I'll let my friends know BBC has made nice one!! Thank you so much!

IhsanBaqaakhil, Afghanistan
What can I say ... GREAT! This is the most greatest method to teach & to remember some of English traditional phrases.Thanks a lot. afgani see you.

Agnes, France
I dare write a few sentences using one of these vegetable idioms though it's a hot potato! Madam Lowview had two grandsons who were like two peas in a pod. One of them was very greedy, not the other. As a lot of grandmothers, she spoilt the boys with sweets. The greedy one, cunningly, used to lead his grandmother to beleive she dealt sweets equally to the two boys, but after some weeks, the boys weren't like two peas in a pod, one of both was very fatter than the other!

Carolina, spain
My friends say Angelina Jolie and I are like twoo peas in a pod.Don´t believe me, I was just monkeying around.

Dimitry, Kiev Shutovsky!
What can I say ... GREAT! This is the most greatest method to teach & to remember some of English traditional phrases.Thanks a lot. Ukraine see you.

Lavrentieva Yuliya, Russia
Hello dear Teacher! My husband and I are far from being like two peas in a pod. We have different interests. But we have one computer. I want to use my computer every day, because I like to learn English in the internet (for example, Your site). My husband is fond of sport. He always wants to know all news about it. So, we can`t arrange about using of our computer. It`s a hot potato for us.

SuMei , Taiwan
Every time I take my two sons to the park,people like smiling at me and say,"How cute the twin brothers are?"In fact,the older one is three years older than the younger one.They are not twins.They are just like two peas in a pod.

Congratulations!! & Thank you very much.your learning system is really greatand very useful and thanks again. :)

Ali Raza, Pakistan
Whenever me and my friend want to discuss the salary increment issue with my boss because its a hot potato for us, the boss always tries to give us a carrot and a stick :). Sometime he says "Do something productive, for me both of you are two peas in a pod.

Simo, Morroco
you're amazing like a teacher. I like very much Mr. Bean like you do too. Keep on making laughing to us. I hope one day meeting with you. Goodbye Teacher!!

Melli, China
Taiwan has been a hot potato in the relationship between China and America.All my relatives said that my Papa and i are like two peas in a pod.

Jeehae, S. Korea
My moher always used to say I and my youngest aunt are like two peas in a pod. But after I became a Buddhist monk, my uncle said I and other aunt are like two peas in a pod.

Wong, Singapore
Hi ! congratulation teacher,your're lession are really a bee's knees.To get the award from the queen ,I think I have got ants in my pants too.

Drogba, Malaysia
The issue of me going to switzerland for higher education became a hot potato in my house. My father is using carrot and stick strategy to stop me going there. my sister and me are peas in a pod

Hjlee, South Korea
I found out some interesting facts while I was travelling in Japan, China.Their foods, living-ways, ancient castles have certain features in common to South korea. They seem to be like peas in a pod in those points.

Manu, Italy
she's having an affaire and now she want me to lie to his husband and tell him that we'll be out for the weekend. I can't stand when she put me in situations like this one. now I have to take care of this hot potato...

David, Colombia
My sisters's girlfriend is engaging with my cousin, but shes's seeing another guy at the same time, what i must do Talk with my cousin or keep the secret? That it's a hot potato.

Dengyong, China
The president of china mao ze dong ever said: American use a carrot and stick policy to other country and many politicians feel the relationships between the two countrys is a hot potato.someone always think i and chengfen are like two peas in a pod,but we are not twins.

Helena, Iran
dear teacher thx for teaching idioms in this way. it was the first time i met this video and i found so easy way to learn some slang. thx again and good luck.

S.T. Chien
Recently my company launched a new product in the field. My boss believes the product will reach new height due to excellent performance of the product. It is a hot potato. After comparing performance with major competitor, I think they are two pears in a pod. To achieve sales target, my boss monitors sales performance and activities with a carrot and stick.

Rfaa, Isreal
Dear Teacher, The enviroment problems and green house effects will carry serious problems to our society, but it`s a hot potato because some countries don`t want to stop their carbon footprint.

Sandeep, India
hi teacher! ur teaching method is very good. and it can be made better if you give some more example of these idioms. example in different situations, examples where idioms hv been used in negative and interrogative.

Hjlee, South Korea
Recently, an argument about the emission right of carbon dioxide is getting more heated all over the world. That's one of the hot potatoes.

Edlita, Portugal
Tony Blair left a very hot potato in Gordon Brown's hands.

Sunee, Thailand
This is my first time cotracting you Mr.teacher. I and my husband are like the peas in a pod. Because we are both teachers. We work in the same school, we have same hobbies, and we usually go together everywhere. But he is my school director so he sometimes give me a carrot and stick.

Dasha, Ukraine
Hello Teacher!;)Congratulations on your great victory!!!!Well, my friend asked me to look after her kids-two naughty boys..It was a hot potato for me! But my friend tried to make me do it by a carrot and and a stick...The boys were like two peas in a pod! They were both sneaky and so cute! They turn my flat upside down!:(

David, Colombia
In my city, Bogotá, if we pay the taxes before determinate date we obtain discounts, but if we pay after that date we have to pay extra money. So in Bogota the goverment persuades the citizens to pay with carrot and stick.

Mina, Iran
Congratulation for your prize, Teacher! There are many unsolved questions which are discussed by scientists about climate change these days. Those are hot potatoes in the science field. I always tell my little daughter that I will give her a chocolate if she finishes her milk, otherwise she can't watch TV! She driks her milk because it is a carrot and stick! My husband and I have many common thoughts and feelings. Although we are not physically similar but mentally we are like two peas in a pod!

Hello Teacher, First of all, I congratulate you on winning the 2007 President's award. You deserve this award:> Three big cheers to the BBC LE and the teacher.:0..:0...:0. My younger sisters are twins but they are not like two peas in a pod. Not only this, people even don't believe when they come to know that they are twins.

Pigy, London, UK
My partner always wants to move to Devon, but I want to stay in London. It is a hot potato for us. He said he could get a good job there and I would not need to worry about money. He is using a carrot but no stick!!

Hung, Vietnam
When I was in high school my class mate and I were just like two peas in pod. Because some my friends and even my sister's friend got the wrong person. It's funny.

I have ever had to deal with a hot potato and my colleges are two students who are two peas in a pod.

Miguel, Chile
Talk about Pinochet and his government is a political hot potato in Chile, even though he´s died and 17 years have passed from the new beginning of the democracy.

Diego, Venezuela
My wife and me have been trying to participate into religious organizations, but until now, all of them have been as a hot potato for us. Of course, precisely my wife and her twin sister are like two peas in a pod.

Vidyasekaran, India
Though my sisters daughters are not twins they are like two peas in a pod. I teach them english, whenever they don't listen i give them a carrot and a stick sometimes.

I and my friend now in USA shared same views on almost every thing we talked about, we were just like two peas in a pod.

David, Colombia
In my college are two studentes who are two peas in a pod, they aren't brothers or cousins, but they are too similar.

Shikha, India
Yes, I had to deal to deal with a hot potatoes when I was sick and I also know the people who are like two peas in a pod.

Sujata Mehta, India
My hearitest congratulations on winning the 2007 President's Award. I do so enjoy The Teacher, in particular the crossword.A hot potato? Definitely T20 cricket vs. the 50 overs match!My friend and I are often likened to two peas in a pod because we have a similar style in clothes, share the same interests, and are most often seen together.With the end of the year approaching, and the annual increments due, my boss definitely uses the carrot and stick most effectively to get long pending unpleasant tasks completed.

My brother and I are like two peas in a pod ,I look like him the soul deference is i'm a girl and he is a boy ,ha ha ha ;-)I'm an english university student ,my first choice was to study architecture but it was a carrot and a stick for me that's why i'd chosen english.

Tzu , Taiwan
Mary Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen are like peas in a pod. Don't you think so?I would like to teach children English with different activities instead of practicing exam all the time.My boss thinks that it's a good idea, however , he doesn't suppor it since he and parents all care is how many marks do students get.My plan is a hot potato.

J.Sil, Indonesia
Thanks teacher !!. It hard to find an example for “hot potato” but it could be understood what the meaning is. Recently, most kids persuade their brother/sister not to tell a mistaken they’ve done to their parents with giving a gift, we can call it “carrot and stick”. An oldest child do not complete his/her homework just the same with his/her brother/sister, we call them “like two peas in a pod”.

Win, Myanmar
I'm going to marry to a very charming lady,whose sister and herself are like two peas in the pod but my parents said she comes of a poor family. They've given me a carrot and stick.It's a hot potato.

Adriana from Brazil
Hi teacher. I'm not sure wether or not you and your brother are like two peas in a pod but you look flattering in this picture. The green suits you and I've noticed you have changed your glasses. This one is scintilating in this picture. I think the 2007 President's Award has had a good effect on you. So, let me write a little note to your boss...please forgive my interference in this hot potato but could you please forget that carrot and stick cause we love Mr Bean and even more the teacher. The end justifies the means. This might be silly but the fact is that we really learn from it. So let he stay with us. Congratulations!

Francisco, Colombia
My boss told me that if I make a good job this month, I would get a bonus. If I don't, I'll be fired. He is using a stick and a carrot

Duy ,Vietnam
I have a friend from high school, now he is studying in Academy of Logistics. We are like two peas in a pod. I hope he will succeed in politics ,and also happy.

It's been time since I last wrote something about my math teacher here. You know I love her...Well, when it comes to behaving in front of other people, my math teacher is downright clumsy. She's my neighbour (although I'd be better off if she wasn't) and she's often asked over for dinner by my mother. However, I've got no idea why mommy invites her if she's quite acquainted with my teacher's terrible demeanour at the table. It's a hot potato to discuss my mother's acceptance to such a person and therefore I'm not going to press the point. I've already tried the carrot-and-stick approach with my mother saying that I would drop out of school and live with my father if she kept coming round unexpectedly (for me, of course) for didn't work. She said that my brother Daniel (I hadn't mentioned him before) loves her, which is enough for a lifetime entrance in my house.My brother and teacher are like two peas in a pod, but not physically. They behave as though two kids at the a nurcery school, completely dim-witted!You could reach the conclusion that I'm fed up with her, she keeps messing me about even without knowing she is sickening! (it continuous...)(the story isn't factual)I don't know why, but I love writing here at BBC learning English, even though I don't do it well. The teacher is really funny, and I've been able to learn lots of wonderful idioms with his video classes. Keep on with the wonderful job; the President's award you won was really deserved!!!

Alex Wang, Canada
I think that schools and universities take advantage of some kind of a carrot and a stick policy. If you learn well, you'll get your name onto some honorable list. If the opposite happens, which means that you fail a course or two, sorry, you'd have to repeat the course or even get kicked out of the door.To some extent, the highly effective mechanism of a carrot and a stick policies should be listed among the greatest human inventions, along with the breathtaking invention of market economy.

Myen, Vietnam
Hello The Teacher! Congratulations on the 2007 Presedent's award! Well, I have a friend who faced a hot potato. She was forced to choose either the parents or the guy she loves. That's a carrot and stick! Anyway, please don't stop the classes.

Pretty Ran, China
I have a good friend who is now studying in Seoul.We like two peas in a pod.We often share many secret mood and interesting stories.Now I'm very miss her,I hope her and her fiance will live a happy life.

Happy Prince, India
The letter of top Muslim clerics to the pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury, to have a dialogue between Muslims and Christians to point out to the fundamental beliefs that the two religions have in common for the sake of peace is a hot potato.

"Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists" was a carrot and stick choice offered by president Bush to Pakistan.

Agnes, Hungary
My sister has devoted her life to playing music, which may be an honourable thing, however, she ignores everything else in the world so this issue may be called a hot potato in our family since she refuses to change her approach. I can say we are not like two peas in a pod, I prefer having a happy family around instead of sacrifising my life.Of course everyone has to decide for themselves so it would not be fair to condemn my sister for her ideas. I just keep my fingers for her dreams to come true because it is not easy to live the life of a musician. ----Besides, please don't accept the carrot and stick from you boss and continue teaching us idioms:)

Ana Paula, Brazil
People say that my sister and I are like two peas in a pod. In fact, people think that because we have the same big smile, which is our family trademark. Oh, by the way Teacher, congrats on winning the 2007 President´s Award. I´m looking forward to seeing the special episode at the Buckingham Palece.

Marisela, Venezuela
Congratulations! I love your work and this page. I remember , I studied with twin brothers when I was in the high school. When one of them didn't know the exam the other one made the exam because he was more intelligent than the other one. I am real sure that you will never do that, althougt you and your brother are like two peas in a pod. I know you won't lose that privilege, besides you're more intelligent, interesting ... and happy man. hehehe. I have a problem right now,my boyfriend told me if I don't break up with him he will buy me a new car but If I really do he will disapear with my old car. it's a hot potato, isn't it?

Eduardo, Costa RIca
Dear Teacher,The enviroment problems and green house effects will carry serious problems to our society, but it`s a hot potato because some countries don`t want to stop their carbon footprint.

Max, Peru
You're amazing like a teacher. I like very much Mr. Bean like you do too. Keep on making laughing to us. I hope one day meeting with you. Goodbye Teacher!!

HungHung, Taiwan
yesterday ,It was a hot potato for me because I was not be careful broken the vase when I was cleared the living room,so I did not tell my father. later myfather found out that vast was broken byme,he was very angry with me for a while.

Ranie, Canada
Congratulations! Dear Teacher,You should be very proud as a Peacock toaccept the 2007 "PRESIDENT'S AWARD" at Buckingham Palace. Wow! what a honour.I hope you take your brother for the ceremony so you both will look like two peas in a pod.

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