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Food idioms - Pie


The tasty idioms in this video are:

  1. It's as easy as pie
  2. To be pie-eyed
  3. To have a finger in many pies.


Teacher's homework

Do you find some things as easy as pie? Or perhaps you have your fingers in many pies? Tell me your stories using these pie idioms and I'll put my favourite ones on this page.

This topic has now closed. Thanks for all your homework.

Bruna, Brazil
Sometimes, English is not as easy as pie, and I look like a pie-eyed girl trying to do my homework until late of the night. But maybe the problem is I have a finger in many pies, also trying to learn German meantime.

Assia, Algeria
Love is not as easy as pie, especially if it is from one person because you have to keep your feeling inside yourself! and that is so hard. ;-(

Celso Leandro, BRAZIL
When I was a schoolboy, my older brother used to tell me that learnign english was as easy as pie.

Vikas, India
Honestly, for me, learning english was not as easy as a pie. Because speaking too many languages simultaneousely was just like having the figures in many pies. And sometimes when I heard news in english, I almost got pie-eyed. But I think, the story would be different because fortunately, I got BBC learning english at my pc.

Licka, Georgia
To get a pie-eyed has become my habit, as I don't think it's as easy as pie to have come to England and to listen to the different accents and to make out the sayings. Before this I was thinking it was as easy as a pie for me, now I feel as having my fingers in many pies.

Olivia, China
Olivia is a smart girl. She has a finger in many pies. It might be difficult for many people, but for Olivia it's as easy as pie!

Cycy, France
Swimming is easy as pie, i have my finger in many pies, aquagym, English studies, Red Cross rescuer, horse-riding... I'm not often pie-eyed!!!!

Linda, France
I am a very active woman ! So, I have a finger in many pies. Actually, I love running, singing, and, sometimes, when I am with some of my best friends, we are so happy to meet together that we can get pie-eyed.

Mamie, Hong Kong
I like to have my finger in many pies, but it turns out not as easy as pie because I am unable to manage time properly to get everything I want to be done. One huge tumble block to my ambition is that I get pie-eyed easily, not that I am drunk. In fact I never drink. It's physical fatigue which warrants me to have some sleep.

Mr.Sylvester Xavier, Dubai, UAE.
Many people consider that teaching adolescents is as easy as pie. However, they are mistaken. Most of these teenagers are insolent and do not like to follow the advice of their teachers as they look askance at them always. Little do these youngsters who are as senseless as the pie-eyed and put their finger in many pies realise that their teachers are far more experienced in life and they are the best ones to look up to for counsels.

Lucio, Italy
Everything you are able to do very well will be as easy as a pie and you could do it even if you were pie-eyed. If you have your fingers in many pies you won't be able to do everything very well!

Sabine, Germany
Actually, I've never been pie-eyed, never eaten like a horse and, unfortunately, never slept like a log. I'm as busy as a bee because I have a finger in many pies. Learning English is one of the things I keep myself busy with. However, being taught by such an interesting and intelligent teacher makes things as easy as pie.

Mayte, Spain
The people say: Learn English is as easy as pie, but not for me. I´m thinking yo study pie eyed. Teacher, do you thik is good idea?

ZB, China
I pass out as easy as pie when I have been pie-eyed. If I keep doing like this, I won't be able to have my fingers in many pies.

Isabel, Bolivia
The tasks The Teacher has left are not as easy as pie at all. I do not feel like being able to accomplish them: that is sort of dissapointing but I won´t get pie eyed because of it instead I will try to put my finger in other pies!

Nicole, China
It's definitely not as easy as pie to walk straight forward when one is pie-eyed!^^ To get your fingers in many pies is a fairly good way to make new friends and broaden your horizons at the same time!

ChS, Mongolia
Hi, How are everybody? English idioms are very interesting me. I always be with bbclearningenglish. But I don't understand sentence of this idiom that it is 'to have fingers in many pies'. Please, you tell me it mean

I thought making dream comes true is as easy as pie,but when you try to,you will realize that you will have your fingers in many pies.But being pie-eyed is useless ,so never give up. =p

For me it`s as easy as pie to be a pie eyed

Muhammad RASHID, Pakistan
The people who think that learning english isn't as easy as pie.I think they are pie-eyed because 'The Teacher' has made it to learn as easy as pie so now we can learn it despite having our fingers in many pies.

Eating is as easy as pie, nowadaya I'm working and studying that make me to have fingers in many pies. To stop drinking alcohol is to not make me pie eyed.

TC, Malaysia
Life is not as easy as a pie and it even tougher when you have your fingers in many pies. To gets the balance in your life, get yourself pie-eyed once a while. :)

Lily, China
I planned to take my parents for a tour to Hongkong for more than half year, it should be as easy as a pie in my mind as I've been to Hongkong many times. Unfortunately during the busy year end, I put my finger in many pies, and my husband was pie-eyed after several new year celebration party, we can not make it till now.

Genevičve, France
For the new year's eve, I didn't go out. I didn't want to meet all these pie-eyed people who shout "happy new year" and want to kiss you at any price. Instead I stayed at home and cooked. I had a recipe as easy as pie and my family enjoyed the meal. My resolution for this new year ? to have a finger in many pies and forget I am retired.

Hani, Iran
Learning English with BBC is as easy as pie if you don't have a finger in many pies and not to be pie-eyed.

Chandra, India
Perhaps, writing a comment here is not as easy as pie for me as I have a finger in many pies and I don't have time to drop a comment. But if I do get some time off, I drink a lot until I become pie-eyed. [:)]

Tatiana, Russia
I have a finger in many pies because I have a lot if activities during the week: english classes, french classes. I never be pie-eyed, and hope never would be. Your explanations are easy as pie. That`s great!

Sara Azman, Malaysia
Study is as easy as pie for a brilliant student. With their brilliant mind, they will become a wise man and always avoid alcoholic drink as it will damage their brain and cause them to become pie-eyed. I also think that wise man already have a finger in many pies. So they do not have time to get pie-eyed...=)

Raymond, Germany
Having had many hangovers, I am now sick and tired of being pie-eyed. It's as easy as pie to waste your brain cells by heavy drinking, but I only prefer to have my finger in many pies that benefit me :D

Zizimansour, Egypt
I feel pie-eyed when I try to concentrate in studying grammer, and these days I got bees in my bonnet about it. Merry Christmas bye.

I have a finger in many pies on Christmas.This makes me feel gald.But,it's not as easy as pie for my examination in January.This makes me feel sad.

Tara, Iran
Dear teacherI do not like alcoholic liquor and never be pie-eyed , so I learn the idioms you touch because they are as easy as pie.You know I think you have a finger in many pies because you are good actor , dubber . teaccher and .....Thank you dear teacher

Najeeb, Bahrain
Some leaderships from great countries used to have birds' brains after had planned to invade some other countries. They thought it was as easy as pie, but in fact they've found them self in a dog house and there are eggs on their faces. Some of them had resigned because couldn't stand it, others still derive and try to have a second bite of the cherry to get rid of egg faces. We've heard it straight from the horse's mouth, a little bird didn't tell me.

I think I cannot learn English language as easy as pie because English is very complicated to me.i would not have a finger in many pie is because i am alone in home at this christmas.

Camel, Morocco
I didn't find my way to china as easy as pie like I thought, for that reason I put my fingers in many pies to be able to eat a chinese pie. I'm still alive, I'm still moving, so I will try my best for going there. But I feel sleepy right now and I am pie eyed.. good night teacher.

David Camacho, Spain
I have a finger in many pies as on Mondays I swim, on Tuesdays I dance, on Wednesdays I learn English, on Thursdays I play the guitar and on Fridays I work all day long. It is not easy as a pie as sometimes when I finish the week I fell very tired. Although, on weekends I drink so much than at the end of the night I am pie-eyed and I cannot recognise anyone in the pub.

David, Colombia
When im tired because i have a finger in many pies I have a recipe to get relax wich is as easy as a pie. I go to a party and get pie eye. ˇthat's work for me!

Bruno, Italy
Learning english language isn't as easy as pie, luckely we can count on BBC Learning Language. You seem to be sick, maybe you're only pie-eyed.No more time to spend here, as i've a finger in many pies.

Monica, Brazil
My husband is a doctor here in Brazil and because their wages are so meagre he has to get his finger in many pies! Believe it or not, nowadays he works in six different places!So being a doctor in our country,as you can see, is not as easy as pie!He feels so overloaded that when he has the chance to have some days off he lets his hair down and can sometimes be pie-eyed which I don´t blame him, really. Poor boy, he needs to chill out!

Steve, Mexico
i have many pies to do, so i am really busy. i have a lot of pies to do in the end of college season, but i manage to do my own pies and take care of myself

Gustavo, Brazil
In fact, I think my job is easier as pie because I really enjoy doing it! I'm a teacher and this profession is enoug good for me! But, I have a finger in many pies. When I'm in my home, I look after my plants, so this is my job: a gardener. Then, I tidy my house. This is my second job: a housemaker....or maid if you prefer...When my wife asks me to do something, I may be a plumber, an electricist..and so on...

Myen, Vietnam
Drinking wine without a pie is my friend's cup of tea. I'd like to give it a try. Do you know what I feel like? It isn't as easy as pie. Just a pint ... I turn ... pie-eyed.

YPW, Sweden
My sister has a finger in many piesbecause everything seems to be as easyas pie for her. She can driving,dancing, singing, drawing, swimming, sewing, cooking, baking and soon. But she can never be pie-eyed forshe does not like drinking.

Anna, Italy
well we can say that if i would have had pie eyed the video comprehension couldn't have been as easy as a pie.anyway,i ve fingers in many pies so i can't have pie eyed...congratulations for this web site, i really like it and i'm learning a lot from this.thank you

Pattama, Thailand
In Chiang Mai, Thailand. If you usually go to Monkey Club, people will think that you are kind of pie-eyed. In this new year, many people come and see me so it’s not easy as pie to make an appointment to every one. At that time, I’ll have my finger in many pie. But don’t worry my friends, I’ll go to Monkey Club with you and be a pie-eyed as you are!

Reza, Iran
Dear Teacher, besides being a vet I can make many things out of wood as easily as pie since I am an A-level carpenter ,either as a result I have finger in many pies, but my stomach is vulnerable to tiny amount of alcohol so I never get pie-eyed.(You are a briliant Teacher because you teach English idioms as easily as a pie.)

Mario Lazzarato, Italy
Having my finger in many pie I happen to meet a lot of people. Must say that I am not a strong drinker at all but at particular occasions it is as easy as pie to get drunk...and frankly speaking I don't mind being pie-eyed when it has to be.

Duc Y, Vietnam
The person who I admire the most is my father.He is very talented and has fingers in many pies. I remember that when I was in the 4th grade,my teacher told me to make a paper-clock but I didn't know how to do.So, my father did it for me,he could do it as easily as pie.

Hama Karim, Iraq
When i was in Iraq I had all my fingers in many pie.However now I have rather planty of time ,so its as easy as pie if any one want to buy a glass of beer for this christmas or whatever, but its tough when you get pie-eyed and being teased by other people.

Carmine, Italy
By following the teacher's lessons we can get good advice for our life such as never putting all our eggs in one basket and having fingers in many pies. All people know that baking many pies with our own eggs is as easy as a pie!!!! lol!!! Ciao!!!!!

Pavel, Bangladesh
Dear Teacher,thank you very much for your pie-eyed lessons which I found, in fact, as easy as pie! The reason is that I do not have my fingers in many pies but in English language study.

Najeeb, Bahrain
To be a boy friend for a lady in europe is as easy as pie,but to be a specialist by having a finger in many pies is extremely hard . if you've become a lucky to do so you need to go to the Bar after have finshed the daily activities and keep drinking untill you've pie-eyed.

Vidyasekaran, India
Someone told me that having a finger on many pies is good as life will be lively. So i thought to visit different farms to pick our own fruits. I started visiting many farms. Recently i visited a strawberry farm. I realized picking strawberries are not as easy as pie. After an hour of picking in hot sun I got a feeling as if am completely pie-eyed.

Ling, Hong Kong
Learning English is not as easy as pie for me. I don't drink at all, so I never have pie-eyed. One of my friends has a finger in many pies so he's never worried about losing his job.

Jeronimo, Spain
After reading hundreds of times these idioms, it is as easy as pie to use them. But ir you drink so much... you will get pie-eyed. On the other hand, I know I have a finger in many pies... but I could be able to find enough time to read almost all the idioms.Happy Christmas for everyone

Michael, Taiwan
I am a teacher in a high school. I can drink but I don’t really like to. Everyone knows an alcoholic teacher can never be a good model of his students. One day at a wedding party, one of the guests had drunk too much but he still insisted on having some liquor with me. We drank for a while and he was completely pie-eyed, but nothing happened to me. I am able to drink. It is as easy as a pie.

Hama Karim, Iraq
Its as easy as pie if you want to register at collegue to study but its tough when you being required to take an exam. Persionely Iam frightning of taking exam however i'll dispell everything even all my fingers have in pie. I 've nevr get my pie-eyeed because I would n't drink alcohol or spirit..Merry christmas every one

Ruba, Syria
I am a second year student in English department. At first Ithought that learning English is as asy as pie,but it is not. Any way Iam very interested in this course

Vandy, India
commenting on any issue or topic is as easy as pie but teaching is not an easy task, for that one should have a finger in many pies..your pie-eyed video scared me a lot.

Apars, U.K
Singing "Merry Christmas" is as easy as a pie.My Uncle had got pie eyes last night.Lila has got her fingers in many pies.

Najeeb, Bahrain
Getting marriage is as easy as pie,but when you became a father for more than six kids you must to have a finger in many pies that your kids need a wide requirements.when you have finshed hard works and returned home at night you're looked pie-eyed,because you were exhaustsed.

bui thao, viet nam
Before I joined this class, I had thought that it had properly been very difficult to understand what you said; but it's as easy as pie if I concentrate. Although I have a finger in many pies, I will try to take part in this class often.

Hjlee, Korea
It’s been four years or so since I started practising golf. In spite of that, it is not as easy as pie to play golf in a under par score. To my surprise, last weekend, one of my friends, who was pie-eyed, ended up with a two-under-par 70.

Xuan, Vietnam
Let's see, I usually feel jealous with my friend who has her fingers in many pies although she is the same age with me. I wish I could be her but things always are not as easy as pie for me no matter how I try. Anyway, I just never give up! New Year is coming! New year, new hope, new try and... new lessons from the interesting and intelligent teacher and hopefully I can improve myself from your efficient way of teaching. Happy holiday but remember to be careful with lot of parties during holidays or you'll be pie-eyed.

Myen, Vietnam
Drinking wine without a pieIt's my friend's cup of tea.I'd like to give it a try ...Do you know what I feel like?It isn't as easy as pieJust a pint... I turn... pie-eyed.

Emma, Spain
I was often very tired during the working-days, because I had my fingers in many pies. This is why I needed to go out at weekends, and some nights I ended pie-eyed.

David Hernandez, Colombia
First i wanna say you thank you very much for this year´s lessons i have enjoyed all of them and really i have learnt a lot, with your help now the english for me is as easy as pie indeed i enjoy a lot studing and learning about languages specially the english so learn different languages provides me have my fingers in many pies, but i never feel tired with my busy life i am always full of bananas when it´s time to learn new things that will help me to impruve my knowledge,raise my wage or meet new people like you.I wish you a happy christmast for you and your family,and a happy new year full of new english idioms, be careful with the alcohol and i hope to learn more from you in the next year!!!, bye.

Hend, Egypt
my father works as an employee in a company till afternoon then, he goes to the field to begin his job as a farmer. finally, he goes to the barn to watch the livestock. He is raelly a sucessful man,i can see that he has a finger in many pies. I was surprised to see him doing all these things alone, but he told me that, for him, it is as easy as pie. I really admired him when he blamed those who send all the day in trivial things and go back home at night eye-pied

David, Colombia
In Colombia, were i Live, it's easy as a pie get drunk. with 10 dollars you can buy enough Aguardiante (a kind of alcoholic beverage)to be completely pie eyes.Finally, this text it's very short because i'm very busy, I've got my fingers in many pies.

Huolei, China
I always do business along with my colleagues around the world and prepare some contracts for my boss,it's not as easy as pie for me.sometimes I get pie-eyed when I accompany with my boss to have dinner with our client. I dislike to go abroad because I have a fingue in many pies such as holding a party, doing exercise, going to a bar with my friends Beijing,China.

Nataly, Ukraine
Your lessons are very interesting and you explain them very understandable, it seems to be as easy as pie.

Alaa, Saudi Arabia
Helow, infact I am a very intersting and intelligent man. My teachers motivated me to join a scouting camp. They denied that it is as easy as pie. As I arrived there i found out that I have to have my finger in many pies

Suan Eng, Singapore
I like to eat pie.All kinds of pie,apple pie,chicken pie,....etc. I tried to make myself some pies. I thought it will be as easy as a pie. Too bad good eater doesn't mean good baker. The ingredients drove me dizzy. Many pies twirled in my eyes. Oh no, without drinking I was pie-eyed ! No more baking pie because I've got my fingers in many pies.

Doan Thi Thu Tra - Viet Nam
Some months ago, my son has wished to study in Hanoi - Amsterdam school. I think it is so hard for him to pass the test - it's the only way to study in that school. To encourage my son, I said "It is easy", and my husband and I tried to teach him. He has passed the test. We were so happy. And, after watching "The Teacher - Pie idioms", he said: That test is as easy as pie!"I was so proud of him.

I thought English was very difficult. But after attending your online class, I have changed my thinking, it is easy as pie.

Ana, México
I am nervous, this is my first class with you, and I think English is not as easy as a pie, but I will try to learn.

Karim, Iraq
When I was in preparatory school my teacher had given me some mathematics duty, fortunately I could solve them as easy as pie, I just once became pie eyed when I've drunk a glass of vodka while my father had fingers in many pies.

Dilek, Istanbul
I can speak English, Arabic, Italian, German and Turkish. All my friends say that I have a finger in many pies. In fact speaking all this languages is for me as easy as a pie. But for one of my friend who is pie-eyed for every night, even speaking his native language might be the bee's knees.. Thanks a lot for the wonderful teaching stile and congrats on being awarded...

Nguyen Trong Hieu - VietNam
I have passed the test to study in grade 6, in a great school! Last year my cousin has failed in this test, after I passed it, he say: It's easy! With me, it is as easy as pie, but not with him! He has failed in another school - second plan. I have plan like him, and I passed it too, an another easy test! As easy as pie!

Ha, Vietnam
I have a finger in many pies, especially I can make pies. It's as easy as pie. Pies are very delicious when it is eaten with wine. But you shouldn't drink too much otherwise you will get pie-eyed :)

Duong, Vietnam
Yesterday, my teacher gave me ten mathematical exercises. I finished them very quickly because they are as easy as pie. After that, I joined in my father's birthday party. My dad drank a lot of beer. He was completely pie - eyed

Ana Paula, Brazil
It´s easy as a pie for some people to get pie-eyed on Christmas celebrations.Teacher, I´ve never thought you were a greedy-guts person! You even offered a piece of your pie, which by the way looks delicious, to your dedicated students. Oh shame on you :-)! Merry Christmas. See you in 2008. Ana Paula.

Chloy, South Korea
Thank you for your teaching. It's the first time to take this class. It's very very useful class..I'll take this class as much as possible even though I have my fingers in many pies...I sure that I can share the time to share for this class.. probably,, It'll be not as easy as pie.. but I'll try..Thanks..

Ratiba , South Algeria
When I was a little girl I thought that life is as easy as pie. I dated a man for 3 years. I believed all his says until one day he become pie-eyed and told many things about his wife and his son, he was married in France and left his wife there without money. He has never had a permanent job but he has their finger in many pie to support himself.

Alaa ,Egypt
thanks a lot for your kindness and generosity to help others and I think teaching English for you became as easy as pies and my advice to you not to have your fingers in different pies or you will never be distinguished.

PL, Vietnam
Holding parties is one of my duty in my Japanese club as I have my fingers in many pies. Actually I do it as easily as pie, except for an embarassing situation when I was completely pie-eyed in a welcome-party held for newcomers last month

Vladi L, Russia
Two brokers, sporting pin-striped suits and bowler hats, are enjoying a liquid lunch at the venerable drinking establishment “The Pie-Eyed Accountant” in the City of London. One says to the other: -- You have no idea how successful my career has been, mate. I’ve clinched hundreds of deals with hundreds of clients. Easy as pie it was, I s-s-swear. Made a fortune! Truly, I mus-s-st be the greatest broker in the City, EVER! Finger in every pie… (mobile bleeps) Hold on, I got a message. No, no way, I can’t believe it: I have just been sacked!!!

I think, Chinese it is as easy as pie for me, so that make me comfortable to use that language. My another friend always looks down at me but I do not care about her because I have a finger in many pies.

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