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Colour idioms: White

The Teacher


In this episode the Teacher introduces you to three idiomatic expressions that use the colour white:

1. It's black and white
2. As white as a sheet
3. A white-knuckle ride


Teacher's homework

Have you ever experienced a white-knuckle ride? Or perhaps you've been so scared you've gone as white as a sheet. Send me a few lines using one or more of these idioms and I'll put my favourites on this page.

This topic has now closed. Thanks for all your homework.

Djahida, Algeria.
I have spent my winter holidays in Tassili region ; It's black and white that it's the biggest natural museum in the Algerian Sahara as well as in the world and it was also a real white-knucke ride for me to find myself in front of prehistoric paintings!!!

d-k, Iran
learning English is very important. I becom as white as a sheet when i think that i can't understand it.

Samantha, Peru
When my boyfriend and me knew that i was pregnant and we relased that we were going to be parents we were as white as a sheet as first reaction, after the shock we were so happy with the good, every day with our little son is a real white-knuckle ride!!!

Janet, Taiwan
1. As white as a sheet- When I took my Ielts test, I was as white as a sheet while I found out that I cannot finish my writing within the time.2. White-knuckle ride-My experience to visit my pen-pal friend was really a white-knuckle ride.

Alex Cahyadi, Indonesia
It's black and white that driving to a countryside is a white-knuckle ride. Yesterday, I went there with my friends and I was the one who drove the car. When I was overtaking a slow car in front of me, another fast car with bright-beam suddenly appeared from different lane. Hence, I was panicky and stepped the break pedal to dodge from the fast car. Fortunately, I successfully did it but everyone had already turned as white as a sheet because of the shocking occasion.

Robert, Indonesia
One year ago, the developed countries had a black n white promise for their citizens, however the global crisis makes many people in the world lose their jobs. It turns me as white as a sheet for i've planted to go oz. In the end, i'm still doing some white-knuckle ride activities to divert away my confusion.

Ucok, Indonesia
hi...dude you are damn skinny and you look as white as a sheet. it's black and white dude if you compare with me who is totally different.

Joey Li, Hong Kong
This is a wonderful learning english lesson! Homework: 1) He looked as white as a sheet when he saw a person was falling from the building. 2)Hey, smoking is not wealth, it's black and white! 3)How about your party yesterday? Great, it's a white-knuckle ride!

Sevgi, Turkey
When i was 8, our primary school was qiuite old- now it's a museum- On breaks we went to downstairs that was very dark place and told some horrible stories each other. One day suddenly a person who cleaned the school opened the door and we thought that the real monster came and killed us. Than we realized him. But all of us were as white as a sheet.

Vikki Tecson, Manila, Philippines
He turned white as a sheet as a car hurtled towards him.As the raft glided towards the passengers,could see the water churning white over the rocks.They braced themselves as the raft began to descend,at first slowly then gathering speed,in the blink of an eye they were at the bottom.Victoria turned to her companion and said, in an excited voice ,that's the best white-knuckle ride in the world!

Icaro, Brazil
My friends to been as white as a sheet when was left ten minutes for to fish exam. but it's black and white will done in time.

Qurat, Al-AIn, U.A.E
The political scenario in my country is black and white these days. One of my friends was as white as a sheet when she came across a fake lizard. Going for shopping wid just my friends used to be a white knuckle ride during my college days.

Hugo Rosas, Peru
The last weekend I went to El Bosque with my family, it was a white-knuckle ride! the animals, the games, the plays whit my daughter. But when the pedal boat almost crash with some rocks I was as white as a sheet.

Marcus, Brazil
Hi,I am an airplane's pilot.Some years ago when I started my carrer I experienced a white - knuckle ride. I flew an acrobatic plane. That experience was very exciting. But for some moments I was white as a sheet.

Alessandra, Italy
Yesterday while I was leaving the local Station I was reached by two stray dogs. I was afraid they could be aggressive ones, my husband, who was waiting to drive me home, saw I was becoming as white as a sheet and run to help me. Fortunately dogs were involved in fighting with another dog and abandoned me.

Quoc Bao, Vietnam
For ghost-scared or light-spirited people, it's black and white that his face will turn out to be as white as a sheet when his seeing ghost or enven when his being taken with a white - knuckle ride

Kasia, Poland
The situation in my company seemed to be black and white, but unfortunately the omnipresent economic recession hit us, too. It made me and my colleagues as white as a sheet and we were all worried about our work places.However, we decided to spend some time out together and it was a real white-knucke ride after all!

Xiaojun, China
it had been a long time, however,everytime i think about it,a rather frightened experience in a forest,i would feel i can say it is a white-knuckle ride! thanks for your teaching!i really appreciate it to you.

Dean, Hong Kong
Well, it's my first time to join this lesson.This is my homework:Last monday,I was as white as a sheet because my wallet was lost.Have you gone to Ocean Park in Hong Kong? It is really a white-knuckle ride.It's black and white that you do not meet the stardard.

Ariane KW, France
Your broadcast is the best ever to learn English idioms : it's black and white to me!!! :)I wish I could settle a similar program to teach French idioms but it might be a white-knuckle ride to get any money to launch it...(?)

Guy, France
my sister is easily afraid, her last experience of white-knucle ride was to take alone the metro in Paris.She was as white as a sheet seeing so many people in the stairs at 17H.She'll never go again, this is white and black !

Jeong, S.Korea
I was doing my paper on computer which due was just around the corner. It was a white-knuckle ride to finish the work till the deadline. All of a sudden, the computer was down and the file was never back. I was as white as a sheet. It would be black and white for me to get failed on that work!

Minh Tran, Vietnam
"The Grudge" is a great horror film. It made me to be as white as a sheet. It was really a whit-knuckle ride!

Hernan, Peru
When I was a kid I was black and white, sometimes I behaved like an angel and sometimes like Dennis the menace. Once, I was playing with my sister in my parent's bedroom and I don't remember exactly how it happened but I broke my dad's favourite radio. He heard the noise and came into the room. He turned very angry when he saw his broken radio on the floor and when I saw his face I went as white as a sheet and escaped as soon as I could =)

WooYoung Lee, South Korea
I am doing the security job at the subway station. Whenever I see someone who try to suicide on a railroad track, my face used to be as white as a sheet. Fortunately, nobody dead.

Pamela, Peru
Today, I was in the beach but only to have a great view. Then, I decided to wet my feet, I was sitting down while I was talking with my cousin and a big wave appeared so suddenly and it invited us to take a white Knuckle ride escaping of the breaking waves behind us. For a moment we were as white as a sheet.

Jorge, Mexico.
In Mexico there are (and I realize there are many similar as in english culture) similar terms or concepts. White as a sheet would be "white", black and white is completely the same, and just for white-knuckle ride there isn`t a similar term. The trouble with idioms is that they are often changing and one must keep update.

Vanessa Kung, Hong Kong
I am as white as a sheet when I saw a spider on my desk yesterday. I can't understand why my sister can play with it and feel it is lovely. It is black and white that spider is so horrible! How can I believe that play with a spider is white-knuckle ride?

Martin Paredes, Peru
Last wednesday my kids and I went to La Granja Villa Playground, and we tried the Black Hole. Although it was a white-knuckle ride my kids told me I was as white as a sheet !!!

Robert, Colombia
I just was walking with a friend trough the sidewalk when a dog appeard with the innocent intention to play, however I didn't understand the animal so I became as white as a sheet.

Mari CCP, Peru
Last month, I went out with some friends, We went to the beach, and when we were returning my friend lost car's control and we almost hit a wall, everybody in the car was as white as a sheet, but luckyly anybody was hurt. We asked for help, but anybody wanted to help us because we crashed in the old highway; it wasn't fair, because we paid when we arrived to the beach, so we had right to receive help, for me it's black and white.

Virginia Balbin Miranda, Peru
When you walk around the cementery at midnight and you saw some shadow.It's a white-knuckle ride.But,for my brother when saw a little spider.It's a really as white as a sheet.

Rimpy, Canada
Hello teacher ,it's very nice of you to give interesting lesson.Really appreciated.Last night when I got struck in the elevator for 2 hours ,I was white as sheet.It was a white-knuckle ride for me.

Inkyeong, South Korea
A few days ago, I visited Disneyland Paris with my son who is 6 years old.So we really enjoyed over there until we took Crush's Coaster which was a real white-knuckle ride.My son became as white as a sheet. And then He didn't want to take marry-go-round anymore.

Iwona, Poland
I become white as a sheet when I meet my boss :) Things are getting worse when I see my salary-it is just a white-knuckle ride !Of course when I think about my spendings:) What a pity that it is not black and white :(

Sarwar, Afghanistan
It is black and wite that you are encouraging us to do our homework honestly. That's why here I am thinking how to use these idioms in my homework so that it would be your favourite one. Actully I got a little white-knuckle ride when you shout while teaching. But, do you think I was as a white as a sheet? No no I was all right. Because I got that you are trying to make thae situation that help us easy to understand and remember this week's idioms. Am I right?

Anais, France
Hi,When I am alone in the street on night, I run as white as a sheet.

Vania, Indonesia
The Idiom's Test make me as white as a sheet ! that is why i am not sleeping right now and learning the idioms from this white-knuckle ride lessons!!

Monika, Poland
I am always as white as a sheet when I see a spider

Wang Jiaxuan, China
When I was 12, I drove without licence! I was playing in my mother's car, I just wanted to have a try, but the car moved! I was really scared and I was as white as a sheet! It was really a white-knuckle ride!

Ahmed, Egypt
hi it's my firsttime here it's interesting series my work need to be clear it's black or white and if i see some thing wrong i become as white as sheet and if the work extend to the night it become a white-knuckle ride

Suellen, Australia
It's balck and white that everybody have some moments as white as sheet.One day,I went to a spook house in a special park with my friends.We all scared because of the horrible sound and scene.Everytime we mention that park we all feel that it is a unfogetable white-knuckle ride.

Leon, Ukraine
White - Idioms helped me better understood the connection between English and Ukrainian. White and black means very simple vision something; white as sheet means scared face; white-knuckled (adj) means anxious or afraid . It is because the knuckles of hand become white when you strong grab something being in state of fear).Thank you for teaching

Allison, Burma
I just joined a very big company yesterday. It's black and white that I was very new there and introduced to so many new colleagues. Unfortunately, I could not recognised the big boss when I met him in that evening. I even denied when he said that he met me in that morning. In fact, I was already introduced to him in that morning. I am as white as a sheet. I should have recognised him. Somemore, I have to work with so many native English speakers in that company. Since I'm a foreigner, I am going to be on a white_knuckle ride.

J. Lee, R, Korea.
Heaps of people are willing to pay to experience a white-knokle ride. Me? I'm one of them.

Nina Kim, Korea
Last night I was alone at home. All of sudden I heard a strange sound. I thought someone came into my house - maybe thief. My face became as white as a sheet. I ran out of my room and looked around the living room. Fortunately, it was just wind. It was howling. The furious storm shook the windows.

Robin Shen, Canada
Last July, I drove to Yellow Stone National Park in the States. On the rode, there was a big truck in front of me and it moves really slow. So I took a look at the far front and did not see any upcoming cars. So I sped up and tried to pass that truck. The moment when I changed my lane, an upcoming SUV showed up. I step on my gas pedal unreasonably hard and got back on the original lane. I was almost hit by the truck and the upcoming SUV. This white-knuckle ride turned my face as white as a sheet. Although I know it is white and black to speed and pass, I still made the mistake.

Peter, Sweden
Years ago I and some friends were on Holiday in the Spanish coast. One evening we meet at the hotel 2 sympathetic Spanish guys with their girlfriends, also on holiday. After a pleasant conversation and several drinks it turned out that they were police officers in their annual vacation. Later on, one of those Spanish fellows proposed to continue our evening in a nearby village in the mountain (about 30 km from the coast) there, as he knew, a good party was going on. They would drive us in their respective cars. First when we were in our way I realized my mistake. It was a dark night and the road showed to be extremely narrow and went along a precipice. The cars were overloaded with our singing friends. Not enough with that our half drunken drivers started a race to see who of them should come first (or living)to the village. That evening I got a white-knuckle ride.

Dorota, Poland
I was as white as a sheet when found out of my flight being cancelled when had no cancelation insurance purchased . It was a white-knuckle ride for me. I either buy cancelation insurance and am safe or not and am in trouble - it's black and white.

How to keep the dentists away is black and white-to brush your teeth after meals!! If you fail to do so, there will be some painful and horrible cavities in the teeth. Then you will have to go to a dental surgery to treat the teeth, which is certainly a white-knuckle ride! The sound of drilling,the smell of the medicine..yuck~~I'm sure you will be as white as a sheet in there!

Alejandra, Colombia
I had experiencea white-knucle ride when I went to disneyland and I ride on the rock n roller coaster! it was awewsome!!And , 3 years ago I entered on a "hunted house" on my neighborhood , i got as white as a sheet!!

Hi sir, yes i had when i was a child dreamt a worest dream and it said that if you cut your friend's neck and take your favourite cat or dog to lick your friend's neck and blood he will live again then he proof it while i was watching at him i got a white-knuckle ride and when i got up at midnight in my dark pedroom i was as white as sheet.

Martina, Italy
I become as white as a sheet when I hear the sharp sounds, that come from an ambulance or a police-wheel...I'm very scared and troubled...It's black and white when I see animals in small cages..

Ramilton, Brazil
I teach english, and for my sdudents english so clear, as black and white.they see the english class as white knucle ride, too, but for some of then the classes are very scare and they stay as white as a sheet...kkk

Trinh Thao, Vietnam
After watching your lesson, i really loved it. It was so interesting! It was really a white-knuckle ride!And yesterday i had a nightmare, i was so scared that i was as white as a sheet. It was black and white that learning English through videos is really exciting!!!

Joan Xammar, Spain
Congratulations for your lessons. You are funny and intelligent and we are very fortunate to be your students. Bad new: he became as white as a sheet when he read the clinical test. Fortunately, medicine is not black and white and other doctors suggested good solutions. To celebrate, he decided to go mountain-biking and living a white-knuckle ride on the hills.

Yitzhak, Venezuela
A friend of mine is so bad driver that when you get a ride from him, it's really a white-knucle ride. but if you try to be brave and cheer him up to increase the car's speed then you will be as white as a sheet.

Chang Wonsoo, South Korea
What an exciting and splendid video it is! Your energy and passion make me white as a sheet. I feel some white-knuckle ride when following your teaching materials and body languages. Since your exercising contents are so white and black, even new learner will get a good grisp of English idoms. Thanks!

Jaime, Peru
She was enjoying the party. it was white-knuckle ride when her father arrived. She was scared and her face was as white as a sheet for having a party without permission. It's black and white ,you have to respect the rules.

Jane, China
My face must look as white as a sheet when I heard my daughter's face was broken.

Brauny, India
I was aswhite as a sheet when i heard i was going to watch a scary film. It was really a white-knuckle ride.

Wilna, Chicago, USA
hi, teacher how are you?it's a pleasure for me today to learning english with you.i'm a beginner in english. when i'm looking a horror movie i'm very scared and i'm awhite-knuckle ride. i'm as white as a sheet when my mmother in law was died i was afraid

Linh, Vietnamese
I usually feel as white as a sheet when i'm alone in evening.

Cathy, China
Although it's not always black and white in love affairs, the girl became as white as a sheet when she found that her boyfriend vanished in the air. Either falling in love or breaking heart for a relationship is just like a white-knuckle ride.

Noemi, Brazil
It's black and white if we don't change our behaviour with the animals. They 'll desappear in the earth.

Mathias, England
I have got one year to learn english,when i saw this program,i was very excited,it's as white as a sheet.In addition,i am become a white and black because i am taking english as a game now,it's as knuckle-ride.

Maha, Egypt
Hi,Teacher.There is a lot of scary rides in theme parks which i wonder how people get the courage to ride. Speaking for myself, just watching those machines makes me as white as a sheet, not to mention riding them. But as being with my friends there, i tell them how brave i am in riding all of those AMUSING machines. I believe it is a white lie, isn't it?

Helye, South Korea
I was driving home last night after a party. Out of nowwhere, a moose was caught in the headlights stadning 50 meters ahead. I hit the bakes at once. I was as white as a sheet, and that moose must have been too. It sure was a white -knuckle ride that I never want to get on again.

Tony, Korea
whenever i see the scary movie, i'm as white as a sheet by the i grow and getting older, there are gradually little thing white knucle ride.

Idrissa, France
Pure gambling on the stock markets is a black and white activity. At the light of the global economic slump and abysmal situation, it's obvious that it has been black rather than white. Worse, people have gone as white as a sheet as the gloomy report from the European Laboratory of Political Anticipation (LEAP/2020) is predicting a global civil war, consequence of the economic crisis. Being a trader, will no longer be a white-knuckle ride job.

Augusto, Brazil
My boss told me: You should go to US next month. In the exactly moment the black and white situation comes in my mind. I saw a picture... imigration, more than 8 hours flying, different people and different places... When I arrived there I was white as a sheet. Two days after I was white-knuckle ride, completly segure with people that I've met there.

Haha, Korea
i have had experience to bungeejumping when i went to travel, it was a write knuckle ride i'll naver forget! Bofore i jumped, i felt as white as a sheet in the top, but i really enger on jumping and i succeed !

M N Haq, Pakistan
Some people may be as white as a sheet during a white-knucle ride , so, there must be a black and white before the job started.

Ksenya, Russia
Anticipate I go on the rides I was as white as a sheet because I very afraid star terns!But I went to the star tern. After that I was a white-knuckle ride because it was very thrill.

Danielle, Brazil
I'm studing to speak a good english. When I have to say something in english I become as white as a sheet. It's black and white.

Saint Cyr Andrice, Haiti
that's write black and white,i fail then don't lie me . I become white as a sheet when my mother decided going in my school, I feel my self like on a white-knuckle ride.

i was a little boy and it was the period of carnival and i hated people with masks . when i met one of them i've gone white as a sheet

Duong, Vietnam
Hi teacher! your lesson is very great. This is my homework: that times when i came to Ho Chi Minh city i and my darling went out, we arrived park then we played chute it's very high i felt be scare when was playing but when it fished i was very happy because i think i won something. is that as white - knuckle ride?

Kaya, Germany
Last week I followed my cat in order to look where her is given food. I entered the neighbors garden. She looked in my face. I became pale as a white sheet. Actually I'm a white German woman. The trees laughed at me doing such silly things. The cat disappered. I stood in the middle of this Englisch garden in Hamburg and suddenly realized what I was doing. A second later I ran hom. This really was a white-knuckle ride.

May, France
Usualy a audacious bully myself, I never thought I'd be scared to seeing things black or white. Upon seeing the huge knife in the thief's hand, I went white as a sheet! He forced me into his car, drove off with me and I knew for sure what a white-knuckles ride was!

Abdul Gafoor, India
Dear Sir.. I am working in Dubai in Al Mihad Educational Institute . Last moth there was trip to Oman - Mosandum Islands.There were Teaching and non teaching staff & studetns in the trip.Really it was white-knuckle ride.A bath in the Sea, the visit to a cave ...vow..!!!!

Ngoc, Vietnam
If you want to put yourself in dangrous situation,you should ride only once on hills in Tay Bac .After your car hardly ride to top of the hills,it ride down to begin another proccess.I'm sure that you feel a white-knuckle ride .And your face will be as white as a sheet when the car dive to the hill base.

Burcu, Turkey
I never forget one of our little adventures with my cousin. I was about 15 and we were both cycling with our mountain bykes through the hills of Cesme,Izmir,Turkey. While cyling down the hill, I suddenly noticed that my brakes were not working. It was a real white-knuckle ride, both fearful and exciting. I was so afraid of breaking a bone that I have gone as white a a sheet.

Becky, Taiwan
Accounting is black and white.When the financial report shows a great loss over the expectation, investors are so scared and go as white as a sheet. It is really a whit-knuckle ride!

Nguyen Thi Kim Hang, Vietnam
This is the first time I've joined such an interesting lesson. Teacher, you're so fun. After watching your lesson, I do your homework:Yesterday, I had 3 tests. I was tired and I didn't prepare them, so I was as white as a sheet. It's right, isn't it?

Dmitri, Russia
I became as white as sheet when I heard these news : the plane crashed, and the passengers could die - landing was a real white knuckle ride for them!

Dmitri, Russia
I become white as a sheet when I see a scary movie, but if I don't pass my exams, I'm more scared; it's black and white. Then if I have to call my parents to let them know my marks, I feel my self like on a white-knuckle ride.

Dmitri, Russia
The difference between a good man and a bad one, sometimes it's like black and white. When I go to the mountains, and I climb very high, if then I come back down it's like white-knuckle ride.

Fabrice, France
In french, we say "white as an aspirin cachet" for "white as a sheet", because we have another sheet's colors than white : blue, yellow, red, etc...but aspirin cachets are always white ; I'm going to talk about this thing with my chemist : maybe it will change, and the french people only will say "white as the snow !!!

Dmitri, Russia
I had a cat who wasn't totally white or black; I don't remember exactly its colour, but Kesha was really funny! During playtime, I had to prepare for the cat some foods almost each day because it was mine, and it liked very much to eat, to drink and to play; its needs for me were black and white. Then, when one day I probably didn't give enough of white, warm milk to this animal - Kesha was quite hungry, and wanted to attack me. At the moment when I saw its teeth approaching my feet, it was like a white-knuckle ride for me!

Ameya Vaidya, India
Hello everyone! "Honestly, I turned as white as a sheet when I watched the video footage of a ghastly terror attack in Lahore."

Hesham, UAE
Two years ago, there was a huge accident in the road. The main reason behind that was a heavy fog. It was black and white. I felt a very panic as white as a sheet. Nevertheless, I was driving a white kunckle ride !

Sumi, India
yes i did, in 2000 when i first came in United Kingdom.It was in blackpool. when i finished my ride i was white as sheet.but it was really white knukle ride.

Konea, Ethiopia
When I get the result of my IELTS exam I was as white as a sheet. I scored just 5.I thought that I will score 6.5 to register for my MSc study.I was sure it was black anf white! but, ........

Seesamouth, Laos
i'm stuying abroad and last summer i went to home and i didn't tell my girlfriend because i will surprise her but when i came home and i was going to meet her and my face turned as white and and sheet when i knew she has a new boyfriend.

Shekhar, India
26/11 day was white-knuckle ride for all mumbai people.when terrorists was killng innocent people,whole india became as white as's a black & white incident had happened in indian history.

Tamuna, Georgia
Weather was really bad as it was sleeting and a gale was also expected. It was black and white that flight could turn to be a white knuckle ride, but I had to go. Turbulence struck our plane before landing. All the people around me went as white as a sheet. Luckily we had our seatbelts fastened, otherwise consequences could have been bad.

SoYoung Moon, South Korea
It is first time to write and join. Teacher! You are so good and fun. I believe I will come here often.I watched a basketball game in Seoul. Before starting, one of players threw a his signed ball to me. It was a white-knuckle ride. You feel same as me, if you were there. It is a black and white.

Cuong, Vietnam
This is the first time I see you my teacher and I think you are very interesting man.Hiiii! This is my home work: i think your lesson is very interesting so it's white- knuckle ride. It's really easy to learn and to know so it's black and white.HI! Like everybody I'm so scare mosters. Tonight i dreamt about them. It's really as white as sheep

Ahmad syukrii bin zaidi agam
when I went home,I saw my friend name rizal fighting with my best friend name Altamis,he fight with rizal because rizal stole his money.when rizal saw me,he act like as if he's going to beat me.I got as white as a sheet.luckily Altamis was there to beat him up.Altamis beated him up until he was bleeding.I then walk with him.

Nur Nazirah,Singapore
I went home last night.I saw a girl she was looking pale as white as a sheet.She was looking at the banana tree.When i look at the tree I saw a ghost with a long hair.I'm so scared so I ran away from the banana tree

Hafiz, Singapore
the first time my sister ride on a roller coaster her face look as white as a sheet

Syahindah, Singapore
last week i saw a monster my face turn white as a sheet

Zul, Singapore
he is a lier,someone may doesnt think that, but with me,it is black and white

Puteri Hazwani,Singapore
Yesterday my brother and I saw a ghost at a nearby carpark it face were very ugly.Our face turn white as a sheet.

Kristiane, Brazil
Hello!!!So, for me, an situation that really put me like as white as a sheet is when I met a slug!! I feel myself petrified, and, it is ridiculous because I know, they move them body so slowly, they aren't dangerous, they don't have teeth, but, I can't affort dealling with it!!Thanks!!

Luisa, Brazil
Maria was seeing a trash movie and suddenly she as white as a sheet, but it's black and white, she knew, it was only a movie.

Mezaan, Bangladesh
Choosing between a horror flick or drama is quite a black and white issue for me. Horror it is then, and I never know when a scene will turn me white as sheet. All in all the experience is generally a white knuckle ride.

Elias, Venezuela
When I was a child, the marry-go-round scared me very much; but I asked my mother to get me into that devise because it was very white-knuckle ride experience for me.

Mauro, Brazil
I recently felt so scared that I´ve gone as white as a sheet. It took place when I saw my ex-girlfriend as she had just woken up. As conseguence, I broke up with her.

Joao Luiz Lima, Brazil
Yes! I can't forget the white-water rafting my friends and I went to a few years ago.If that was not a white-knuckle ride, I don't know what else is. Almost everyone who decided to take the tour fell off the boat into the rapids. Thanks God, no one got drowned. But we were all as white as a sheet when the life-guard came to pick us up out of the water.

Markel, Spain
Climate change, a topic very highlighted nowdays, is so an all-involving matter that it has become black and white for humankind.And since to tackle it seriouly is taking us too long, I´m afraid irrevocable disasters will put us all as white as a sheet in no long time. Such looming threat will go beyond a white-knuckle ride.

Allison, Korea
last january i got a good-paied job and then a month later i got sacked! when my manager said to me- he's like "you're downsized", i was as white as a sheet. now it's black and white to find a new job. my life is kind a white-knuckle ride, innit?

Maha, Egypt
Hi,Teacher.There are a lot of scary rides in theme parks which i wonder how people get the courage to ride. Speaking for myself, just watching those machines makes me as white as a sheet, not to mention riding them. But as being with my friends there, i tell them how brave i am in riding all of those AMUSING machines. I believe it is a white lie, isn't it?

Cadas, Turkey
Once upon a day when I worked at merchant vessel,I had awake and got up and look at the sea then I did'nt neither sea nor land. Eveywhere had become white,a white -knuckle ride! It was winter where in rusian waters.Also there was't any water under the vessel and master had become as white as a sheet

Elijah, Moscow
I'm so afraid of dogs especially big ones, that my face often become as white as a sheet. I believe all dogs should be lead on a leash and wear a muzzle but there is no such law in Russia. It's black and white. When a dog running to you without leash it's a white-knuckle ride for me.

The teacher asked us in the class whether the formula she wrote was right or not. It was black and white for my friend but for me it was not as I don't have much mathematics background. Moreover i was as white as sheet when they told me that the exam will be the day after tomorrow!

I went home last night.I saw a girl who had got into trouble.She was attacked by huge guys!I had to help her.It was black and white.So i began fighting and beat them all.It was a white-knuckle ride.And then i saw their leader.I was very scared! I got as white as a sheet.And i ran away from that monster.HaHa

Nahla, Egypt
WELCOME BACK, TEACHER.we really miss u so much.(my homework):Children shouldn't watch the scaring movies, it is ablack & white.I ,my self, be as white as sheet, when i watch it. I disappear into the blanket 8-x" . but really, at the same time, it is a white_knuckjle ride movies;)

He is a lier, someone may doesnt think that, but with me, it is black and white

My face turned as white as sheet when i have found out that my girlfriend had an affair with her colleague.

Begum, Bangladesh
Once I went to children park with my 3yrs old nephew. My nephew wanted to get on the moving chair.So I decided to ride on the moving chair with him. It was moving faster and faster and that was my white knuckle ride. My nephew was enjoying and laughing as my face was as white as a sheet.

Xuan, Vietnam
my friend is very scare when she get on bus. It makes her sick. That sunday i saw her after she had along trip on bus. She was as white as a sheet

Le Huong, Vietnam
Last weekend, I and my brother went to the park in Hanoi. it is really a white - knuckle ride! Because, we can drive car with high speed that i have never driven before. But more interesting, i'm a winner and he had to paid all bill for lunch. it's black and white for understand, because i'm a smart and clever girl.

Jorge Luis Martinez Garcia, Peru
For me,rest is black and white.It's really important and if we don't get some rest,something bad will happen to us.That's why I usually take a nap after lunch.But one day, I was napping when suddenly I heard a strange noise.I was as white as a sheet!!It really freaked me out because I was by my self and I thought a burglar had gone into my house.Fortunately,it was my cat'Michi'.

ThaĂ­s, Brazil
Well, a situation that I felt myself as white as a sheet was when I was going back home walking at night after work and I saw a bear on the other side of the street. I get in panic, and run quickly to the first house that I found opened.

Raquel, Spain
It was Christmas Eve and I was in the kitchen helping my family prepare the dinner. A huge knife fell on my bared foot and cut my little toe.There was so much blood that I thought I would lose it. I couldn't wear sandals anymore! I looked myself in the mirror and I saw my face as white as a sheet.

Aamir, Pakistan
When i heard the news attack on Sri Lankan cricket team my expression was as white as sheet because its realy bad thing.I strongly condemned this attack because this is realy bad as all black and white.

Dany, Brazil
Once, I was walking to my school in a pretty morning, and when I looked at my shoes I was using stockings and slipper, and instantaneously my face was as white as a sheet and I thought "how can i go back to my home using stockins and slipper?" a shame.

Daniel, Brazil
When I was a teenager I used to play drums and when I played at Adler in Vinhedo City, we played for more or less ten thousand so I was white as a sheet and after the show I was white-knucle ride.

Danh, Vietnam
It was a large flood when I was a child. My mother woke me up at midnight and I saw water around my bed. At that time I was really as white as a sheet. Because the flood level rose higher and higher, my family used an embarkation to move to another place. It was the first time I went on an embarkation. I started forgetting scared and felt very excited. That was a white-knuckle ride.

Judy, Japan
I become as white as a sheet, while I meet my foreign classmate. I don't know how to begain our communication. If I can talk with him fluenly, I must be a white-knckle ride. I think it is not white and black about communication forms. Understanding what message we want to express is more important.

Yura, Russia
Hello! Last week I played my favorite computer game, and I became as white as a sheet when I saw a big monster. It was really scary!!!

Pedro, Spain
The first time I travelled by airplane, it was a white-knuckle ride, feeling as the plane was increasing its speed till finally took off! I could see some other faces as white as a sheet on the plane, but I couldn't understand how they didn't enjoy flying for the first time!

Waqas Gujjer, Pakistan
A few years back,i started to run motor bike. On my first drive i did not know that it could turn into a white-knuckle ride. Because when i took turn for main road a troller was coming.God knows better how i escaped that day. After that i stopped the bike, my face was as white as a sheet with fear.

Dalcy, Brazil
I´ve never experienced a white-knuckle ride because I thought it was dangerous. Last night, I´ve gone as white as a sheet, when my son suffered a stroke.

Hideaki Suzuki, Japan
My boss told me that you are fired. I was as white as sheet.

Johana, Colombia
A friend of my was doing an ilustation about " Voices of Death people" for a TV Program and he was very concentrated and a white knuckle ride, while I was working too in my office so I needed him, I called him with our intercoms and I Said his name with a loud voice. he wasn´t answer me and I called him again and again but wasn´t answer, then I decided to go to his office. When I came to his office he was as white as a sheet, he wasn´t know what to say.

Tomai, Australia
I went to my English class one day. My teacher told me that we would have a English oral test the same day. I knew my expression as white as a sheet because I had not revised them properly.Luckly, I passed my exame that gave me a white-knuckle ride.

Shahram, Iran
My little brother enticed me to be his accompany for a rollercoaster. It seems that he won't be frightened. Finally, I experienced a white-knuckle ride. My brother gone as white as a sheet

Mubarak, Sudan
The other day while My wife and I walking down the street oh my God a car was about to hit us! My wife face turned as white as sheet becauce of the shock, it is kind as white-knuckle.

Roahan, India
In my childhood i was going to field with my uncle by bullock-cart. Suddenly my ox got scared of coming horse and started running fast. I got scared very much because it was running in bumpy field. at last i fell down from cart. that time i was as white as a sheet because of white-knuckle ride.

Jose Carlos, Peru
it is very common for my wife to surprise me, appering from nowhere, touching me the shoulders and make me as white as a sheet.

Chi, Vietnam
My face was as white as a sheet when i suddenly fell down from the ladder last weekend. However, i luckily did not have any serious pain on my body.

Yumiko, Japan
I took my sons to Disnyland. I enjoyed Splash Mountain the coaster that is a white-knucle ride. But my sons looked as white as a sheet. At night on the way to the hotel, I went as white as a sheet when I found that I had lost the way.

Nor, Somalia
I was as white as a sheet when a mortar hit our house so we had ran away it was really a white knuckle ride

Ge, Thailand
As developping nation, Thailand have created lots of pollution. I finds it is hard to have a place to have fresh air. It is black and white. Therefore once day, I decide to walk alone in the cemetery to feel peace, but I felt a white knuckle ride.

Juli Jang, South Korea
When I was in Bali, I went water skiing with my friends. One of my friend drove a water zet ski and I sat a backseat. He drove so fast and it was such a white-knuckle ride. Thanks to his driving, I went as white as a sheet and got soacked.

Monika, Poland
I am as white as sheet when I looked my sister without make-up!

Lyaisan, Russia
Hello, Teacher. Recently I've watched "Echo's sounds". It was a very exiting film, really a white-knuckle ride. But I was so scared I went as white as a sheet. I couldn't get asleep! Now I know I shouldn't watch horror films before going to bed - it's black and white.

Mehmet, Turkey
I'm goldsmith in istanbul,today; I heard that shoplifters want to rob much money from store where is near our store.really when I heard this case, I was as white as sheet...for good, no problem...the robbers are arrested by police...

Yang Bo, China
Things are never black and white for me; it's always shades of gray, mostly because there are many sides to a story - I can never be certain that I'm 100% right; I'm not that arrogant.

Sun, China
she looks as white as a sheet when she face a severe emergency situation as a intern. it is kind like a white-knuckle ride

Faheem Ahmed, Pakistan
hayee, In the last trip with my friend was sliding from 200 meter into pool was white-knuckle ride and my freinds laughing and asking me my face become as white as sheet and that was all black and white

Eduardo, Mexico
I was driving yesterday a little bit fast when I saw a girl, so I didn't pay attention on the road for a few seconds, suddenly the car in front stopped, I almost crashed the car!! I was white as a sheet!... by the way the girl wasn't beautiful enough, and even worse she wasn't a girl!

Ramanjaneyulu, India
Cricket teams across the world are as white as a sheet to know that Srilankan Cricket team members were injured by terrorists in Pakistan.It is a white-knuckle drive to watch the video that shows how recklessly terrorists attack civilians.

Eduardo, Brazil
I've been living in vancouver since Jan 08, and a visited the mountains of Whisther, to try the famous skiing. It was a white-knuckle ride. I felt so fast that get as white as a sheet. It's black and white, i'm not the guy who likes that kind of sport.

Lao, Brazil
I've never forget that day, my first time in the class englesh it was white as a sheet,I did understand nothing.

Erdem, Turkey
When i first arrived in England,i was not able to find people whom i was supposed to meet at the decided point.Then,i realised that my phone's charge had been over so that i felt desperate at the center of the Victoria Station.there was nothing to do except waiting hopelessly.The more and more people were passing me around and i was increasingly scared.if i had looked at my own face i would have seen my face that was as white as a sheet.

Shahnazneshat, Iran
I am 50 years old my husband recomand me to sit in roller coaster ,I realy scared it was white-knckle ride when I came down my face was as white as sheet ,every body smiled me and told it was black and white for us to see u in this shape.....welcome back teacher I like u very much

MP, France
I have been working for such a long time without sleeping that my husband told me my face was as white as a sheet.And to make me change my mind he wanted to take me to the cinema to see a horror movie. What a white-knuckle ride it was!

Shamaila, Pakistan
it was a dark night when i nimbled at heart and my face was as white as a sheat.I want to have my will in black and white before impending death but thank god it was all a white kuckle rides in a dream.

Hermina, Romania
Hi teacher,Here is my homework:One day our teacher of Maths told us that he was going to test us in writing and I was as white as a sheet. I said to myself it's black and white for me 'cause i didn't learn for that day. That moment was a real white -knickle ride.

Waivian, China
English is a universal language.therefore,it is necessory for us to learn it.To me It's black and white.

Alfred, Hong Kong
There is only black and white under the law. Citizens try to keep their records as white as a sheet.

Prasad, India
I had been to Magic Mountain in US, there i had gone for Roller coaster for the first time in my life, it was a white knucle ride, and in the end my friends and I had gone as white as paper.

J, Taiwan
Last week my friend told me a ghost-story that's really made me scared and I looked as white as a sheet, but it was white-knuckle ride too.Hey, teacher do you want to listen this ghost-story? I'am sure that you will get as white as sheet

Tina, the Czech Republic
One day my nice hubby took me to Blackpool to see the fun fair. We had a ride on one of those monstrose metal things which from the ground look fantastic. As we got on, and it started climbing and climbing and climbing... I was slowly but undoubtly getting whiter and whiter as I was as white as a sheet. Jesus, that was such a white-knuckled ride. However, would you believe, that we repeated that 3times more? So, it is black and white for me, that I love Blackpool.

Mi Kyeong, South Korea
In night, I was way to go home and was felting someone was following me. Stepping fastly , I reached at my home but was as white as sheet when I saw someone passing behind me. I was a white knuckle-ride on having sky diving .

Mariem, Tunisia
I have just finished reading Crime and Punishment..the hero s adventures are a white knuckle rides..I was so involved that I get many time as white as a sheet.It s black and white,the story is a masterpiece.

Tess, Iceland
After watching Harry Potter 4 for the first time i was as white as a sheet and could not sleep for many days. My nights were a white-knukle ride !

Mahsa, Iran
hello teacher, I've already joined your class.The way you teach us the new idioms is really a white-knuckle ride one! no sooner had my bro gone to bed than he heard the scream in this video.His face was as white as a sheet!

Kirsti, France
When my teenage niece visited us I invited her to an adventure park for a go ape course. It was a white-knuckle ride until, when being twelve meters above the ground, my old hands simply lost their grip of the upper wire and I fell. I went white as a sheet. Fortunately the safety harness stood the shock and I dangled in the air until I was rescued.

Nguyen Trong Hieu, Vietnam
Yesterday, I didn't prepare for the Literature Class. I thought thar it'll be OK and the teacher wouldn't notice me. But, I had to review the last lesson. I've gone as white as a sheet! Luckily, the teacher had mercy on me, and let me review the lesson later!

Julce, Russia
My friend is a crasy driver. Every time he invites me to drive on his Impreza i look forward to a white-knuckle ride))It's really exciting when we dash through the city and turn away from other cars. Actually, Andrew is a prodriver and his driver style never makes me as white as a sheet))

Leo III Vargas, Mexico.
One day I got up of bed and asked for my mom... nobody answered. I went to the kitchen, to her bedroom, to the living room. Suddenly she jumped up and told "Happy birthday!" I was upset because my heart was beating fast and I turned as white as a sheet by that scary shout.

Debora, Brazil
Last week, during the Carnaval, I travelled to Ouro Preto in Minas Gerais, and when I arrived there I was as white as a sheet, I felt very bad during the journey, the road is so dangerous.

Bonnie, Taiwan
I had a nightmare in childhood. A snake crawled through my body, and my face was stiff and as white as a sheet. How a horror dream it was.

M.J, South Korea
Actually, I like to go the entertainment park to ride advantures. Last year I went to Everland which is the most famouse place, I rode the newest roller coast which was the white-kncle ride.

I"ve a experienced of white-knuckle ride.when I"ed ride a Nagordola.

Sun, South Korea
When my baby fell down to the floor, My mother looked as white as a sheet.

Andre Luis, Brazil
It's black and white I am ever white as a sheet when my children go on a dangerous white-knuckle ride.

Marcar, Brazil
In Portuguese (BR), with the same sense, we ordinarily say "white as a paper" and not "white as a sheet". A "sheet of paper" is associated to "white" but a sheet alone is much more green than white, because we use this same word meaning a leaf (a blade of a plant is a sheet of a tree)!

Sana, Pakistan
My trip to the hilly area has been a white-knuckle ride. I gone white as a sheet when i saw a scary movie.

Wael, Syria
when i went skiing for the first time in my life i found it a white knuckle ride, but after i broke my leg i was really as white as a sheet.

Mariado, Spain
Last carnaval I went in Cadiz, the people fancy dress like death and it was so real that I was so scared that I looked as whtie as a sheet

Zainab, Pakistan
charachters never are all black and white sometimes a hero can turnout to be a coward and turn as white as sheet when he finds himself in a situation similar to white knuckle ride

Takashi, Japan
In a haunted house. my girl friend Lily got scared and she looked as white as a sheet.

Maria, Dubai
Last Week i went to the wayer park and i went into a toy that had a dark tunnel...After i went out this tunnel i was white as a sheet and i felt white-knukle ride!!

Evelyn, Macao
After reading Agatha Christie my face's gone as white as a sheet. Like getting off a white-knuckle ride. You want to know if I enjoy it? The answer is black and white!

Bahij , Libya
fristly i want to show my wonderful expression to every lesson you had showed , it's amazing and usefull .when i was young i visited poland , and at frist day in hotel happen earth quak , i did not know what that was , and that thing make me go as a white sheet when i heard a people run away from the builds

Donna, China
Actually, i suppose life should be colorful from beginning to end, but as time goes by,becoming so familiar with the trivial aroud us, we suddenly found the world we live in is black and white,and we try to discover the new everyday and expect the white-knuckle happen some day.but some of us got as white as a sheet after a long pursuing when we see the result which far beyond reach.

David Bior, Sudan
hi,teacher your lesson is as good as word of God which iwill keep remembering it in my life time.we where told in the training that whenever you are in aproblem you can be assist by your happen in december our house was on fire itold my friend to take my bag out of fire but he was as white as a sheet. Mr.David Bior

Dai, Japan
Hi Teacher,this time of teacher series is white-knuckle ride.This high-quality video find us whether you are as white as a sheet.It's black and white this change of your site is very good.

Channa, Sri Lanka
It's black and white that if the bankers were more responsible and regulated the recession could have been far less. effected across the industries.

Karima, Afghanistan
Hi Teacher! it is my first time i found this website it is very black and white to me, i want to share my idea when i went to the English class i didn't know about the homework when teacher asked me i became as white as a sheet

Reda sid-ahmed yahiaoui, Algeria.
hello.i'm working in an oil and gas company, and one day i was walking around the plant just to check if every thing is alright, and suddenly i heard a big noise and seen a white atmospher due to a gas leak, i was scared and thougt that my life was over, i was a little bit paralised to take action quickly, for sure i was as white as a sheet, my blood freezed.i had to gave the alarm, for me it was like black and white, either i cope my scared and gave alarm or stay watching the plant detruction.

Yoo Jeonghoon, South Korea
The bushfire in Australia is black and white. When I saw the news, my face turned as white as a sheet.

Yvonne, Taiwan
I have turned to be very concerned about the animal protection since I had a pet dog Harry in my junior high.He is my bedside companion every nights.As a result,I just can't understand the people who treat ther pets cruelty.For a real owner,to take care ther pets should be a common sense.It's absolutely black and white.By the way,this summer I"ll have a travel study in England.This is my first time to the UK,so it's a new white-knuckle ride for me.

Hi, I had really a white knuckle ride when the driver was quite inexperienced and I was as white as a sheet.Most of the car accidents happen because of carelees driving ,it is black and white for me.

Hi, Teacher,In our real world, many things are not black and white.

Sophal, Cambodia
Hello, I'll share you the experience of the entertainment in Seoul, South Korea.One day I came to visit the Lotte World's Park. There were many games and activities to play for relaxation.Firstly, i visited the ghost's house. It looked like a mysterious place and I felt as white as a sheet while I entered. after that I came around to see the Atlantis Advanture. It look very interesting and I decided to try it.Then, I didn't really know if my decision is black and white and I came on board. The journey started with the very fast car on the winding up and down road and I could not even open my eyes. To me, it is a white-knuckle ride journey. I will nver try again.

Tina, Taiwan
The economic crisis in Taiwan caused people as white as a sheet and umemployment seemed to be a white-knucle ride to everyone.

Toshiro, Japan
The world of politics is so complicated, but when it comes to the issue of a Financail Minister being drunk at the G7 press conference, it's black and white. The Prime Minister must have been as white as a sheet when he saw that on TV.

Clarice, Brazil
The first two idioms:it's black and white and white as a Sheet are very clear for us, Brazillians, because our language, portuguese, uses the same idioms for the same situations. The third is unusual for us but is very interesting because when someone is excited,he squeezes his hands so the blood runaway from his knuckes that seem white.

Jennifer. Colombia
In 2007 I was as white-knucle ride when I went in Cali city becouse I had to present my designe, it was do it in tree leaves whit flowers, in a event of fashion, it was called biofashion. This is the best thing that I could do.

Francisca, Chile
I always hope that my life has many experiencies a white-knuckle ride. But sometimes I complain because make me as white as a sheet. Fortunately, anyhthing in my life it is black and white.

Faten, Syria
Welcome back teacher, I wish you had good time. when I think about the TOFEL test and the necessity of doing it as soon as possible I became as white as a sheet. I really know that I must study very hard, it`s black and white. I`m really thankful of you because I find the benefit and the excitement in your lessons, they are really a white knuckle ride.

Behzad, Iran
sometimes i drive so fast that my mother says it is a white knucle ride to be with you

Lucia, Bolivia
I consider go hiking to the country side a white-knuckle ride, I really enjoy that. However when I bump into with a snake or a big hairy spider I go as white as a sheet!!!!! nothing worst can happen!!!, but at the end everything is white and black, fun and adventure.

Javier, Spain
Skiing is always a white knuckle ride, even though is not always black and white. I'd better say it's white and white and white, above all when you fall down and become a snowman as white as a sheet.

Bunjee Jumping always makes me as white as a sheet,but i'm still so fall for it~~it's just a white-knuckle ride!

Abdul Hameed
One day my teacher said to me that if you will waste your time,your future will be destroyed and if you avail it than you will be succeed and now it's black and white to me.

Marta, Italy
hi yeacher, today I had an oral exams with my teacher and I was as white as a sheet. but luckly there's your course very white knuckle ride so that I can improve my english.

Thao, Vietnam
I had a nightmare on car accident. Firstly, it seems a white-knuckle ride as i rode a luxury, unique car. Secondly, many people look and admire me. Maybe they make me neglect in driving. That leads to rush into tree. Finally, I woke up and went as white as a sheet.

Nguyen, Vietnam
hi, know? when i was at secondary school, i had a lot of difficulties in learning maths.maths was not as black and white to me as english at all.but since i met my closest friend_Hung_ my study has improved a lot thanks to his help. studying math with him is really a white knuckle ride.i no longer go as white as sheet when i have math the way thanks for your lessons .they are also so real white knuckle rides.looking forward to seeing you.

Naheed, Pakistan
Hello teacher, you are not only intelligent but you are also very funny:-). I remember my journey to Murry Hills by road and it was a real white-knuckle ride.

Firman, Indonesia
This website is clearly black and white and really useful for me. I enjoy it so much like riding a roller coaster just as a white-knuckle ride.

Bek, China
I walked along the trial in Canmore. A big animal jumped out right in front of me. My face turned as white as a sheet

Zinou, Algeria
Hi dear teacher,it's great to see you again.Then,I would nicely say,I have experienced such white knuckle ride when I first got to this worthy visiting web browser.Once,I got it,I went as white as sheet as it seemed such a big deal;but now everything looks to be black and white.

Oscar Santos, Brazil
Hello, teacher! Respect our elders is a black and white situation whereas looking at the economic situation can turn you as white as a sheet. But hang on strong because after a white-knuckle ride we always manage to get better!!!Hugs, Oscar

Catherine, Singapore
Last midnight,my sister was as white as a sheet. Because she felt she was seeing a ghost.

Rasit Araz, Turkey
Teaching this way is much easier than learning in a classroom. It's black and white.

Andrzej, Poland
Learning English in Poland I felt it was black and white, being in England and facing native English speakers I was as white as a sheet but after a while even though I still do a lot of mistakes English for me is like a white-knuckle ride.

Kwang, Korea
Hello, teacher. It's nice to meet you. I think we should not decide everything in that way it's black and white. And when I was a childe, I saw a snake first time in the small mountain behind my house then I was very scared as a white as a sheet.

Fathia, Libya
It was a white knuckle-ride for me when I tried to watch a fright movie alone. I became as white as sheet when the film is based on accelerated and increased the bloody scenes. It's for me black and white to not watch such these movies because of the nightmares I had after watching them, but the pleasure of experience itself is the stronger always.

Judy is as white as a sheet. She was nearly hit by car last night. It was a white knuckle ride.

Norton, China
I love this lesson showed by you. I was so scared that I almost went as white as a sheet when it appeared a skull in the middle of the lesson. It's like a white-knucke ride which is very exciting and stimulates me to continue to learn English in a happy and interesting way. Another point I wanna say your explaination is black and white, easily understandable. Thank you very much for your fantastic work.

Altaf, India
The BBC had already informed about the change of format in Learning English, Now I could see the same in black and white.When an Income-tax officer found hiding of income in tax return,you believe me, my face had turned as white as a sheet.On the day of Rehaman's arrival in chennai,everyone in this place danced and enjoyed as if we won a Oscar.It's really a white knuckle ride for all of us to watch that ocassion.

Ashrafomar, Bahrain
its black and white for me to see that you are trying to do some thing useful here best wishes

Xochitl (means queen of flowers), Mexico
Hello teacher!Five years ago, I was slepping suddenly Something or someone pulled my hair,shoked my head and shouted in my ear "Listen to me!!!!" ...Then I wake up and saw around me...I was alone.My friends told me that was a nigthmare but my ponytail was choked between the mattress and the headboard... I was as white as a sheet. See you

Nando, Spain
I don't think it's all black and white when we speak of the world crisis; just the thought of facing real hardship makes me go as white as a sheet and look at it as if we were all in a white-knuckling ride on the road to perdition.

Richard, Czech
Hi Teacher! When I first saw my literature teacher, I was as white as a sheet. Now the situation is black an white. If you repeat exactly what she says, you are safe. Her lessons are a real white-knuckle ride as you never know what to expect of her.

Ale, Italy
Hi teacher, I'm new here, nice to meet you. If I think about my life before finding you teacher...I look as white as a sheet! Before I was alone and sad, now I have an interesting and intelligent teacher: for me it's black and white! :)

Kiattisak, Thailand
Hello, tecacher. Nice to meet you. This is my first time I visit this website. Oh! your lesson is a white-knuckle ride. I really love this lesson. Thank you.

Deivid, Chile
It is a white-knucle ride to use the freeway from my home to work, everyone drive too fast.

Oika, Tokyo
Dear teacher, somethmes things happened to make you miserable as you are the only one who know the meaning of black and white as the others is blind folded their own eye without knowing the truth. Certain time this kind of white-knuckle ride experience would leave a memorable dot in your mind since you are the innocent one, being as white as a sheet.

Balid, Libya
Hi our tutors, and thank you so much for that. I felt a white-knuckle ride when I was boarding on the plane at the first time.

Abdul Hameed, Pakistan
Birds are the beauty of the World,their sweet songs amuse me alot.I can't imagine World without birds'if we won't protect them from being hunted than there will be silence everywhere.For me it's a black and white. 2)When we heard the news that a suicide bomber had entred the city,than we were as white as sheet.

Andre Klava, Brazil
Not only your lessons are great to improve our english, but it taugh people about the environment, which is a very paramount subject! Deal with it it's just black and white!

Boom, Thailand
Many years ago, my friedns and I traveled in a small boat by the sea. There was windy day and quite high sea waves cause of nearly rain. We were as white as a sheet. o O"

Flavia Cabral, Brazil
I had a terrible experience when I was in the Carnival and I realized that I had lost all my documents! I was white as a sheet!

Reading class, Level 4, USA
I made a mistake in the vocabulary test. But the teacher explained the meaning of the word to me and everything became black and white for me.

Sergio, Argentina
Nice to hear from you! I was white as a sheet when I realized that I have just press the ENTER in my pc and send a joky e-mail to my boss!!

Salvador, Mexico
HI, when I was 14 some police, acuse me for stole a bicycle. It was very terrible white-knuckle ride for me for 2 or 3 days,

Lourdes Bustos, Mexico
Hello! I am Lulu. I was white as a sheet when I had in my arms my first baby Elisa, I didn`t know how take care of her.

Javier, Spain
Hi teacher, The first time that I've come across your website. Really good and useful. Last Tuesday, when I went down to my running club, we found that a mate took his life on Sunday. We went as white as a sheet.Really sad news.So this post goes for his memory.Cheers Malachi.

Anita, Slovakia
Hi Teacher! I experienced a white knuckle ride when I went on the London Underground last November. When I went on it alone for the first time, I think, I was as white as a sheet. I am looking forward to the next episode. Take care,

George, Egypt
Hallo our teacher, we miss you so much, by the way, yesterday i was thinking what is black and white characteristics in my personality.

VinĂ­cius, Brazil
Hey teacher, how you doing?, it's been a long time that you hadn't posted new lessons, I missed your lessons because they are a white-knuckle ride! I really enjoy them...Yesterday when I was ridding my motorcycle a dog crossed the road, and I was white as a sheet because I was afraid of hitting it and crash...bye-bye

Myron, China
Very pleased to see you again! All my students became white as a sheet after hearing their Chinese teacher's shout. For me, the white-knuckle ride are your excellent lessons and your funny posture as well.

Akintayo, Akinyele U.K.
The economic recession in no longer an illussion, it is all written in black and white

Martina, Italy
Hi teacher, I'd like to tell you my little adventure. I was driving with my mother next to me and we were talking so I didn't notice the car in front of us stopped. What a crush! I was white as sheet.Of course it was my fault, the case was black and white.For the next weeks I had only white-knuckle rides.

Jenny, Canada
I have experienced a white-knuckle ride.When I stayed in China, one night I was woken by the earthquake in 1976. It's really a white-knuckle ride, I shocked as white as a sheet.

My friend was as white as a sheet when he was watching the movie last night while I think this movies was a white-knuckle ride.very happy to see you again TeacherBBcafe

Tracy, China
Pungee jumping is really a white knuckle ride. I got as white as a sheet after I'd played it.

Grace Chien, Taiwan
Daniel looked as white as a sheet as soon as he saw the news that his company was bankruptcy from the TV.

Jean Marie, France
Hello Teacher, glad to see you again!On the highest floor of an enormous department store, I found out I had not my wallet and I became as white as a sheet when I realised that I had left it on my car roof in the basement. Lost among these people overcrowded the whole floor I tried as quick as possible to find a way to the issues. As all lifts were full or unavailable I took these incredibly slow escalators. Rushing down through the store from the top to the basement I skidded down 5 or 6 narrows moving stairways, trying to remember the basement number. After a time which could be in the Guinness book of records for such a performance in a Christmas shopping affluence I found my car and the wallet too. It was a white-knuckle ride.

Hyoshil, UK
We take our son to a swimming lesson every sunday.The swimming pool has proper two diving board.One day I went on the highest diving boad with my son.When I was standing on the edge of the board my knee-caps started knocking together and my face turned as white as a sheet.Did I jump into the water? Well..

Sami, Syria
I felt white as a sheet when i was waitting for the acceptance visa to visit england!

Fashai, Thailand
Last month my 90days extention in Thailand was overdue, when I found that I was white as a sheet at that moment.

Nguyet, Viet Nam
I thought that you would not come back but this didn't happen. Thank you very much. I like your lessons very much. They are really a white-knuckle ride. I have attended a rock show. We've danced and sung. It is a white-knuckle ride as well.

Gianluca, Italy
First of all I have to thank you for your interesting and fun videos; secondly i would say I got very nervous and before discussing my thesis; then talking, having in of front of me the commission was a white-knuckle ride.

Akshay Saxena, India
That was really a white knuckle ride, when i started speaking in english. And after learning, i thought that i'm one of the best english speaker.But when i heard native english speakers, i've gone as white as a sheet.

Josiane, France
I am now a grand mother and when I went skiing with my grand children this winter,it was a white-knuckle ride for me. I did not manage to follow them and I soon became as white as a sheet.What is certain :the snow is white : no doubt, it's black and white !

Valery, Azerbaijan
Once during my trip to Moscow i experienced a white knuckle ride. I was very excited and happy as it was one of my dreams that time. But a stranger sitting beside me become as pale as a sheet and added: "they must provide with diaper before the ride starts" :))))) I will never forget that funny buddy

Ann Wong, China
Most of my dreams were a white-knuckle ride, that' s very scared for me!

on a rainy day,i took a taxi to work.i was talking to the driver about the annoying weather,but "bang",we hit one car ahead of us.i was as white as a sheet and so scared.anyway,the driver and i are all fine. PS.i like BBS so give us lots of useful things to learn.thank you very much.

Mohsen, Iran
im a new student ! hi , ones I was alone at home and i was watching the brudge film I was as white as a sheet it was so scarring

Gustavo, Brazil
In fact, when I was watching a movie here - in Portuguese it's named "O chamado" - at the same time it was raining. So, I was as white as a sheet because Samanta, the protagonist, came over from the TV and she was wet...Finally, I'm a white knuckle ride once the Teacher came back!I really missed you man...your programme is the best one to learn English. And very funny!

Stella, Taiwan
Recently, panic has seized me.I've lost track of my best friend.I turn as white as a sheet just at the thought of losing her.

Aymen, Sudan
Once I saw a snake I went white as a sheet .Last week I went skating and I had a white knuckle ride .

Eunbaee Kim, South Corea
When I went to the Philliphnes two years ago, I was riding on jetski in the middle of sea. It was more a white-knuckle ride than any experience before. I definitely recommand that if you traveled to South Asia, you should expreience of the jetski. If you don't want to regret...Have a nice weekend...everyone!

Byeung, S. Korea
When i was in elemently school the chief of teacher was very strict not to allow buy toy which possibly harm to other student. I had gone as white as a sheet at the moment that he found me bought some dangerous toy from store near school.

Evelyn, Ireland
Hi!!Another day, I was at home washing dishes when my mother came back in silence and I had as white as a sheet.Thank you.

Danny C, Poland
It was a white-knuckle ride when I tried skiing for my first time. I was white as a sheet when we had turbulences during the flight.

Majed Attish, Jordan
Last year when i were going to my work i had an accedent then i have gone as white as a sheet.

Mehmet, Turkey
it was a white-knuckle moment for many Turks when Prime Minister Erdogan had a fierce talk with Israele PM in Davos.

Azita, Iran
Hi teacher, welcome back.Last summer,I was on holiday in Turkey . We went white watter rafting.We enjoyed it a lot.It was very exiting and a white knuckle ride.

Lu, Russia
Hallo, I once was as white as a sheet when my brother left me alone on cemetry at midnight. I was 5 years old and he told me: stay here and wait our grandmother she will bring you some sweets.... xa-xa-xa... Then he dissapeared... As for me it was not funny, but some years ago I avenged on him. I won't tell you how I had done it to prevent you be as white as a sheet:)))

Ken, Morocco
A week ago, I had a bad flue. Since then, I have been as white as a sheet. It reminds me of the day I lost my way in the everglade...

Ismail Marouf, France
It's fantastic how you explain those idioms, it's a white-kunckle ride!Go on; thank you

Sarah, Iran
It was a real white-knuckle ride when I first flew on a helicopter! But my mom wouldn't think so. She was scared.In fact she was as white as a sheet! BY the way it's black and white that we need to learn idoms!

Luis, Spain
Morning everyone,i was white as sheet when I was told that a 29 years old neighbour had suicided yesterday night. On the one hand i feel a great sadness, but on the other one it is a bit scary.

Gladys, Holland
Ufff As Paula says Welcome back Teacher, I did not know you , but I really liked you.Well, when I went sky for the first time, it was amazing, everything was white and around me a lot of people were having fun. That was A WHITE KNUCKLE RIDE

Estibaliz, Spain
Hi!I was white as a sheet the last weekend because I've sprained my ankle. For me it's black and white that the wars don't serve for anything. Best whises, Estibaliz.

Carla, Italy
my last exam at universty has been a white-knuckle ride... I wasn' t really prepared! I seated in front of the professor white as a sheet, but then, when I started to talk, I was able to say precisely what is black and what is white about labour rights :) ..I' m a quite intelligent and interesting person!ps: Welcome back Teacher!

Juris, Latvia
In Latvia, if something is not only bad or only good, we use almost the same idiom. We say - It's not only black or only white. For example, the democracy or authoritarian regime is not only black or only white. Almost everything has their good and bad sides, especially if you speak about bigger processes.

Santi, Spain
Nice to listen you again, teacher. Yesterday my son asked me a small question about chemistry. It was very difficult for him, but black and white for me, because I'm a scientist.

David, Korea
Hi Teacher! this is first time I try this,, When I went to the Movie world I was white as a sheet after seeing such big rides there,,

Jose Adelson, Brazil
These video lessons are always a white-nuckle ride - they turn anyone who is as white as a sheet, due to be in a black and white world of doubts and scary uncertainties, into something of a knowledgeable and confident English speaker.

Krystel, France
One time, I've gone as white as a sheet. in fact, when I was 10, I've seen the movie "Chuky" - excuse me, cause I don't really remember how to write it - and since this day, I couldn't sleep whith that kind of things anymore. When I see this movie I was so sared, frightened, ...

Ivan Cosic, Serbia
I remember one situation when I was as white as a sheet. I was walking near cemetery in a countryside very late in the evening. It was really unpleasant!

Xiaomao Li, China
This is my first time to be here to listen your lessons. It is a real white-knuckle ride lecture for me! I am white as a sheet when I see any Horror Movie even if with some friends of mine! Just have a try.Thank you!

Christine, UAS
Now,I am studying in the UAS. Last year, I had a chance to visit my country, Korea, to take part in my brother's wedding. It was such a white -knuckle ride because I hadn'd had an oppotunity to go back to my homeland for 2years after having come here.

Yandira, Peru
Hello teacher!!! it was the firts time that I have watched your program and it was really a white knuckle ride!!! For me, wars are black and white!Once I watched a scary movie and got as white as a sheet.Thanks for your great class!

Jun, S.Korea
I haven't had this lesson before. It's interesting for me. I really like horror movie..scared, fright..oh good. But, I'm white as a sheet during am watching a horror movie.

Anna Bui, Vietnam
If you are a bus driver, it's black and white that you have got to concentrate on driving all the time. There is no time for mistake.

Chengdu, China
He was driving so fast that our car almost rolled over on the highway. Both of us looked as white as sheet afterwards. I swear I'll never let him drive my car again after this white-knuckle ride. Safe driving is the most important consideration anway. It is really a black and white issue.

Kristy Lam, Hong Kong
I was as white as a sheet when I was singing on the stage. That was a real white knuckle ride.

Luo, China
One night,I went to the forest.It was very dark and I was very fear.Sundenly,someone pat me on my back.I have gone as white as a sheet.

Young, S.Korea
When I watch a scaring movie such as horrible films, my face usualy go as white as a sheet, but, in other hand this kind of films sould ba a white-knuckle ride because the more scaring the films are, the more I enjoy watching

Ye Seul, South Korea
I love 'The Teacher'. It's easy to understand. Thanks teacher.I love football,so I watch all EPL league matches on the tube every weekend. Everytime my favourite club loses the game, my family can expect what will happen to me. It's a black and white.

Nagarjun, India
I had an experience of effect of electricity on body during fallen a electricity wire over me during going in a congested street due to broken wire & i shocked then i have gone as white as sheet due to scare of death.

Thinh, Viet Nam
The last night, I had a great party with my friends. And today, in the History class, I turn as white as a sheet when my teacher check my exercises. It's too unlucky for me.

Sylvia, China
It's black and white that judging students only by score is inappropriate. But in China, never try to get bad points in university entrance exam. For that would make parents and teachers as white as a sheet. Until now, I can still remember the white-knuckle ride when I call to check my scores.

Vero, China
Oh my, I've really wait a long time till I saw you back,mwha~Welcome back~~It is a white-knuckle ride for me to watch Asian thriller movies, I was often as white as a sheet when I'm watching. However, I just can not resist the temptation.

Jimmyasphalt, Taiwan
Once I took a tour in Paris and got a white-knuckle ride with my wife that time.I remembered that she was white as sheet when looked down from the high of iron tower.I told her that above. She said "I have never been there, who went with you?"I said I'm sorry,my dear.It's black and white. I was wrong.

Ha-Eun, Korea
Welcome back Teacher! Nice to meet you again! I was waiting for you very long time! ^^; I've gone as white as a sheet whenever I had a migraine. Because the pain was so terrible.

Antonio Doniseti
Thank you for this wonderful video

Lisbeth, Peru
Hello Teacher! I had a white-knuckle ride experience when I took a plane for first time. Now,I feel so excited. I am waiting for the next time on a plane.

Sunny, China
Your proposal about learning english sounds all right, but can I see it in black and white?

Erica, Taiwan
Welcome back, my dear teacher. I was white as a sheet when I found my computer was stolen last year. I don't know how the thief entered my home and when I heard some voice, no matter what, in the night, I feel so terrible and can't sleep well since then.

Nara Oh, South Korea
When I heard something weird in my wardrobe last night while I was sleeping, I went as white as a sheet!

Alex, Mexico
I'm glad to see you again teacher. I was white as sheet when a really big dog jumped over me the last week.

Magda, Colombia
Hello teacher, I had a white-knuckle when i was in the hospital to give birth to my baby.

Maurillo Rosa, Brazil
Hello Teacher!It is good to see you again. Your way to teaching us always has been a white-knuckle ride, hasn't it?My best regards.Maurillo Rosa

Atusi Ushiyama
Before about several year I was about to run over one old woman by my car at a crossing. I found her standing there before almost 50meters but regarded her walking to finish crossing there without stopping.But she continued to stand in the middle of crossing with fear.Her mind might change to one as white as a sheet. I could barely stop my car several meters without running over as could put on brake strongly. At dangerous judgment that she walked acoss there, if I contiue to run my car, I would have killed her by running over.

Jane, China
I'm studying international business with communication in a British university which requires us to be a critical thinker. I was as white as a sheet when my tutor told me that love has reasons in university. In my opinion this cannot be a black and white thing.

Jamil, Brazil
Ever friday night i play soccer witch my friends, this is time of white-knucle ride. Regards

Viviane, Brazil
New situations as like as change a job really make me as white as a sheet. But only for a while.

Salma Fallatah, Saudi Arabia
thank you teacher, I liked your lessons a lot. I was as white as sheet when they told me in the airport that i've missed the airplane. i have to stay alone all night.

Isabel Cristina, Brazil
Really nice having you back Teacher!While for me rafting was a white-knuckle ride, for my sister it was awful. She was all the way as white as a sheet.

Nouh Shanta, Libya
welcome back teacher !i was as a white as a sheet when i've heard that you are not here .. so please stay with us and learn us more and more !!best wishes , nouh shanta

I had a white-knuckle ride today lesson.It was great.

Soner, Turkey
it was a white kunckle ride. thank you for teach us new words

Sergio, Brazil
I used to get as white as a sheet when I heard ghost stories. For those who are determined people, things are always black or white. Diving in deep sea must be a white-knucle ride.

Elena, Mexico
Few days ago I was in my house watching a movie (terror),I did not listen when my sister came, then she put her hand in my shoulder, I was scared and she said me: "You look like you've just seen a ghost. Your face is as white as a sheet.

William, Cameroon
Hello teacher, I just join the class hope will be good for me who want to improve my English in fact I tried many ways to learn but it was black and white, and sometime I am so white as a sheet when I try to speak with English native.thanks bye

Roman, Argentina
Welcome teacher, I think that your lessons are a white-knuckle ride. However I feel as black as a sheet when I have to take in too many words. Your are great.

Carlos, Brazil
I've experienced whith my mother when she drove a car...I never more lent my car for her because I had stayed a white-knuckle ride!

Irene and Sasha, Russia
Hello! We really like you! Last summer in Turkey, when we were riding down the water-slide in Aqua Park we were really scared! It was a white-knuckle ride.After that we were as white as a sheet and didn't want to try it again because the slide was about 5 meters high!!!

Trupti Jani, London
I have enjoyed white-knuckle ride on Circus.I walked through the forest at night as white as a sheet

Roberto, Peru
I remember once I went to this marvellous city in Cuszo, Machupicchu, and I had to get to the top of this hill (Waynapicchu) wow it took me 25 min to get up there but in order to do so I had to go through thus paths which were so rocky and steedy, it was really white-knuckle ride

Teddy, korea
hi..dear..this lecture is that it's black and white because of brilliant i am a white-knuckle ride to listen to this. thank you very much for all your effort...

Melanie, France
I discover this section today and it is a white-knuckle experience. I was white as a sheet when you began to dance and to yell! But in this white and black world i would say your lesson are white! And really well made!Thanks

Last night I had a really bad dream,then I woke up suddenly. I was as white as a sheet.Also,I remembered one of my very scarry memories.I was with my friends and we were driving around with the car and the weather was rainy,but the important thing is one of my frineds who was driving the car was a bit drunk,and he suddenly began to use the steering wheel so crazily that we were on the edge of an accident.It was a total white-knuckle ride.

Ramy Fayez , Egypt
studying english for me is a white knuckle ride

Biba, Macedonia
Yes ,I have.I experienced a white-knuckle ride when I went to the Pleasurewood Hills in Norfolk,three years ago.I had a roller coaster ride and I thought I would stop breathing and die.My friends told me that I was as white as a sheet.However,I would like to go there again and have the same ride!

Enrique, Mexico
I had once an extremely exiting experience. I and some friends were driving back home. We were on a curve and it was impossible to see forward. We were driving in the opposite direction! Suddenly a big truck appeared in front of us!!! All of us became as white as a sheet. That's was a really

Moon, Vietnam
Hi, when I played a game called " Scooby Doo, Where are you?" at Movie World in Gold Coast, Australia, I felt very scare. At that time I thought, may be I will die because we was in a dark area and we did not know what happened. Oh my god,it was a white-knuckle ride

Dasha, Ukraine
Hello the most intelligent and interesting English teacher in the world,Your idiom lessons are really great! I experience a real white-knuckle ride at your lessons!:)I am always as white as a sheet when I burn the midnight oil. It's black and white for me that I should better hit the sack earlier.

Williams, Mexico
Once I jumped in parachute, from an airplane, I think that was really white-knucle ride, don't you think??? My knees was really shaking before the jump, and maybe I was as white as a sheet, but I didn't care and I decided just jump... it was amazing

Ranie, Canada.
Though at first I felt like as white as a sheet I was brave enough to prove my theory to the class in black and white.

Nicholas Rivelli
Hi! my name is Nicholas and i am an ex-military in my country, Brazil. In the brazilian Air Force i used to do a lot of white-knuckle rides. I did a lot of bungee jumps and another of this things but i used to get white as a sheet when my boss call me. Enter on his room was certainly a big risk to be arested on the GQ on the weekends. So i leave this Unit just to can not stand get white as a sheet.

Ricky, Italy
I'm actually as white as a sheet, because Silvio Berlusconi is the Italian prime minister for the third time. I see this situation in black and white.

Leonardo, Brazil
Once, I was at the hospital for making a surgery and I was very nervous. So I was white as a sheet.In fact, I had a white-knuckle ride, because was the first time the doctor made that kind of surgery...Thank you...

Ana Paula, Brazil
Welcome back Teacher! We missed you a lot :-). I was white as a sheet when I got lost one night in a dangerous neighbourhood. Gee! I don´t like even to remember :-). Best wishes, Ana Paula.

Sofia, Portugal
i had one experience, very funny.when i started to drive, i felt very nervous and enthusiastic. I can say that the first lesson was a white-knuckle ride.

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