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Splash out


Li's on holiday in the Caribbean. She's staying in an expensive hotel with a big swimming pool. She's very surprised to find Finn there too, and has some bad news for him. Listen to the programme to find out why.

A swimmer

Sometimes it's good to splash out

The script for this programme

(Li bumps into Finn at an expensive hotel in the Caribbean)

Li: Glorious sunshine, lovely swimming pool... Ah, this is the life! Oh, isn't that Finn? Finn! What are you doing here?

Finn: Hello Li! I'm on holiday! You, too?

Li: Yes! I am.

Finn: Don't you love the Caribbean? And it's a great hotel, isn't it? Come on, sit by the pool with me here... have some champagne...

Li: Oh, champagne?!

Finn: Yes. What better than enjoying a little bubbly - a little champagne - here under the tropical sun?

Li: But Finn... last week you told me you had no money - you said you were skint. This is a pretty expensive holiday!

Finn: Yeah. That's true. But you know what? Our boss called me into his room and said I was up for a promotion! So I thought - you only live once and you've got to splash out! Actually, I do fancy a swim. Here we go!

(Finn dives into the pool)

Li: Well, that big splash was Finn diving into the pool. Looks like he's enjoying his holiday! He also said it's good to 'splash out' now and again.

Finn: Hi, Li. It's lovely here in the water!

Li: Good, good! But his phrase 'to splash out' has nothing to do with diving. It means to spend a lot of money on pleasant things you don't really need - and it's our phrase in The English We Speak today. Let's hear some examples:

  • I was feeling sad last week, so I splashed out on a new computer and... I felt great!
  • I had to queue for ages to get my shopping yesterday. The shops were full of people splashing out after pay day.

Li: Here he comes. I hope he enjoyed his swim as I have some bad news for him.

Finn: Ah, what a swim! It's great being here on holiday, isn't it Li?

Li: Finn...

Finn: Yes?

Li: You know you said our boss offered you a promotion...?

Finn: Yes?

Li: Well, did he actually offer it to you?

Finn: Not exactly. He said I'm a very good worker, and... well, he didn't actually offer me anything. But I thought... well, he would...

Li: You see Finn, the promotion... he offered it to me!

Finn: Oh... Li... well... congratulations and... Well, I'd better pack and leave tomorrow... It's an expensive hotel...

Li: Well, you're probably right. But our boss might consider you for a bonus later in the year.

Finn: That would be good. Yes.

Li: Sorry Finn. But let's not let the Caribbean sun go to waste. How about another splash - just a swim, I mean?

Finn: OK.

Li: I can race you to the other end. Come on!

Finn: OK! Alright! Here we go! Bye.

Li: Bye.

(Li and Finn run to the pool and dive into the water)


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