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Cheesed off


Finn's not happy. His boss has told him to write his long, boring report again. Li offers him some cheese, but it doesn't help. He's 'cheesed off'. Listen to the programme to find out what this expression means.


Do you get angry when you feel hungry?

The script for this programme

(Finn comes into the office where Li is working and he looks very angry)

Li: Hi Finn. Oh, you don't look that happy today... Here, have a bit of cheese.

Finn: No thanks, Li.

Li: It's tasty! Italian cheese – my favourite.

Finn: Thank you, Li. But, I'm sorry, I'm just in a terrible mood today. Do you know I have to spend the whole weekend writing a report?

Li: Oh really…?

Finn: Well, the boss said my first draft wasn't good enough and asked me to do the whole thing again by Monday!

Li: Not much fun. Sorry Finn. Are you sure you don't want some cheese?

Finn: No. No cheese for me, thanks. I'm… I'm really cheesed off!

Li: Cheesed off? Is that a medical problem…? You can't eat cheese?

Finn: No. In English, 'to be cheesed off' means to be really annoyed. I'm so cheesed off! You can also say 'to cheese someone off' – so, writing reports really cheeses me off.

Li: So… now I know why you're cheesed off.

Finn: Yes, 'cheesed off' is today's expression in Authentic Real English. Let's hear some examples of how it's used.

  • Working with Caroline is not easy. She gets really cheesed off when people don't agree with her.

  • My sister cheeses me off. She borrows all my clothes and never returns them!

Li: No need to be cheesed off, Finn. I can help you with your report.

Finn: Oh really. You're such a sweetie, Li!

Li: But you have to do what I say…

Finn: Ok… what do I have to do?

Li: First thing: have some of this cheese!

Finn: Oh, okay. Mmm… mmmmm… this is quite delicious! Can I have some more?

Li: You see. I knew you would feel better after eating something. You weren't just angry – you were hungry! Feeling a bit better now?

Finn: Oh yes. Oh, lovely. Thank you. Now, let's get this done. Bye.

Li: Bye.


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