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Wrong 'un


Li and Finn are looking on an online dating website. Li thinks she's found Mr Right. But Finn thinks he might be a wrong 'un. Learn more about this phrase in the programme.

A cross

Right or wrong?

The script for this programme

(Sounds of tapping on a laptop)

Finn: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak. I'm Finn.

Li: And I'm Li. Oh, he looks nice.

Finn: Yes. We're on Li's computer, on an online dating site. She's looking for a date - a hot guy.

Li: Shhh... don't tell everyone. Well, actually, I don't really just want a date - I'm hoping to meet Mr Right.

Finn: Ooh, Mr Right - the person who is perfect for you - the one you want to spend the rest of your life with!

Li: Yes... ooh. Finn, he looks lovely. He's got two MAs, a PhD, an enormous salary, a huge house in the country and, and... cute hair!

Finn: Li, actually, sorry to say this, but I think he looks like a wrong 'un!

Li: A what?

Finn: A wrong 'un. That means a bad person, someone you can't trust. It's a slang way of saying 'a wrong one'. We use it with 'a' - a wrong 'un. Like that. A wrong 'un.

Li: Ahh, I thought he could be Mr Right, and you think he's a wrong 'un?

Finn: Yes, someone you can't trust. Sorry, I just think he sounds too good to be true - I think he's making it up. Maybe he's lying. He's a wrong 'un. Listen to these examples.

  • He's a real wrong 'un. He always gets into fights.
  • You know, although she says nice things, that Sue's a wrong 'un. She owes so many people money!

Li: You know what, Finn? I've had enough of looking online for a man.

Finn: Yes, well, I know, OK. But I'm sure you'll find someone special.

Li: How about you, Finn? Have you found Miss Right?

Finn: Oh, well Li, you know, that's kind of personal. No need to talk about that in the programme.

Li: Oh Finn, that's not fair!

Finn: No, no, not just now.

Li: Come on just, oh please!

Finn: No, no. That's the end of the programme. Please visit for more. Bye!


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