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Take a rain check


Li is looking for excitement. Rob's not keen on her idea to go the fair and wants to take a rain check. But what does he mean, and will he need an umbrella? Find out in this programme.

People with an umbrella in London

Time for a rain check?

The script for this programme

Rob: This is The English We Speak with me, Rob...

Li: ...and me, Li. Hello. (Sighs) I'm a bit bored today Rob, what shall we do?

Rob: Hmm, how about going to the library?

Li: Boring!

Rob: We could go to the cinema?

Li: Done that. I want to do something exciting. Hey, let's go to the fair!

Rob: You mean the funfair with lots of people and all those big machines to ride on? They make me feel a bit sick. Could I take a rain check on that?

Li:(Opens window)'s OK Rob, it's not raining, we can still go.

Rob: No Li - it's nothing to do with checking the rain - I mean, I don't want to accept your invitation of going to the fair.

Li: Oh, you're not talking about the weather. So Rob, you never want to go to the fair with me, then?

Rob: Well, I might later. If I take a rain check on something, I won't do it immediately but I would like to do it at another time.

Li: Good. OK, here are some examples. We'll see if Rob is ready to go the fair after listening to these:

  • If you don't mind, I'll take a rain check on the drinks tonight. Can we make next week?
  • Man: I'm going to the cinema tonight, do you fancy joining me?
  • Woman: Sorry, I'll have to take a rain check, I already have plans.
  • We had to take a rain check on the trip to the beach because we'd already planned to go shopping, but we'll definitely go tomorrow.

Li: So Rob, if you're taking a rain check now, when would you like to go?

Rob: I think it's going to have to be tomorrow. Look, it really has started to rain now.

Li: Oh no.

Rob: Well, there's still the library... the cinema...

Li: No.

Rob: OK, come on then, get your raincoat, we'll go to the fair.

Li: Oh great! You won't regret it Rob!

(Later at the fair)

Li: You see, I said you wouldn't regret it. Isn't this rollercoaster great?

Rob: Oh... why didn't I take a rain check on this? Join us again soon for another The English We Speak.

Both: Bye.


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