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Other half


Married couples often refer to each other as 'my other half'. And sometimes the husband refers to his wife as 'my better half'.

A man using a mobile phone

A man checking with his other half

The script for this programme

Li: Hi Neil, how are you?

Neil: I'm fine thanks, how are you Li?

Li: I'm good. Are you free on Saturday evening? I'm holding a small dinner party.

Neil: Saturday? Yeah, that would be fantastic but I'd better just check with my other half.

Li: Your other half? What do you mean?

Neil: Yes I'm not sure if my wife has anything planned for Saturday.

Li: Oh! I didn't know you call your wife your other half. That's interesting.

Neil: Yes. That's a phrase often used by married couples to refer to each other.

Li: That's useful to know. Let's hear some examples:

  • A: How's your other half? Is she feeling better?
  • B: Yes, she is much better, thanks.
  • Lady: I like the colour of the car but I should ask my other half before I buy it.
  • A: Fancy another pint, John?
  • B: I'd love another pint but I have promised my other half I'll be home early.

Neil: So, people often refer to their partner as their other half.

Li: Can this phrase be used to refer to both a husband and a wife?

Neil: Yes, that's correct. And sometimes a man will refer to his wife as his 'better half'.

Li: Better half? Of course the woman is always the better half! Wouldn't you agree?

Neil: Of course! My wife always reminds me that she's my better half!

Li: Let's listen to a couple of examples:

  • A: Oh what a lovely room, you've made a great job of this.
  • B: Thanks, but compliments should really go to my better half, she chose all the colours and the furniture.
  • A: Thanks for dinner last night. The food was fantastic!
  • B: You're welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was a fun evening. I'm really lucky, my better half is a great cook, I just have to do all the washing up.

Li: I'm sure your wife thinks you are the better half although she may not say it.

Neil: I hope so.

Li: Well, just check with your better half and let me know if you are coming on Saturday.

Neil: I will do, thank you.


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