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Out of the picture


Finn is proud of his good eye for a picture. Feifei invited him to go to her home and take a photograph of her very special friend. Who is this friend? Listen to find out.


Cutie Pie is definitely not out of the picture.

The script for this programme

(Finn is visiting Feifei)

Feifei: Hi Finn. I am glad you could come to my house to take a picture of my special friend.

Finn: My pleasure, Feifei. I take pride in being a great photographer. I brought some of my best pictures.

Feifei: Let me have a look.

Finn: Yes. I took this one during a trip to Paris.

Feifei: I remember. The trip you took last summer with your girlfriend Ann.

Finn: Oh, Ann… She is out of the picture. Look at the Eiffel Tower. I bet you've never seen it from this angle.

Feifei: And this other one…

Finn: Yes, yes. This other one I took at a dinner party in my flat.

Feifei: Yes, with your flatmate Johnny.

Finn: My ex-flatmate "Dirty Socks" Johnny. He is out of the picture too.

Feifei: Finn, I can see him in this photo and … you keep talking about having your friends out of the picture… I want my friend to be in the picture!

Finn: Oh, Feifei, no. Ann and Johnny appear in some of my snaps. But Ann is not my girlfriend anymore. She ran away with a Frenchman…

Feifei: Oh… and what happened to Johnny?

Finn: "Dirty Socks" Johnny moved out. He used to leave his socks everywhere!

Feifei: Oh, so you are no longer in touch with them.

Finn: Exactly. In English, when we say someone is "out of the picture" we mean we don't count on them anymore. They are no longer involved in a particular situation. Let's hear some examples.

  • Divorce was good for Mrs Jones. She looks very happy with her husband out of the picture.
  • My team is bound to lose this weekend now that our best player is out of the picture. He broke his leg yesterday.

Finn: So now that this is clear, where is your special someone? Shall we go out into the garden? The lighting is really good outside. I'll take a great picture!

Feifei: Follow me.


Feifei: Here's my special friend!

Finn: But this… Feifei, this is a hamster!

Finn: Yes! My pet's name is "Cutie Pie"! Oh my little sweetie, little friend! Isn't he cute, Finn?

Finn: He is not very photogenic, I'm afraid, Feifei.

Feifei: Come on, Finn. Look at him! (to the hamster) Sweetie yummy come to mummy. You're going to be in the picture! Yes, you are!

Finn: Oh dear! I can kiss goodbye to my career as a serious photographer...

Feifei: Bye.

Finn: Bye.


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