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What's his face?


What do you say in English if you can't remember someone's name? Listen to this programme to learn lots of different phrases you can use.

Hugh Grant with a question mark over his face

Do you know who this is?

The script for this programme

Finn: Hi Feifei. Did you enjoy the party last night?

Feifei: Yeah, great Finn. You?

Finn: Oh yeah, caught up with so many old friends!

Feifei: Yeah me too. What's his name was there.

Finn: Oh yeah, what's his name again? He was dancing crazily!

Feifei: Oh, can't remember. Erm... Thingy.

Finn: Yeah, begins with 'S'... Simon? Sandy?

Feifei: S... thingamy.

Finn: Oh, oh - and what's his face was there too!

Feifei: Oh, what's his face? The singer?

Finn: Yeah, he was singing wasn't he!

Feifei: And his new girlfriend... what's her face?

Finn: Well, hopefully your memory is better than ours!

Feifei: Yes, as you might have worked out, the phrase 'what's his face' is used when you can't remember a man's name.

  • A: Who's that?
  • B: It's what's his face.

Feifei: Or 'what's her face' for a woman!

  • Wow, isn't that what's her face?

Finn: Other phrases you might hear are:

Feifei: What's his name?

Finn: Thingamy.

Feifei: What's her name?

Finn: But of course, I'm sure you'll never have that problem.

Feifei: So you won't need to learn today's The English We Speak phrase.

Finn: Anyway. Have to go now.

Feifei: Where are you going this afternoon?

Finn: Oh you know, what's it called?

Feifei: Oh there, yeah! Say hi to what's his face for me!

Finn: Will do. And let's remind everyone to visit bbclearn... Erm... What is it?


Finn: For more phrases.

Feifei: Bye.

Finn: Bye.


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