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Finn and Feifei are in the park on a beautiful, sunny day. Finn wants to have some beer. Can Feifei persuade him to drink something healthier? Find out in The English We Speak.

An overweight person

Will Finn ever get a six-pack?

The script for this programme

Finn: Ahh, this is the life. Sun shining, birds singing - beautiful day here in the park, eh Feifei?

Feifei: Ah yes, fantastic. Just one thing, Finn. I'm a bit thirsty.

Finn: Yes I could do with a drink.

Feifei: An orange juice would be magnificent.

Finn: No, no, no. On a day like today the ideal thing would be… an ice-cold beer, or maybe six…

(Looks in bag)

Finn: Ah – here we are. A six-pack! Look.

Feifei: Finn, I don't really want to see your six-pack.

Finn: What?

Feifei: Actually, you don't have a six-pack. You have a beer belly!

Finn: Oh, I get it! Very good, Feifei. In English the phrase six-pack originally refers to a way of selling cans of beer – buying six cans joined together with plastic holders.

Feifei: And now, as a slang expression, it can also describe the shape of stomach muscles... on people who are very fit you can see six round muscles – which looks like a six pack of drink. Unfortunately, not on you Finn.

Finn: What are you saying?

Feifei: Anyone can see you don't have a six-pack. You have a one-pack – one huge beer belly!

Finn: Well, I think that phrase is easy enough to understand.

Feifei: Too many six-packs of beer, I'm afraid!


  • I've been going to the gym for a month now. I need to get my six-pack ready before I go to the beach this summer!
  • I used to have a six-pack when I was a teenager, but it seems to have got lost under all this fat.

Feifei: So Finn, how about you leave that six-pack of beer and swap it for... a healthy fruit smoothie!

Finn: Nice idea, and I can see a fruit smoothie seller over there! I'll go and buy two. See you in a bit.

Feifei: Thanks Finn. While he's over there let me remind everyone if you want to learn more phrases like six-pack and beer belly, check out And do some exercise! Bye.

Finn: (Opens and drinks from can) Don't tell Feifei!


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