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On the up


Jennifer and Jean are eager to get to the bar after work, but the lift is broken. Will the day improve? Find out in The English We Speak.

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Why is Jean's day 'on the up'?

The script for this programme

(Jennifer and Jean are finishing work for the day.)

Jennifer: Jean, look at the time! It's 5 o'clock. Time to go home. Are you coming out for a drink after work?

Jean: Sure, shall we go to the bar on the ground floor?

Jennifer: Great idea, I love it there. It's very handy working six floors above one of the best bars in London!

Jean: I know. Let's go. Shall we take the stairs? I know six floors is a long way down, but the lift is always broken.

Jennifer: I think it's been fixed now... let's see...

(Pushes button, lift doors open)

Jean: It has been fixed. Great!

Jennifer: Things are on the up in this place!

Jean: Up? That's not right, we need to go down. The bar is on the ground floor, we are on the sixth, so we definitely shouldn't be going up...

Jennifer: No, that's not what I mean. In English, the phrase 'on the up' is used to describe something that is improving, or getting better. Things are 'on the up' here – they are getting better because the lift has been fixed.

Jean: I see!

Jennifer: Let's hear some more examples of this phrase.

  • My sister has just got a new job. The company has given her a house and a car as part of the deal – things are on the up for her!
  • The economy is on the up now that the new government is in power. They've already helped to create thousands of new jobs!

Jean: On the up. Great phrase!

(Lift bell rings)

Jennifer: Well, here we are, I'll get the drinks in. What would you like?

Jean: I think I'll go for a cocktail, please, a Cosmopolitan maybe?

Jennifer: No problem, I'll get one too. Two Cosmopolitans, please.

Barman: It's your lucky day! All cocktails are half price today!

Jean: Brilliant, things are on the up because the price has gone down!

Jennifer: Very good!

Jean: Cheers! (Clinking glasses)


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