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Feifei thinks that Catherine completely changed her appearance, and she looks better, fresher, nicer. What happened to Catherine? Find out more with The English We Speak.


Does make-up change our appearance?

The script for this programme

Catherine: Hello you're listening to The English We Speak with me Catherine.

Feifei: Catherine? Is that you? Wow!! I almost didn't recognise you there! You look totally different!

Catherine: Yes, it's me. What do you think?

Feifei: You look... Different! You've had your hair cut - and it's a different colour!

Catherine: Do you like it?

Feifei: Well yes I do! It's very different to your normal hairstyle! But it really suits you - and it makes you look a lot... Younger!

Catherine: Younger in a good way, i hope...

Feifei: Most definitely! And, let's see... You're wearing a new jumper... New shoes...

Catherine: Do you like them?

Feifei: Well yes! Normally you wear quite dark colours... But these are so bright! You look really pretty!

Catherine: Thanks, Feifei!

Feifei: It's true - but something else is different... Let's see... Aha! Your eyeshadow... Blusher... Lipstick - you've completely changed your make-up!

Catherine: Oh the make-up? Yes, that's different too. Everything's different, in fact! I've had a makeover.

Feifei: A makeover? I said you've changed your make-up. What's all this about a makeover?

Catherine: Yes, I've changed my make-up. And I've changed my hairstyle and the type of clothes I wear too. When you make lots of changes to something so that it looks completely different, fresh, new and much better - you've given it a makeover.

Feifei: Ohhh... You've completely changed your appearance so that you look better, fresher, nicer. That's a makeover. What verbs go with makeover?

Catherine: Have a makeover, give something a makeover, get a makeover, need a makeover. Here are a few examples:

  • I was so fed up with the way my husband dressed. He looked so untidy all the time! I threw out all his old clothes and took him shopping for a complete new wardrobe. Now he's had a makeover, he looks as handsome as he did when we first met.
  • - This room looks so old-fashioned! It really needs a makeover.
    - Yes, if we paint the walls and change the curtains it will look so much better.

Feifei: So not only people but also things can have makeovers.

Catherine: You can give almost anything a makeover, Feifei. Even you can have a makeover - I'll take you shopping if you like! We can start with your hair - a nice short cut I think would suit you, then get you a nice new pair of skinny jeans, and change your makeup, and get...

Feifei: I'm quite happy with the way I look, thanks. I don't think I need a makeover.

Catherine: Oh, OK, sorry.

Feifei: That's OK.

Catherine: Just a haircut then...

Feifei: No!

Catherine: Colour change maybe? A little bit of red here and there?

Feifei: I do not need a makeover.

Catherine: Well, if you change your mind, you know where I am! Now I must be going, I'm going to give my living room a makeover and there's a sale on at the furniture shop.

Feifei: Well, good luck with that Catherine.

Catherine: Thanks Feifei. Join us again for more The English We Speak.


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