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Go down a storm


Kaz says his party 'went down a storm'. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Find out more about this phrase by listening to this programme.

Stormy weather

It's stormy in today's programme!

The script for this programme

(Stormy weather)

Kaz: Hello, I'm Kaz.

Yang Li: And I'm Yang Li. Hey Kaz, there is a storm raging outside - let's shut that door.

(Door shuts)

Yang Li: Ah that's better. Now I can ask you about your party last weekend. How did it go?

Kaz: It went down a storm Li.

Yang Li: Your party 'went down a storm.' You mean you cancelled it because of the weather? Because of high winds and rain? Or snow?

Kaz: No, no, no Li. If something 'goes down a storm' it means it's massively successful and enjoyable - so my party went really well - it went down a storm.

Yang Li: People loved it?

Kaz: Exactly. People loved my party so I can say 'It went down a storm.'

Yang Li: Your party went down a storm - it was incredible.

Kaz: That's right.

Yang Li: Well, Kaz, I gave a presentation yesterday.

Kaz: Oh OK. How did it go?

Yang Li: It went really well, everyone loved it, it went down a storm.

Kaz: That's great Li.

Yang Li: Yes, I'm delighted and I like today's expression. Let's listen to some more examples:

  • You should have seen the new band last night. They went down a storm with the audience.
  • My idea for more holidays went down a storm with my colleagues.
  • I like the looks of this new toy. I'm sure it'll go down a storm with our customers.

Yang Li: Kaz, you know, to me the word 'storm' has negative associations because storms are usually destructive.

Kaz: I agree Li but in this case it's used in a positive sense.

Yang Li: But it is informal, right?

Kaz: Yes it is.

Yang Li: So our listeners should use it with care.

Kaz: That's right Li. So what do you think our listeners will think of today's expression?

Yang Li: I'm sure it'll go down a storm!

Both: Bye!


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