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Kaz is feeling very chuffed today. What does this word mean? Find out more by listening to this programme.

A young woman at her graduation

This woman is chuffed to be graduating!

The script for this programme

Kaz: (Very happy) Hello, I'm Kaz.

Yang Li: And I'm Yang Li. Hey Kaz, you're looking very happy today, what's up - what's happened?

Kaz: Well Li, you know that singing competition I went in for?

Yang Li: Oh yes, the singing competition, what about it?

Kaz: Ah (with pride) I came first.

Yang Li: You did? Congratulations! You came first in the singing competition! Wow! No wonder you're so happy.

Kaz: I certainly am Li. I'm feeling really chuffed.

Yang Li: Feeling really chuffed?

Kaz: Yes, I'm feeling really chuffed - I'm feeling really pleased with myself.

Yang Li: 'Chuffed' - so 'feeling chuffed', means feeling pleased with yourself?

Kaz: That's right.

Yang Li: So, for example, when I passed my driving test - many years ago - I felt chuffed with myself.

Kaz: I'm sure you did Li - I'm sure you were really chuffed with yourself.

Yang Li: OK. So, 'to feel' or 'to be' chuffed about something means to be pleased with life - to be pleased with achieving something. 'Chuffed' - I like the sound of it. Let's listen to some more examples:

  • I say Alice. I'm feeling rather chuffed with my exam results. I got a distinction!
  • Congratulations! You've been promoted. You must be feeling well chuffed!
  • She's lost four kilos, she must be very chuffed.

Yang Li: Kaz, in those examples, I noticed that you can say 'rather chuffed' and 'well chuffed' what's the difference?

Kaz: Well spotted Li. I'd say that 'rather chuffed' is quite formal and perhaps even a little old fashioned.

Yang Li: And 'well chuffed'?

Kaz: 'Well chuffed' is much more informal and more colloquial.

Yang Li: Which one would you prefer then?

Kaz: I think I prefer 'rather chuffed'.

Yang Li: Well, I think we can be rather chuffed with ourselves today.

Kaz: How so Li?

Yang Li: We've successfully completed another programme.

Both: Bye!


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