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Language of the blogosphere


Finn is delighted that he has finally entered the blogosphere - but Li is puzzled. Find out how to use this internet-related word in this programme.

Someone blogging on Facebook using a mobile phone

What is the 'blogosphere'?

The script for this programme

Yang Li: Hello, I'm Yang Li, and welcome to The English We Speak. In this programme, we teach you about words and phrases that you might not find in the dictionary. Joining me in the studio today is Finn. Hi Finn! Hi Finn!

Finn: (Typing) Hi Li, just bear with me for one second, I'll just... finish... this... There! Done.

Yang Li: What are you up to?

Finn: Well, it's quite exciting really. I've just entered the blogosphere for the first time!

Yang Li: The what? I think you're mistaken - you're in the studio.

Finn: No, I don't think you understand. Haven't you heard of the blogosphere?

Yang Li: No, I haven't. Is it in space?

Finn: Li, you're thinking of the atmosphere. Let me try and explain it to you. Have you heard of blogs before?

Yang Li: Of course. A blog is a piece of writing on a website, particularly social networking sites, where you write your own views and opinions.

Finn: That's right. The word blog is actually short for 'web log' - 'blog'. Blogs can be long or short, and they are very popular.

Yang Li: So what is this blogosphere?

Finn: The blogosphere is a general word used to describe the world of blogging and the people in it. If you read a blog or write - or post - one, you are part of the blogosphere.

Yang Li: Very interesting. So you said you have become part of the blogosphere yourself - have you written a blog?

Finn: I've written a microblog - that's a very short blog post which is limited to a certain number of characters. Usually it's only about one or two sentences.

Yang Li: So a microblog is short and sweet!

Finn: It is!

Yang Li: Tell me, Finn, what did you blog about?

Finn: I wrote: "I'm presenting with Li in the studio today. I can't wait to explain some more great phrases. #bbclearningenglish."

Yang Li: Ooh you mentioned me!

Finn: I did!

Yang Li: But what was that you said at the end of it, handbag BBC Learning English?

Finn: No, I said hashtag bbclearningenglish. A hashtag is something else that you often see on social networking websites. If you type a hash mark (#) before a word, it highlights a key word or area of interest, and you can use it to search for other blogs which also use that word.

Yang Li: It sounds very complicated. So, if I want to write a short blog post about James Bond, I can type #jamesbond, and people searching for James Bond will be able to see my post?

Finn: Yes, in fact, the whole of the blogosphere will be able to see your post!

Yang Li: I'd love to be part of the blogosphere and try this for myself!

Finn: Well, did you know that BBC Learning English has pages on Facebook and Twitter? Why not try it out there and post your first ever microblog?

Yang Li: Thanks, I think I will. Join us again for another edition of The English We Speak. Bye for now!

Finn: Bye!


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