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Drop dead gorgeous


Li is worried when Jen says somebody is 'drop dead gorgeous'. What does this phrase mean? Find out all about it in The English We Speak.

British actor Daniel Craig, playing the role of James Bond

Do you think Daniel Craig is drop dead gorgeous?

The script for this programme

Jen: Hello, I'm Jennifer. Welcome to The English We Speak. I'm joined today by Li - hi Li!

Li: Hello everyone.

Jen: I've been dying to see you all day. I met up with Rosie last night, and I met her new boyfriend too!

Li: Oh, tell me more! What's he like?

Jen: Well, he seemed very charming and intelligent, very kind too, but she hadn't told me that he is drop dead gorgeous!

Li: What?

Jen: Yes, don't tell her, but I'd definitely say he is drop dead gorgeous!

Li: But... he's dead...? Do you mean he's actually dead, like a zombie? Or maybe he just looks dead. Sometimes when I'm tired I get dark circles under my eyes and look like death!

Jen: Of course he's not dead - he's very much alive.

Li: So, what did you mean by 'drop dead gorgeous'?

Jen: It's just one of those phrases we use in English that you can't take too literally. If someone is described as 'drop dead gorgeous', it means they are really good looking.

Li: Strange phrase...

Jen: Think of it this way: Imagine someone who is so good looking, so handsome, that your heart starts beating really fast, you start to feel short of breath, and you just drop down dead!

Li: Someone so good looking, so handsome... Yes, I've thought of someone... My heart is beating fast just thinking of him!

Jen: OK, well, while you're thinking of your fancy man, let's hear some more examples of the phrase 'drop dead gorgeous' in action…

  • Daniel Craig is in town for the premiere of the new James Bond film. I love him as Bond - he's drop dead gorgeous in a tuxedo!
  • I'm going on a date with a girl from my university next week. I can't believe she wants to go out with me - she's drop dead gorgeous.

Jen: So you see, it's a great phrase to use when describing someone who is handsome or good looking, like Rosie's new man.

Li: It's a really good phrase and I'll definitely try to use it.

Jen: So, Li, are you going to tell me which handsome man you were thinking of earlier?

Li: Well, I'd really rather not…

Jen: Don't be like that! Who is it? Is it someone I know…?

Li: No!

Jen: It is someone I know! Come on, Li, tell me, I won't tell anyone. Who do you think is drop dead gorgeous?

Li: I can't... Look! There he is! Going past the window!

Jen: But Li... that's... the boss?

Li: He really is drop dead gorgeous! Don't tell anyone!

Jen: Well, you might think he is drop dead gorgeous, but I think I am going to die laughing! Join us again for another edition of The English We Speak from Bye!

Li: Bye!


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