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Finding your feet


What does Rosie mean when she says that she's still finding her feet? Listen to more of the conversation about the expression 'finding my feet'.


Will Rosie find her feet?

The script for this programme

Helen: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak. Rosie and I are doing a salsa class tonight. It's my favourite Latin American dance and I love the music!

Rosie: Yes, and it's not easy… One, two, three! Oh, I'm not very good yet – I'm still finding my feet.

Helen: You're still finding your feet? No wonder you're so bad. How can you dance if you don't know where your feet are?

Rosie: I do know where my feet are, Helen. When you say you're finding your feet in English, it means you're becoming confident at something.

Helen: So if I say I'm still finding my feet, it means I'm still getting used to a new situation… which might not have anything to do with feet?

Rosie: That's right. And when you say you've found your feet, it means you've become familiar with a situation.

Helen: Let's have a look at some examples then:

  • Lauren has only been at her new job for four days, so she's still finding her feet.
  • My daughter started secondary school two weeks ago, but she's already found her feet. She's made loads of new friends and really likes her teachers.
  • “I've been living in Egypt for a year but I still can't speak Arabic very well.” “I'm sure you'll find your feet soon.”

Helen: So finding your feet has nothing to do with your actual feet – you can use it when you start a new job or when you're doing something new.

Rosie: That's right… And I feel like I'm getting quite good at salsa now.

Helen: Really? It looks like you're still finding your feet…

Rosie: I might ask someone to dance with me, Helen. That guy over there is pretty good. Hi, would you like to dance?

Man: Oh, OK.

Rosie: Oooooh this is fun. One, two, three… Oops sorry! Did I step on your foot?

Man: Ouch!

Helen: It looks like Rosie's doing more than finding her feet - she's finding other people's feet and stepping on them too!


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