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Down with the kids


Helen is astonished to see Rob dressing like a teenager. He is looking quite stylish with trainers, designer jeans and even a pair of rollerblades! The reason is he's just trying to get down with the kids. What does it mean?

A group of teenagers

Why is Rob dressing like a teenager?

The script for this programme

Helen: Hello. Welcome to The English We Speak with me, Helen...

Rob: ...and me Rob. Hi!

Helen: Rob, I like your trainers, very cool... and look at your designer jeans. Trendy! Rob's looking quite trendy today - for a change!

Rob: So you like them then?

Helen: I do but... it's not really what someone your age normally wears.

Rob: I see. But don't you think it makes me look cool and fashionable and... younger?

Helen: Erm...

Rob: I'm just trying to get down with the kids.

Helen: The kids?! You're down with the kids? Down where exactly?

Rob: Oh Helen, keep up! I'm not going anywhere. I mean I'm keeping in with the kids. I'm in tune with the younger generation - yeah!

Helen: So Rob, to do this you have to dress like a teenager?

Rob: Not just that. I share the same interests as young people. I listen to their music on my mp3 player. Like this.

Helen: Could you turn that down please! So you're acting young when really you aren't! It seems getting down with the kids is about behaving like them. Well, you are certainly a big kid Rob! Let's hear some examples of people using this phrase.

  • My Dad's bought a new skateboard so that he can be down with the kids!
  • I almost broke my neck snowboarding on holiday but hey, at least I'm down with the kids.
  • She's dyed her hair red and pierced her nose just so she can be down with the kids!

Helen: So Rob, what else are you doing to be down with the kids?

Rob: Hey Helen, doing things like chillin' and being where it's at.

Helen: Rob not all kids talk like that.

Rob: Oh right. Well, I've got some rollerblades so I can blade round the park. The only trouble is... I can't seem to get them on... Ouch, my back!

Helen: Are you OK? It looks like Rob has a bad back, so he won't be down with the kids for a while! Do you need some help?

Rob: Thanks. I think I'll just put my slippers on - much more comfortable.

Helen: Remember, being down with the kids can be hard work. See you next time. Bye bye!

Rob: Bye. Ouch, my back! Helen, could you just put that slipper over there please? Thanks!


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