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Keep me posted


Neil's lost his keys and ends up in trouble with the police trying to get back into his house. All this just to teach you the expression 'keep me posted'. Find out what it means in The English We Speak.

A postbox

A typical British postbox. But what does 'keep me posted' mean?

The script for this programme

Neil: Hello, I'm Neil.

Helen: And I'm Helen. How are you Neil?

Neil: Not good.

Helen: What's wrong?

Neil: I posted my house-keys.

Helen: You posted your house-keys? Let me guess, you dropped them in the letterbox by mistake.

Neil: Yes, I got mixed up. Instead of putting a letter in, I put my keys in.

Helen: Oh dear.

Neil: But I have my address attached to my keys, so maybe they'll end up getting posted back to me.

Helen: Yes, you might get them posted back to your house or you might get burgled, now that someone has your address as well as your house-keys.

Neil: Oh no, thieves might get into my house! I'd better go and wait outside to see what happens.

Helen: OK, good luck.

Neil: I'll keep you posted. See you later!

Helen: Neil will 'keep me posted'. That doesn't mean he's going to put me in the postbox – even though he's obviously a bit confused about what should or shouldn't go in postboxes! It means he will keep me informed, he will tell me what happens. Listen to some examples:

  • I don't know what time they're arriving, but I'll keep you posted!
  • Keep me posted on how things go in your new job!
  • I kept them posted on what was happening.

Helen: I hope Neil's keys find their way home. Hello?

Neil: Hi, it's Neil.

Helen: Neil! Any news?

Neil: Well, someone posted my keys back to me.

Helen: Great!

Neil: But they put them through the letterbox!

Helen: Oh no, so you've got your keys back, but now you're locked out!

Neil: And I'm stuck! I tried to get through a window but I don't fit. I'm half-in, half-out. Thank goodness, help must be arriving.

Police: Don't move!

Neil: Does it look like I can move?

Police: Hands on your head!

Helen: Oh dear, it sounds like someone called the police – they probably thought Neil was a burglar.

Neil: But, this is my house!

Police: Is it indeed?

Helen: I'd better leave you to explain yourself now. But do keep me posted Neil!

Neil: Keep you posted! How am I going to do that if I'm locked up? Arrested for for breaking into my own house!

Helen: Bye!


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