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Finn is hosting a great New Year's Eve party and everyone is having a fabulous time, but he is in a panic. What could be the matter? Find out more in this week's programme.

Champagne glasses

Let's celebrate the New Year with some bubbly!

The script for this programme

Helen: Hello Finn. This is a fantastic party.

Oh, hello Helen, thanks.

Helen: You look worried. What's the matter? It's New Year's Eve, you should be enjoying yourself. What's wrong?

Finn: Nothing, nothing!

Helen: Are you sure?

Finn: I'm quite sure. Oh god, what'll I do?

Helen: What?

It's all right, Helen, don't tell anyone, but-


There's no bubbly!

Helen: What?

Finn: I've forgotten the bubbly!

Helen: Forgotten the bubbly?

(Big collective gasp)

Oh no... Ha ha, you've misunderstood.

Helen: I don't think I have misunderstood. Bubbly means champagne. Champagne is called bubbly because it has lots of bubbles in it, lots of gas. You said you had forgotten the bubbly.

Finn: No, no, no. Ha ha ha. I didn't say that. I said I'd forgotten the... the er... I said I'd forgotten you looked lovely, Helen.

Helen: Oh. Thank you. So there is champagne?

Finn: Yes, yes, of course. Of course, of course, of course.
Helen: That's a relief. Champagne is the traditional drink for New Year's Eve in Britain. Everyone counts down to midnight, then they say 'cheers' and drink champagne. It really would be a disaster if Finn had forgotten it.

Party voices: 10...9...8...

Helen: Oh, the countdown has started! Where's Finn? He must have gone to get the champagne.

(Countdown continues)

He'd better hurry up!

Party voices: Happy New Year!

Helen: Where is Finn!

Party voice 1: Where IS the bubbly then?

Oh dear! I can't find Finn anywhere!

Party voice 2: Yes, where IS the bubbly?

Party voice 3: Don't tell me there's no champagne!

Helen: Finn? Where are you?

Finn: Oh dear. I must run for my life, they'll be so cross! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry, Helen! Happy New Year!


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