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All the trimmings


Rob has invited Helen over for Christmas lunch. As she discovers, Rob likes to do Christmas with all the trimmings! Find out what this phrase means.

Roast turkey

Lots of people love roast turkey with all the trimmings.

The script for this programme

Rob: Hello! I'm Rob. And it's Christmas!

Helen: Hello Rob!

Rob: Hello Helen! Happy Christmas!

Helen: Happy Christmas!

Rob: Come in, come in!

Helen: Thank you.

Helen: Wowwwwwwwwww!

Rob: So, what do you think?

Helen: That's amazing.... so many decorations - and what a beautiful Christmas tree! You must have spent ages doing this! It's beautiful!

Rob: Well I do like to do Christmas with all the trimmings!

Helen: All the trimmings? I don't understand.

Rob: All the trimmings – it means all the extra things that traditionally come with something to make it more special.

Helen: I see. Like all these decorations?

Rob: Yes. In my family, we have always had Christmas with all the trimmings, so we have a Christmas tree, decorations, gifts, Christmas songs, silly Christmas games and, most importantly, Christmas lunch. Now, come this way!

Roast turkey for lunch!

Rob: Now that is a roast turkey with all the trimmings! Not only is it a turkey, but we're eating it with all the things you traditionally eat with Christmas roast turkey: cranberry sauce, roast potatoes, gravy, stuffing, carrots-

Mmm, I'm very hungry now!

All the trimmings!

I think I understand what 'all the trimmings' means now.

Rob: It's an expression usually used with food, especially at Christmas and for the big roast dinners that we like to eat here in Britain. I adore Sunday lunch with all the trimmings: roast meat, along with lots of vegetables and sauces and other traditional accompaniments. Mmmmm....

Helen: Yummy!

Rob: But you can also use this expression in other situations:


  • When I get married, I want a perfect wedding with all the trimmings.
  • Stay in our beach-side hotel, where you will enjoy a luxury holiday with all the trimmings.

Anyway, enough talk! Let's eat!

Delicious. Thank you for inviting me.

Rob: It's a pleasure, Helen!

I would like you to join me for the next Chinese New Year.

Wow! Thank you!

There'll be fish, dumplings, lanterns, dragons and firecrackers - all the trimmings.

Well cheers to that and Happy Christmas – with all the trimmings!

Helen: Happy Christmas!


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