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Li brought in some cheese crackers and put on some festival music in the studio. Did Neil like them? What did he say about Li's choice of music? Find out more in this week's programme.


Too cheesy: not every one is a fan of cheese.

The script for this programme

Neil: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak I'm Neil and with me today is Li.

Li: Hi there I'm Li. Today's word is 'cheesy' and look here Neil, I've got something cheesy for you!

Neil: Oh cheese crackers! Yummy… don't you like them?

Li: No I find them too cheesy. As I don't eat cheese, I find the flavour a bit too strong.

Neil: I like cheese and I love all cheesy food. (Short pause) but I don't like this music you're playing… it's too cheesy.

Li: Too cheesy? Do you mean the music is no good? It's Christmas…

Neil: Well it's all right for this time of the year and it goes with the festive mood. But generally speaking it's too predicable, cheap and cheerful. Let's listen to a couple of examples:

A: Would you like to go to the pantomime next week, thought it'd be fun.
B: Em… I know children love it but I find it a bit too cheesy. I used to love it as a kid.

A: Hi everyone I am organising our Christmas dinner. How about going back to The Cheshire Cheese pub?
B: The food was excellent, but you know what? The music there was a bit too cheesy,
A: Cheesy? Of course. Maybe that's why the pub is called ' The Cheshire Cheese'.

Li: The second speaker there came across as a bit snobbish, don't you think?

Neil: Yes the word does have a slightly negative connotation, something too superficial and simple and …

Li: Not deep and sophisticated?


Li: I see. Remember what you said about the music I’m playing? So you mean my taste in music is not very sophisticated?

Neil: No, don't get me wrong. It's only that one particular piece because I've heard it so many times. Well I must say that your taste in clothes is fabulous. (Pause to get a closer look) Is this a new coat? Never seen it before?

Li: Yes?

Neil: I think the bright colours suit you really well, your face is lit up and you look very… attractive… and… charming… and….

Li: Oh, stop it Neil. I never knew you can be so cheesy! Come on, please have some cheese crackers and that'll stop your cheesy compliments…

Li, you're blushing!

Bye for now.



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