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The creeps


In our special Halloween edition, Neil and Li try to give you the creeps. Find out more in this week's programme.

Traditional Halloween jack-o'-lanterns

Traditional Halloween jack-o'-lanterns

The script for this programme

Neil: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak, I'm Neil (demonic laughter).

Li: And I'm Li. (scream)

Neil: It's Halloween time, so we have a special, scary edition of the programme today (more demonic laughter).

Li: That's right. It wouldn't be Halloween without something scary for you. (More screaming).

Neil: Today we want to give you the creeps!

Li: Give them what?!

Neil: The creeps. To give somebody the creeps.

Li: To give somebody the creeps. This means to make someone feel nervous or scared.

Neil: (More demonic laughter)

Li: Stop it Neil! You're giving me the creeps.

Man: (whispering) What's that noise?
Woman: What noise?
Man: Those footsteps… shh... listen…
Woman: I can't hear anything. Stop it! You're giving me the creeps.

Li: That man thought he could hear footsteps in the house they're in. It made the woman scared. She said 'You're giving me the creeps.'

Neil: What gives you the creeps, Li?

Li: Oh I hate horror films. Some people find them entertaining but they just scare me.

Neil: Yeah, they always give me the creeps too.

Li: What else gives you the creeps, Neil?

Neil: I really, really hate cockroaches. The way they disappear when you turn a light on. And the fact it's so hard to kill them. They just give me the creeps.

Li: Oh no, I don't like cockroaches either..

Neil: Urgh… just thinking about them gives me the creeps.

Li: I'm scared of spiders! They give me the creeps.

Neil: This music gives me the creeps.

Li: Yeah and that laugh gives me the creeps (demonic laughter).

Neil: That scream gives me the creeps (scream).


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