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There are two different meanings for the word 'smoothie'. Find out more in this week's The English We Speak.

a smoothie

Have you ever met a smoothie?

The script for this programme

Neil: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak, I'm Neil.

And I'm Li. Neil what are you drinking? Whatever it is, it sounds very refreshing.

Neil: Ah yes it is, Li. It's so fruity and refreshing.

What kind of juice is it?

Neil: Oh it's not juice, it's a smoothie.

Li: A smoothie?

Neil: Yeah, a smoothie. The fruit is blended rather than squeezed.

Li: Oh I see. A smoothie is a fruit drink made from blended fruit rather than squeezed fruit.

Neil: And it sometimes has ice, ice cream or yoghurt in it too. Try it Li.

Li: Oh thank you. Oh it's delicious.

Neil: How would you describe the texture?

Li: Well, it's very thick and… smooth.

Neil: Exactly. And that's where the name comes from.

Li: It's called a smoothie because its texture is smooth.

A: Right, who wants a drink? I fancy a cup of coffee.
B: Yeah but it's way too hot for coffee. Can I have one of those smoothies?
A: Oh that's an idea. I think I'll have one too, if I have enough money.

Neil: Well, it's all gone now.

Li: Oh that's a shame.

Neil: Yes… No more smoothie... Shame…

Li: Oh well.

Neil: (Pause) Li, have you had your hair done? It really suits you.

Li: Oh thanks, Neil.

Neil: No, really. It suits your face. Actually, you're looking great at the moment. I like that outfit.

Li: Oh Neil…

Neil: I'd really love another smoothie, but I've just run out of money.

Li: Don't worry, I'll get you one.

Neil: Oh thanks! I can be such a smoothie sometimes…

Li: Yes you can… Smoothie is not just a word for a drink.

Neil: That's right. It's also an adjective describing a man who can persuade people to do things for him by being charming.

Li: I wondered why he was paying me so many compliments.

Neil: A smoothie for the smoothie, please Li.

Li: OK, OK…


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