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You've changed your tune


William's enjoying a hamburger during this programme. But why does Li say he's "changed his tune"? Listen to find out more about this phrase.

A hamburger and chips

William loves hamburgers!

The script for this programme

Li: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak. My name is Yang Li.

William: (mouth full) And I'm William, mmf, mmf.

Li: My dear co-presenter William! Don't you know it's rude to speak with your mouth full? Particularly in a BBC audio programme!

William: (smacking lips) Well, I do know that but I've really been enjoying this super jumbo hamburger. Wow, that was so good. I just can't get enough of super jumbo hamburgers recently.

Li: Oh? So what is it about super jumbo hamburgers that you like so much?

William: Well, good question Li. I think it might be the delicious 100% beef burger and how the flavours merge with the sauce, which is made to a carefully-guarded recipe. But then again I like the lovely gherkins and the crisp crunchy lettuce. But also let's not forget the layers of soft yellow cheese. Maybe it's all of those things. Hmmm. I think I could have another actually.

Li: Well Will, all I can say is: you have changed your tune.

William: Hmm... That's an interesting phrase, Li. Shall we make it our phrase of the day?

Li: Sure, why not?

If you change your tune, you change your attitude towards something or someone.

William: It's a slightly critical phrase, but in a jokey sort of way. Let's hear another example:

Girl 1: What do you think about Mark? Don't you think he's really good-looking?

Girl 2: Mark? I thought you hated him?

Girl 1: That was last week. This week, I feel very different...

Girl 2: Wow, you've certainly changed your tune!

Li: Hmmm. I have to say I don't think I change my tune very often.

William: Well, I'm sure that's true but we don't generally use the phrase to talk about ourselves. We tend to always say: "You've changed your tune" or "You've certainly changed your tune." And we say it like this: "You've changed your tune".

Li: OK. And you have certainly changed your tune, William, about super jumbo hamburgers.

William: No... I've always loved those things!

Li: No, trust me, Will. Hang on... Here you go. Two weeks ago you said this: "I hate super jumbo hamburgers. The meat is like low-grade frozen cardboard, the cheese is like plastic and the tomatoes are like rubber. After I eat one I just want to curl up in bed." That's what you said!

William: Oh, right. Well, I guess they must have grown on me.

Li: What a change of tune, from William, the burger hater to William, the burger lover!


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