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Phrases for festivals


Li is very excited because the Glastonbury festival is on this weekend. Have you been to a festival before? Learn some new phrases in this week's programme.

Beyonce Knowles performing live

Beyonce Knowles is the headline act at Glastonbury this year

The script for this programme

Yang Li: Hello, I'm Yang Li and this is The English We Speak.

William: I'm William Kremer. Welcome to the programme.

Yang Li: Ah William, I am so excited!

William: Really? What's brought this on, then?

Yang Li: This weekend something really really really great is happening! Do you know what it is?

William: No...

Yang Li: It has to do with music...

William: Hmm. Is it a big opera?

Yang Li: No, it takes place outdoors...

William: Ah, is it opera in the park?

Yang Li: No, no, it's not opera. It's Glastonbury!

William: Oh wow, the huge music festival! I've never been. What's the line-up this year?

Yang Li: Oh no, you don't need to queue. You can just get tickets online. But of course, they are sold out now.

William: No, no, the line-up, Li. Who's playing?

Yang Li: Oh, I see. There's U2 and the Chemical Brothers and Fleet Foxes and Elbow... and loads and loads of bands of course. But William, I'm confused about this phrase line-up...

William: Well, in America to 'wait in line' means to queue. But a line-up refers to all the bands that are playing in a festival.

Yang Li: Oh right. So, is this phrase only used for music festivals?

William: No, it isn't. Listen to this:

Man: Is Jones playing this weekend?

Man 2: No, he's still injured so he's not in the line-up.

William: So in that example 'the line-up' meant the members of a sports team playing in a match. The line-up.

Yang Li: Well anyway, it's a pretty good line-up at Glastonbury this weekend. I can't wait.

William: Who's headlining on Sunday?

Yang Li: Eh, what?

William: Headlining. Who's headlining? Ah, I think I know why you're confused. 'To headline' doesn't mean to be in the newspapers. It means to be the main act in a festival. The main act is 'the headline act'.

Yang Li: Oh right. I think Beyoncé Knowles is headlining on Sunday. She is the headline act.

William: Ah yes, Beyoncé. I've heard of her. Is she the one that does that dance, like this...

Yang Li: Oh William, stop it! Stop it! You are not Beyoncé Knowles! It looks wrong!

William: (laughing) OK, OK. So, what time do you leave?

Yang Li: Eh?

William: What time are you going to Glastonbury? It's quite a long way, you know Li. You should probably be getting on a train about now.

Yang Li: Oh no, I'm not going! It costs an absolute fortune, you know, and it can be so muddy! And I don't like the idea of those festival toilets. Oh, no, no, no, it's not for me. I'm just going to watch it on telly.

William: Oh OK, right! Well, for everyone who is going to a music festival this year, we hope you have a fantastic time. I hope that the line-up is great and that the headline act doesn't disappoint. Bye!

Yang Li: Bye.


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