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How many meanings do you know for green? Finn and Wang Fei will help you find out.

A man riding a motorbike

The script from this programme:

Wang Fei: Welcome to The English We Speak. I'm Wang Fei!

Finn: And I'm Finn!

Wang Fei: Finn has decided to take us out for a ride on his new motorbike today and he's very proud of it.

Finn: I am, very proud of it. I thought it would be good to get out of the studio. Look at all the beautiful, green fields around us, Wang Fei.

Wang Fei: Yes, beautiful green fields. That's the word for the day isn't it: green?

Finn: Green, yes!

Wang Fei: A bit easy, isn't it? Everyone knows the colour green!

Finn: The colour green? No, not that meaning, Wang Fei!

Wang Fei: So, what do you mean? Green as in good for the environment?

Finn: No, not that green either!

Wang Fei: Oh, ok, maybe another green? Oh ok, maybe, green with envy? I know that phrase, that means to envy somebody, doesn't it?

Finn: Yes, that's right. But what are you envious about, Wang Fei? That's not what we're… oh! ... ahhh!


Both: Ow!

Wang Fei: Finn, you are a terrible, terrible driver!

Finn: I know.

Wang Fei: Will you tell me what this green means?!

Finn: I'm sorry Wang Fei. What I mean is I'm very green at riding motorbikes, that's what I wanted to say. Green means inexperienced or new to something.

Wang Fei: Oh, I see. So when do we use it?

Finn: Well, normally we use it to describe someone who is new to a particular job or skill.

Wang Fei: Ooh, I see. But I'm not feeling good. So why don't we listen to some examples for a moment?

  • I'm a bit green at video editing, so it takes me a long time to edit things.
  • He's a bit green in this job so he's bound to need some help.
  • My uncle's very green at searching the internet. He prefers to go to the library.

Finn: Ok, time to go again, Wang Fei!

Wang Fei: (To himself) Hmm. But I'm still not feeling that great to be honest…


Finn: What was that, Wang Fei?

Wang Fei: Oh nothing. Let's go.

Finn: Wow, what beautiful countryside…

Wang Fei: Gosh, I'm really feeling ill to be honest. I'm worried we're going to crash again.

Finn: Wang Fei, what did you say? Are you ok?

Wang Fei: Not really.

Finn: Oh no, you look bad. You've gone green!

Wang Fei: What?

Finn: You've gone green – it means you look ill!

Wang Fei: Another green phrase… Finn – can't you just concentrate on your driving!

Finn: Ok, sorry. OK then! Bye everyone…

Wang Fei: And wish me luck. Bye.


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