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Loved Up


Are you loved up? Finn and Yang Li explain this phrase in The English We Speak.

Love heart sweets

The script from this programme:

Finn: Welcome to The English We Speak. I'm Finn.

Li: (Very happy) And I'm Yang Li…

Finn: How are you today, Li?

Li:(Dreamy, romantic voice) Oh fantastic. Just great. Amazing…

Finn: Really? Great… ok. Are you ready to start the programme?

Li: (Dreamy, romantic voice) Any time… Isn't life wonderful?

Finn: Are you sure you're alright?

Li: Perfect. He's lovely, isn't he? He's perfect!

Finn: Oh, I see! You're talking about your new boyfriend. You're so loved up right now, Li!

Li: But he has the most beautiful eyes and smile. And when he dances…

Finn: Li! (To audience) Well, I think Li is completely loved up - which is our phrase for the day. When you're loved up, it means you are really happy because you're in love.

Li: He dances like a dream, especially salsa…

Finn: You know, I think I'm going to have to present the rest of this programme on my own. As you can see, when you're loved up, sometimes you don't pay a lot of attention to things around you.

  • She's so loved up at the moment. She even forgets to eat lunch.

Finn: It can also be used to describe a couple who are very much in love, and who openly show their affection in public.

  • They're always together; holding hands, laughing. They seem so happy. They're really loved up!

Finn: Li, Li… Li, how long have you been in love? Hello?!

Li: Ooh, I'm going salsa dancing tonight with him, and I can't wait. Oh, he's so gorgeous. Don't you think, Finn?

Finn: Yes, sure, he's so gorgeous. Anyway, I'm getting a bit lonely here. Maybe I should take up salsa dancing too? Ok, bye for now everyone! Li, time to say goodbye.

Li: Oh yeah, goodbye, bye, bye!

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