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Do you think Britney Spears' music is pop-tastic? Learn another piece of English slang in our new series.

Britney Spears

The script from this programme:

Finn: Welcome to the slang-tastic programme, The English We Speak.

Wang Fei: Hello I'm Wang Fei.

Finn: This is our word-tastic programme where you learn the latest English-tastic phrases.

Wang Fei: Yes… erm…

Finn: We hope you have a learning-tastic time with us today…

Wang Fei: Finn, sorry for interrupting you, but why do you keep adding 'tastic' to all these words?

Finn: Sorry Wang Fei, I should have said. Tastic is our new word, or should I say, new suffix, for the day.

Wang Fei: A suffix is something you add onto the end of another word to change the meaning.

Finn: That's right.

Wang Fei: So when we add tastic, what does that mean?

Finn: Well, it's kind of related to the word fantastic. When you add tastic to a word, for example slang, it means 'fantastic in terms of slang'. So English-tastic means 'fantastic in terms of English'.

Wang Fei: And learning-tastic means fantastic in terms of learning?

Finn: It does, absolutely. Let's hear a couple more examples.

  • A: Did you hear Britney's new song?
  • B: Yes. It's pop-tastic! I love it.
  • A: Did you have a good time yesterday?
  • B: It was so much fun. Fun-tastic! Ha ha.

Wang Fei: Wow, very good examples. So can I say example-tastic?

Finn: Example-tastic, you can! Now, this way of making new words is very informal – it comes from pop culture – so you probably wouldn't see it in a business letter.

Wang Fei: So, it's not business-tastic?!

Finn: It's not business-tastic. Not really, unless you work in an industry like fashion or pop music. Anyway, I think it's time to tell our listeners about our website.

Wang Fei: Yes, and our web-tastic site is! You can learn English for free, and even download programmes to your mp3 player.

Finn: Yes, it's download-tastic! Time to go, now. Bye!

Wang Fei: Bye!


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