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News Words: Roadmap

Map and compass

The BBC's Clare Arthurs looks at some of the words and phrases often used in the news and their meanings in various contexts.

This week: roadmap


Clare Arthurs on: roadmap

Expressions with 'road'

to be at a crossroads

to be in a situation where there is a choice to be made between very different options

So the two-year-old market for smart phone apps seems to be at a crossroads. (BBC News)

to be middle of the road

to have opinions or a style that is not extreme and will appeal to many people

Armstrong is remembered by the wider public as a popular entertainer and middle of the road singer ... (BBC Radio 4)

on the road to (somewhere)

moving towards a particular outcome

The leader of the opposition warned that the country was 'on the road to financial ruin'.

The doctor told me that after my operation I was now well on the road to recovery.

to hit the road

to leave somewhere and begin a journey

Blast on Tour 2010 is about to rev up and hit the road. (BBC Newcastle)

A challenge for you

Do you have a 'roadmap' for your future or do you just take life as it comes?

Send us your short 'news story' on this topic. We'll publish our favourites on this page.

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Rosita, Italy
When I was twenty years old I took life as it came but starting out on my life I learnt have a roadmap for my future because in this way I can to make a plan and respect it. In my opinion that is a good way to arrive to the target.

Daiki, Japan
It is important to have a roadmap for a life. But it is a useless not to take a action for it. Someone who is nodding like me would be better to make a plan for a day and do the best it.

Marizen, Philippines
I agree with most of them that every person has its own roadmap. My roadmap then was to have a stable job in England when i was there few years back but it didn't push thru as there were unwanted circumstances that had happened. I'm now back in my beloved country, the Philippines, and found a good job which is in investment banking. Sometimes, the roadmap you set in mind is being changed by some influences when you seems to be at a crossroads.

Ariun, Mongolia
Yes, I have a roadmap for my future life. I plan to become a family business. It'll need for my kids.

Miller, Brazil
I believe making a roadmap of entire life is a difficult challenge for everyone. Short plans with clear goals are more like to be achieved. The important thing is keep on do it. Once you have hit one road, it is time to focus on a new one.

Gluttony, China
It's a whole new ball game for me to plan my "roadmap".Actually,my favorite goal is going to study in UN or UK during the life of postgraduate .Unfortunately,my english is not good enough.So I have to keep my eye on the ball in improving my english.That's the reason why I join this discussion.Thanks a lot to BBC learning english.

Tohu, Bangladesh
My roadmap is to go to United Kingdom and make my life better there by taking a suitable job.

Hamid, Bangladesh.
What roadmap w'll create/make?What is the best roadmap for me or for us?We can't know.Because,we are making our daily life by the direction of the only creator,who knows all the best for me or for us.We only passes our days by taking food/meal and we are not able to make the best roadmap.If we want to make the best roadmap,we must be taken the help of the only Creator,who knows the best roadmap.Yes,it can be said that what is possible for us within our ability,we can make our roadmap.All of us should take the noble step what will make the greater or best roadmap.So,we should goahead for our noble virtue what will create the only roadmap for the people of the rest of the underdeveloped countries.

Nhan, Vietnam
Well, i also have an ideal roadmap for my whole life, one life with love, family, career and traveling...i'd like to be a good surgical doctor and study abroad after graduation, but i think i must try my best to fulfill my dream!

Tienhoa, Vietnam
A roadmap for future is necessary for everyone to orient and strive for the achievement of our goals. As being a child, my hope is to become a scientist and since then, I have outlined a detail plan of milestones to achieve it throughout my life, and I'm proud of myself so far because my dream almost comes true. In my experience, the roadmap is not only to direct the right way going in our life but also to motivate us to aim ambitions.

Osayomore, Nigeria
Roadmap are like pegs with instruction Showing individual directions to follow and the directions not to follow. Today is my birthday! am 23yr. i have diploma in computer engineering and this year i just got admission to study computer engineering(degree) In the University Of Benin,Nigeria.My dream is to become a telecommunication engineer, add more degree and experience to my CV'S. I am going to use my profession to change my society and the world atlarge. Also, am going to settle down with the girl i love someday. I want to say that somehow along journey, my roadmap was ajusted due to challenges that arises but my goal was still intact. Roadmap can change to suit ur goal.

Tasa, United kingdom
Well, for sure I have a roadmap.It's very important to have a roadmap for yourself in this challenging life.I plan to be a charted member of RIBA and i'm about to hit this road. I will start undergraduate course this year to achieve this goal.Secondly, after I get the membership I'm thinking of doing many things actually i would be at a crossroad as there are many things i would like to do after getting it.

Badar, pakistan
my roadmap is to push the fild of Sciene and Technology and bring out more comfortable for mankind./

Ginai, China
Hi,Sometimes my road map would have some changes depending on the circumstance and more related to my current life.For example, i am studing in Australia now, so the recently road map of mine is mostly about my study process and the improvement of English.As for the future, i just desire that my family and me could be happy which is the most important thing of life.

Bao Nguyen, Vietnam
I think everyone has a own roadmap for every stage of our life. Personally, I also has a roadmap for myself. At the current, I want to focus and do my work diligently to earn a lot of money. After that, I can go to oversea to study about business and returns to my hometown to set up my own company.

Graciela, Argentina
I think human beings always have a road map for their lives. I can not imagine anyone that can not be interested and excited about something and has not a programme to suit its individual needs.Unfortunately, plans remain in the middle of the road sometimes but if you do not have your own road map your life has no sense at all.

luckyboyfornow, RF
In Russian there are expressions: "I think, but God does" or "Conceived will not be rich". I think it is necessary to try hard but what to turn out in the end knows nobody.

Lili, Indonesia
The idea of having a 'roadmap' is very impressive for me. I have no specific roadmap in my life before, but I'm planning seriously about it now...thanks to BBC Learning English! :)

Jose, Venezuela
for my future I have a roadmap, I really want to be a big bussinesman.I maked my own company. Actualy We have clients and the mumber of they is wroing. Thanks God for that. On the other hand I plan to have a medium family with three children and beatifull and corfortable house.

Gustavo, Brazil
Of course I have a roadmap for my future! I really want to be a photographer. First of all, I'd like to study in London something about photography like wedding or studio and then make money to buy good equipments and have success in my life being an excellent photographer.

Phirum, Cambodia
The roadmap for my life comprises of 2 things to be achieved. Firstly, I plan to have a small family of 2 kids, son and daughter. This plan is in the middle of the road. I am about to hit this road. Secondly, I plan to become the self-employed of a small business on consultancy service. I am on the road to achieve this plan.

Chihiro, Japan
I spend everyday with my roadmap because roadmap makes my goal clear.

Marina, Cameroon
Well, of course I have a roadmap for my future! I can't just let life decide for me!Here is my roadmap for the future: get acquainted with the basics of business, management and economics by taking a master in management(because my current education background is related to IT)and later, go for a MBA focused in IT, in order to boost my futur International Business career.

Javier, Spain
Hi. Well, I think my roadmap is very easy. I'm in my mid-life, I hope so, I'm just 38 and today I only want to be happy with my daughters and someone who thinks like me, and if is possible I would prefer she was a beautiful girl.

Sohail, Pakistan
It is very hard to strive without clear Road Map in this challenging environment where oppurtunity comes and goes. So taking this risk factor into consideration I have a Road Map of future position and become Chartered Accountant in Australia. So i am in the middle of it and applying for the immigration to Australia. I also did ACCA. So if i successful in getting Charter holder i will accompolish my Road Map.


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