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News Words: Ceasefire

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Ceasefire - when the shooting stops

The BBC's Clare Arthurs looks at some of the words and phrases often used in the news and their meanings in various contexts.

This week: ceasefire


Clare Arthurs on: ceasefire

Vocabulary for when the fighting stops

a ceasefire

an official agreement to stop fighting for a period of time

The UN brokered ceasfire held for three weeks before the fighting began again

a truce

another term for when there is an agreement to stop fighting

The two sides called a truce on Christmas Day and played a game of football against each other.

the warring parties

the different sides involved in a conflict

The fact Sri Lanka's warring parties are meeting at all is progress after recent heavy violence ... (From BBC News)

a peace treaty

a formal document between countries which state the terms and conditions for peace between them

The 1950-53 Korean War ended in a ceasefire but not a peace treaty. (From BBC News)

an armistice

a formal agreement that brings an end to a war between different countries

Veterans and historians recalled the events leading up to the 1918 Armistice. (From BBC History)

to surrender

to stop fighting and accept that the other warring party has won the conflict. This can also mean becoming a prisoner of the other side in the conflict.

Mr Khan is the first senior militant to surrender since the Indian government declared a unilateral ceasefire in November. (From BBC News)

A challenge for you

If you had the power to make a ceasefire happen in any conflict, domestic or international, where would you use this power and why?

Send us your short 'news story' on this topic and don't forget to use the word 'ceasefire'.

We'll publish our favourites on this page.

This topic has now closed. Thanks for all your comments.

Marwa, Iraq
If I had a power to make a ceasefire. I try to make it all over the world and at the same time. I try to eliminate the staple source of conflict all over the world. What's going to happen if we make ceasefire just for 5 minutes?? Who is the Contact Person for these wars today, and why they do this??

Josep, Spain
I think, ceasefire isn't enough. I whish a future without war and conflicts. With people that can be able all right.

Maria, Portugal
I wish that men don't need to use that word:'ceasefire'!

Jose Daniel Gamez, Venezuela
Previosly i sent a mensage with one diferent story. So now in my country has many violence's problems. Students protest on the street specailly in Caracas and other main cities. In some States as Merida the population is making sirous protest by the electric services failures. Long and violents marches where confront goverments supports and oppsotite. That are some problems. I would participate in the peace process in venezuela and get be a ceasefire

Vahid, Iran
The beautiful word in the world:"cease fire"

Melon, China
Wherever the war exists, I wish I had the superability to make a ceasefire. Only the peace is the fundamental base of living of every country,every person and the whole ball of wax.

ESL class, Hong kong KIS
Hello, We listened to News Word: 'Ceasefire'. It was quite difficult to understand because we are only grades 5,6. We learned a new word 'ceasefire'. Also we feel that war is terrifying,scary,and cruel. In the future, we want a peaceful world. Thanks for reading.

Enoch, Nigeria
If I have power to impose a ceasefire , I'll command it in the minds of men; because thats the basic cause of conflict, domestic or international.

Thiti, Thailand
If I can afford to make a ceasefire happen, I would simply run it in my country. The conflict of interest is so violent beyond democracy and behide the scene is just the benefit seeking for some groups or individuals. Thailand has been suffering too much. One side try to retreat but another side never stop violent moving ,eventhough their leader fled from their country. I hoped that my imaginary ceasefire could stop them ruining their country.

Meet, India
Given a chance, I would like to make a ceasefire happen between india and pakistan. this would be in the interest of both the countries. both the countries spend a huge amount on various arms etc. thus ceasefire if obeyed generously will lead to less investment in arms and both can concentrate more in other neglected areas. probably ceasefire will also reduce unnecessary deaths and bring about harmony between the two countries.

Satish, India
If I had power to make ceasefire happen, I obviously and effectively use it for india-pakistan. A ceasefire that covers the international border between India and Pakistan and the Line of Control (LOC) and Siachen Glacier in the disputed Kashmir region. Even ceasefire exists there,tensions are escalating between two countries because of ceasefire violations. I think something is to be done beyond that to resolve the conflict. Ceasefire violations are a matter of concern. But these should not be allowed to hijack the Indo-Pak dialogue process.

Zohreh, Iran
When forces from Iraq attacked in Iran, Iran accused Iraq of aggression and finally declare war came. After years of fighting finally the United Nations to intervened and its managed to arrange a ceasfire.

Richard Foxes, Italy
If I had the power to impose the cease-fire, I'd do it in Gabon, because it is a "Batracomiomachia", from the ancient Greek "unnecessary war".

Ferran, Spain
I wish I could call a ceasefire all around the world. We should be able to understand that armed wars are the worst way of resolving conflicts. For example: when we have a conflict with our partner, with one of our friends or with someone else, we are usually aware that the best we can do is discuss the issue and get to the best peaceful solution, or at least to a reasonable one. Why then, do we forget it in international conflicts? Is it in our nature?

Vitoria, Brazil
Unfortunately, a lot of countries start a war because of political, religious and economic conflicts and also as a result of many other reasons. There are some fundamental principles that can be followed to reach a conflict resolution. For example, the necessity of creating a state free from violence, in which politics can be developed; the importance of dialoging at every level, in order to reach an agreement. For this reason, I think a ceasefire and a diplomatic negotiation should be much better.

Ali, Somalia
Well, really if I had the power to make a ceasefire happen in any conflict domestic or international I would use the long-lasting and endless conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Hacer, Turkey
An urgent ceasefire and an armistice is extremely necessary between Isreal and Palestine because we don't want children to die and innocent people to be wounded due to pointless government policies.

Mark,New Zealand
i hope make a ceasefire in afghanistan.there are too much casualties there,including children.

Claire, France
there are constant insurrections in the suburbs of large cities,like burning cars,or fightings after a football game...Once in a while, we would linke to enjoy a ceasefire.


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