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How to...

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Asking the time
What if you are at a bus stop and you need to know what time it is now? How should you ask a complete stranger? Find out in this programme.

How to ... discuss

Language to use when you're having a discussion

  • discuss
    making suggestions, making a point, disagreeing, expressing uncertainty ... more

How to ... instructions, explanations & advice

Language for giving and accepting instructions, explanations and advice

  • how to instruct
    asking for and giving directions, showing understanding when you are listening to explanations ... more

How to .... good news, bad news

Language you can use when you want to give or react to news

  • Good news
    congratulating someone on good news, responding to someone's bad news ... more

How to ... conversation

Useful language for when you're chatting

  • Conversations
    extending a conversation, closing topics, talking about things you like ... more

How to ... requests, offers & invitations

Language you can use when you have to make a request, offer or invitation

  • requests
    asking for permission to do something, inviting someone in an informal context, making polite invitations ... more

How to ... complaints, apologies & excuses

Language you might use to make a complaint and give praise

  • Complaints
    making a complaint, saying sorry, accepting an apology, pointing out the positive ... more

How to ... hello & goodbye

Language for greeting, introducing and saying goodbye

  • Hellos
    greeting friends, greeting people in more formal situations, introducing people, small talk and follow-up conversations, saying goodbye

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