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The writing is on the wall

Graffiti on a wall

Some people call this art and others say it is vandalism – what do you think?

Today's Phrase

If someone says the writing is on the wall about something, they mean it looks likely that it will soon go wrong or come to an end altogether.


Now that air fares have come down so much, the writing is on the wall for the overnight train service.

The writing is on the wall for my local football team; they've lost their last five games, so it looks likely they'll go down to the second division!

Take note

If something is wall to wall, it is completely filling a space or time.


Oxford Street is wall to wall with shoppers looking for something in the sales.

Interesting fact

The word graffiti comes from the Italian language and is the plural of graffito, meaning 'scratched'. Graffiti ranges from simple written words to elaborate wall paintings in public places and it has existed since ancient times.

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