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Donkey work

A donkey

A donkey with a colourful saddle on the Greek island of Santorini

Today's Phrase

Donkey work is work which is hard, repetitive and boring.


I am tired of doing the donkey work while my workmates get all the fun and creative tasks.

If you want a promotion, you have to do a lot of donkey work first.

Take note

Donkey's years is an expression which means 'a long time'. It's used informally.


I've been living in this house for donkey's years.

Interesting fact

Taking a 'donkey ride' at the seaside is a popular activity in Britain. But it can be hard work for donkeys. A set of guidelines by The Donkey Sanctuary and the British Equine Veterinary Association says donkeys shouldn't carry people heavier than 50 kg; they must have at least one day off a week and an hour's rest at lunchtime or early evening.

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