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On the right track

Cyclists take part in a race at the 2012 London Velodrome

Are you on the right track?

Today's Phrase

If you are on the right track, you are doing or thinking something in a way which could lead to a good outcome.


Our research shows we're on the right track. Our profits are healthy and our customers are happy.

The team lost a few early games. But then the manager made some changes and now they're on the right track.

Take note

If you track down something or someone, it means you find it or them after searching in different places for a long time.


I managed to track down that book about African birds in a shop on the high street.

Interesting fact

A velodrome is a special building made for cycle racing. The 'sprint' is a short, fast race. An 'endurance' race is held over a longer distance and involves more laps of the velodrome.

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